11 Tips for a Successful and Profitable Garage Sale

Whether you call it a garage sale, yard sale or rummage sale, the goals are the same: Get rid of some junk and earn a little money.

But there’s more to a profitable sale than just setting out a table of stuff and expecting a cash-heavy crowd to gather. Being organized, being enthusiastic and being realistic will go a long way to getting the stuff out of the house and the cash in your pocket.

Sort your stuff. Don’t just put out boxes of jumbled random items and expect people to pay. Clean it up, present it well. Let people know it has been cared for, whether it’s golf clubs of shoes or stuffed animals. You can do this on your own or you can hire philadelphia garage cleanout that comes with experienced professionals that will help you in sorting all things out so that you can host your garage sale successfully. 

Have some big draw items. People like to see what’s up from the curb. If you have large furniture or unusual items, put them out in plain sight.    

Advertise! Craigslist and Facebook are free and easy. Put up signs out at your street – with arrows pointing the way – and at any major intersections in your neighborhood.    

Price everything. 

Put a sticker on it. Give people a jumping-off point. If they have to ask how much, they are going to suspect it’s too much, or that you are pricing off the top of your head according to what you think they are willing or able to pay.  

Price realistically. 

Want eBay prices? Put it on eBay. eBay is expensive and time-consuming – photos, writing, shipping, fees, bookkeeping. If you want to say, “Selling on eBay for $50, get it here for $10” go ahead, but don’t let eBay be your price guide.    

Have changed. 

Plenty of change. If you are someone’s first stop of the morning, you may be breaking a $20. (But don’t feel obligated to break anything larger, especially for a small purchase – it puts you at greater risk for counterfeit bills.)    

Cash only.

If someone wants to write a check, offer to hold the item for an hour so they hit the ATM or run home to raid the cookie jar.    

Be willing to bargain. You don’t have to give stuff away, but if someone is buying an armload of books or DVDs, or has filled a box with kids’ clothes, they are going to expect a bulk discount. Give it with a smile and think about your clean closets.   

Join forces. 

Invite friends to bring over their pre-priced items. Keep records and divvy up the cash at the end.    Let it go. Once you’ve made the decision to sell, don’t haul that stuff back into your house. Offer to let latecomers take it all for one price. There are shoppers interested in stocking their own yard sales, flea market booths or eBay stores.    

What you don’t sell, give. 

Contact a favorite local charity or thrift store and ask if they do post-garage sale pick-ups. When you are done, give away what’s left to a good cause.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself! A sale can be a great way to meet your neighbors. Offer coffee or ice water to your shoppers, throw in some freebies, have a good time. You’re making space in your home and your mind, putting money in your pocket and giving others a good deal. Cash and karma – not bad for a Saturday morning sale.