Advanced Treatments For Sciatica

Pain in the back is one of the most common problems that people experience every once in a while. With that said, it is no surprise that sciatica pain relief and other problems are some treatments that are also one of the most sought-after. Sciatica brings forth ongoing and lasting pain, and can be a symptom of other things like a pinched nerve, which is a serious injury. When left untreated, it can cause chronic weakness of the muscles, and can even cause “drop foot”, which can make it difficult for you to walk around. Sometimes, pain medications and physical therapy just won’t cut it. What are some alternate treatments for this?


While surgery and the thought of it is something that a lot of people find scary, there just are times when it would be difficult for conventional treatment to work the way it’s supposed to work. If the pain is too severe for it to be treated with physical therapy, then some options for surgery include a Laminectomy, which removes the pressure-causing tissue around the spinal cord. Another surgery is Microdisectomy, which removes the herniated disc fragments in cases of hernia.

Injections in the Spine

One cause of Sciatica is the inflammation of the nerve roots which can be located at the lower back. In order to reduce this swelling, and to make mobility better, then an anti-inflammatory medication which is similar to that of cortisone gets injected into the lower back area with a specialized needle. While it can help alleviate pain for sure, people can’t help but wince at the thought of it getting done. Again, as with surgery, this type of treatment is only administered when all other treatments have failed to provide the relief needed, or when it is most appropriate for the cause behind the sciatica.