5 Steps for Women on a Weight-Loss Journey

There is tremendous pressure on today’s woman to be thin, and the pressure to be thin is evidenced by the media and the popularity of various diets. This pressure makes women feel inferior if they have weight to lose. As a result, they seek to just become invisible. They hide behind dark baggy clothes, isolate themselves, and put aside the most basic beauty regimens, thinking “What’s the use?” They often think “When I lose weight, I’ll get my nails done,” or “When I lose weight, I’ll wear pretty clothes, get a new haircut, go for that dream job.”

In other words, they put their entire lives on hold until they lose weight.

The good news is the fact that a woman does not have to lose weight first in order to be beautiful or to live her life. She can be all that she wants to be as she continues on her journey of reaching her weight loss goal. Not only will this make her feel better, it will raise her self esteem. Both of these benefits will actually assist her on her weight loss journey.

Following are a list of 5 things you can do to raise your self esteem while on your weight loss journey…no matter what size you are:

1. Get your nails done. This will make any woman feel special and every time you look at your pretty hands, you will be reminded that you are special. It is fine to do a self-manicure, but there is just something about that feeling of being pampered that makes a trip to the nail salon a great boost to one’s self-esteem.

2. Get some color in your life! Don’t fall for that old wive’s tale that says baggy black clothing will make you look slimmer if you are overweight. Nothing is farther from the truth. Color makes you look alive! Go shopping and look for your favorite colors. This will automatically make you feel happier, and there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful smile.

Aside from color, buy some clothing that will show off your curves. There is nothing attractive or slimming about big baggy clothes. However, wearing something that shows off your form is attractive as well as slimming. Look at some of the magazines geared toward plus size ladies and you will see how beautiful the models look in their colorful, form fitting clothing.

3. Update your hairstyle. Get a new cut. Color it, gloss it, highlight it. Nothing will make you feel better about yourself than a fresh new hairstyle.

4. Join a gym. To an overweight woman, nothing is scarier than the thought of walking into a gym filled with hard bodies. But where is a more logical place to go to if you are on a weight loss journey? Exercise is so important! Not only does it aid in weight loss, it will give you a stronger heart…and one of the added bonuses is the effect it will have on your mental and emotional health. You will automatically feel energized, motivated, and proud of what you have accomplished.

Remember…everyone starts somewhere on their journey into health. The hard bodies in the gym were not hard when they joined either. The trainers want to help people get fit…and that includes you! You will be surprised to find that it is much easier than you thought it would be. For every person who might think negatively of your size, there will be 2 more who admire you for taking the positive steps to get healthy. Crossing that initial hurdle is the worst part, but you will leave feeling so proud of yourself. And each time you go back it will get easier and easier.

Even if you are not quite ready to join a gym, make sure and incorporate exercise into your day, even it is just taking a walk around your neighborhood. It really does make you feel better in every aspect of your life.

5. Take a class. What are you interested in? Nurture that child inside and do something just because you love it. Whether it is writing, pottery, dancing, or art, taking a class will serve 2 purposes. It will get you out of isolation mode, and you will meet new people. It will also make you feel happier, because you are taking care of you.

Feeling good about yourself is about so much more than just losing weight. So take the steps that you can now to feel better about yourself. This will aid you in your weight loss journey and make you feel better along the way. You will realize that you are beautiful and special, and for those reasons you deserve to be the healthiest that you can be.

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