Dealing with Unpleasant Women’s Health Issues

Let’s face it ladies, living in a woman’s body and dealing with its issues can be frustrating. There are many unpleasant health conditions exclusive to women. Not only that, but men can make us feel downright inferior when we are going through them. All mood swings are not due to that time of the month, fellas! There are times when a critical man is quite deserving of a woman’s wrath, health issues aside. Follow testogen reviews bodybuilding guide as well, so you’d have a good aid in aging wonderfully.

Women begin dealing with health issues at an early age.

Mom or sis shows you how to handle your monthly “friend” and it escalates from there. I never did understand why this abomination is called your friend. It’s anything but friendly. Whoever coined this phrase obviously never had a visit from this particular friend.

It’s possible to relieve the symptoms of the monthly cycle with a few ingenious tips.

Believe it or not, ice cream is one of them. Do buy the vegan type. Be kind to other animal mommies too! The calcium in ice cream can take the edge off woman’s health issues such as bloating, fatigue, food cravings, mood swings and even water retention.

Vitamin E and Omega 3 have been shown to reduce menstrual cramps by as much as 60%. Check with your doctor for safe dosages of these supplements. To relieve the remaining 40% of your cramps, use aspirin or ibuprofen. Unlike acetaminophen, these reduce inflammation as well as relieving pain, making that time of the month a little easier to take.

One of the most inconvenient woman’s health issues is heavy menstrual bleeding. It can be relieved through the use of supplemental iron. Have your doctor recommend the proper dosage of iron after checking iron levels. Too much iron can cause other woman’s health issues as well.

Dandelion tea fights bloating. Try St. Johns wort for mood swings. Both of these supplements for woman’s health issues are readily available at grocery, drug and department stores, near the pharmacy. Check with your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

Yeast infections are another issue women commonly face.

These are not contagious but cause an overwhelming itch and sometimes a whitish discharge and odor. Remedies for this annoying problem is readily available over the counter in drug and department stores.

What if it comes back?

If there’s a recurring problem, it may be wise to cut back on sugar, which feeds the yeast. Yeast infections are sometimes caused by antibiotics taken for another illness. Talk to your doctor if this occurs. It’s also wise to keep dry and never use douches. Douches can disturb the PH balance of the vagina and cause additional woman’s health issues.

Hot flashes can be controlled with soy supplements or by adding soy foods to your diet.

It’s best to stay away from alcohol, which may bring on hot flashes. It’s said that hot flashes can also be averted with yoga and deep breathing. You may be tempted to head for an ice pack but think again. Although this brings temporary relief, it may actually trigger the body to warm up even further.