3 Essential Gears for Trail Runners

Runners are now into a more challenging idea than just keep running on pavements. Just like running in the cities, trail runners are now heading into nature to explore more of what Mother Earth has to offer while burning some consumed fats.

Most of trail runners only take a few equipment with them but each piece is equally important. They just usually take three to four gears but these are very essential for them to survive the trail. If you are new to trail running, here’s a list of the three most essential gears for trail runners.

Comfortable clothes

Proper clothing will be your best gear for trail running. Make sure to wear light clothes that can lessen your weight when going uphill. Everything should also fit well so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable all throughout the run. If possible, bring a light windbreaker in case the wind gets wild.


If you are running anywhere close to nightfall, make sure to bring the best tactical headlamp with you. It is always better to be safe than sorry and struggle your way out of the forest because you can’t see a single thing. Don’t forget to bring extra headlamps just incase your main one runs out of battery.

Water and electrolytes

No matter how long or short your trail run is, hydration is still the most important thing to remember. Always bring water with you and hydrate yourself from time to time to avoid any major fatalities.

Also, don’t forget to bring some food or electrolytes. Consuming 100-200 calories an hour is best fpr your stamina during the run. You can also opt to have electrolytes in a form of drink to keep your body energized until you reach the end point.