5 Major Reasons Why I Can Not Get Pregnant

Just when you’ve finally decided and started convincing yourself that you’re not bothered about having babies anymore, you will come across a super cute diaper commercial in the TV shouting back at you. When you go to a grocery mart, you will find at least three babies snuggled in their carriers, or you will find mothers walking strolling with the carriers early in the morning while you go for a jog. That’s when it hits you. The question, “non riesco a rimanere incinta?”. You already grew sick of trying, thinking about why your menstrual cycle doesn’t stop even when you’re not on any pills or your partner is not using any protection. 80{c88b1e51d2ffa0c72101b1758a2af08ca7a67d5ca9d783cad00ed0f96ed536e1} of us doesn’t usually get pregnant in the very first time we try. That doesn’t mean we don’t for a long time, either. Usually, over the time the fertility saboteurs have the ability to demolish your chance of getting pregnant over an extended period. Therefore, here are five different reasons that are obstructing your way to touch your baby’s little arms.


  • Stress: Yes! Stress is a major and often the most common factor be it of the good kind or bad kind. Both the stresses are going to take a toll on you as when you stay stressed; the adrenal system adopts a major hit. Therefore, women are encouraged to have some ‘Me’ time, say no to things and be at peace while they’re trying for a baby. This doesn’t mean getting off the work; it also includes the psychological stress. Performing Yoga or Meditation is one good way to get rid of this stress, and they ease up you mentally and also physically.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Going to bed before the late night is critical for women who’s trying to get pregnant. Sleep Deprivation is a causal effect source that causes stress and therefore the above-mentioned things are likely to happen again, this time only knowing what the source is. Also, when you don’t get enough sleep; your immune systems become weak both in men and women and therefore leads to anxiety in women. Another reason for a good sleep is because the lack of sleep also takes away the thrill of having coitus only ending up enforcing yourself which has less chance of making you pregnant.
  • Weight: A woman who is overweight or underweight will have fewer chances of conceiving than of a woman with an average weight. While the woman who is undernourished, may not ovulate properly; the woman with heavy weight causes many unknown and unresolved fertility issues. Therefore, it is paramount to maintain an ideal weight while looking to get pregnant. Body Mass Index is a factor that every woman who is trying should be aware of to keep a diet combined with a reasonable exercise regimen.


  • Menstrual Cycle: If you’re only trying for a short period, menstrual cycle can be a reason, too. Women usually don’t understand the concept of bleeding. Most of us think that a 28-day gap is maintained between two bleeding periods. One should know that the cycles vary on women and therefore, timing plays a major role in getting pregnant because of the ovulation. While most women think that ovulation starts after the period, it is usually two weeks before the period and monitoring ovulations helps big time.
  • Biological Defects: Often even after being careful at all the above steps mentioned, you still might find yourself not getting pregnant. It’s recommended for you and your partner to get yourself tested especially when you both are trying for a longer period. Sometimes, genetic defects might also stop you from getting pregnant, and there are always other ways to get a baby if not through conceiving.

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