3 team sports that are ideal for kids

Team sports are necessary for a child. These sports raise the IQ of children, build confidence and teach them how to control their emotions. Here are three team sports that you must encourage your children to play.

1. Soccer

Kids can gain balance by playing soccer. Foot dexterity improves as you have to juggle the ball to pass it to a teammate. The constant running is good for increasing endurance levels and cardiovascular health. Kids must play the game carefully. Heading should not be practiced before the age of 10.

2. Football

Kids learn the fact that they cannot win by their own; they have to be part of the team. The game needs intense practice and it teaches time management skills. This game is important for the growing up of a young boy. It teaches kids how to work hard.

3. Basketball

Kids get the feeling of freedom by playing basketball. It is one of the easiest sports to organize. Basic moves are dribbling the ball without looking and quickly passing it to your teammates. This improves the child’s hand-eye coordination.

Team sports keep children physically and mentally happy. Children who play team sports are physically stronger and smarter. It develops the child’s brain and raises his or her IQ levels. The child becomes more focused and confident. They learn how to be hard working, patience, and respond to failures positively. So, you must encourage your children to play team sports from a young age.

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