6 Best Games Similar To Pokemon Go To Chill Out

Pokemon Go and More Fun  in the Process

Pokémon use to be a force to be imagined with. It is the highest single selling RPG franchise of all time and the third highest selling video game franchise of all time. In short, a lot of people like that. Unfortunately, Pokemon has never made an official mobile presence and that leaves most of us either buying a portable console like the Nintendo 3DS or finding a suitable replacement while we continue to wait for the real thing.

Before going on to the list of the best Android games like Pokemon, it is vital to mention that there use to be actually two methods of playing the game. It happens to be the RPG wherever you can catch the monsters as well as card games. In the curiosity of variety, there are two eye-catching card games and monster games on the list. Enjoy! At the steemit you will be having the perfect options available now.

Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay is a little different from most monsters catching games. Among them you happen to be on an island as well as you need to turn the island into your new home. You will be planting crops and building things. However, you will also have to catch and train monsters to defend yourself against the dangers of the island.

Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is a bit more on the nose when it comes to being like Pokemon. He’s an RPG where you play as a monster trainer on Bulu Island. You must seize, raise, and fight monsters (up to 150), while you embark on a quest to save your friend. You can also compete against your friends online, which is a nice touch.

Heroes Bridge

Heroes Bridge is for those who have enjoyed the Pokémon game card aspect. In this card game, you have to collect cards, build a bridge, and challenge players (both online and AI). The artwork is more sophisticated than Pokemon making it ideal for mature players looking for something a little less kid-like.

Dragon City

Dragon City takes the basic mechanics of Pokemon and puts it in a monster. In Dragon City, you lift a dragon by feeding it and fighting against people in line with the objective of becoming the most controlling dragon. There are over 100 dragons available to play with and there is also a quest line where you build a city.

Drastic DS Emulator

Some people already have Pokemon games and do not want to carry their phone and a portable console. Drastic DS Emulator happens to be the sturdiest DS emulator about and the finest you are going to receive.

Haypi Monster

Haypi Monster is one more Pokemon duplicate that tries to stay more faithful to the actual Pokemon experience even up to the camera angle at the time of monster battles. It features hundreds of levels on six scenes, over 100 monsters to capture, train, evolve, race, and battle, and the usual Battling PVP line.