The Advantages Of A Built-in Fireplace

Decades ago, when you buy a house, it already had its own built-in fireplace.  It is so, because of the climate of the place, where a fireplace is a basic feature of every home.  It is called the traditional built in fireplaces.  They are a major component of a home or office in cold countries.

The Advantages Of A Built-in Fireplace

A built-in fireplace brings several advantages to the home owner.  They are as follows:

  • It is fixed. You don’t have to worry about its placement.  The fireplace is built-in and it is included in the house plan.  The location of the fireplace and the chimney is already established.
  • The design of the fireplace is matching with the design of the house.
  • It is built in a larger area of the house, where people can gather to discuss things or to bond together on cold days.
  • They are stable. You don’t need to worry of it being damaged by other object.  It’s mostly made of bricks or masonry.  It is also fueled by woods.

These kind of fireplaces are more expensive, but, they are more effective, when heating the house is concerned.

Parts Of A Built-in Fireplace

  • It is the inner part of the fireplace. 

This is the place wherein you build the fire.  Mostly, it is made of the firebrick and is designed to absorb the fire.  However, proper maintenance must be observe, to make sure that your fireplace will last.

  • This part is the floor of the fireplace.

This is where the fire is made and it is usually build with bricks or cement.  These part of the fireplace runs through the floor, offering protection to the floor.  These part of the house is not required in gas operated fireplace.  It is also designed to accommodate large cooking pots, as it is also used to cooking food sometimes.

  • The doors

Fireplace doors are designed to limit the amount of air going up the chimney. It also controls the air flow, when the fire is dying down.  It also offers protection from flying sparks.

As built-in fireplace are more expensive to acquire, many people are choosing the more cheaper alternatives. Fireplaces now are more automated and can be operated remotely.

A modern fireplace is cost efficient, compared to the traditional and built-in fireplace.  Whatever it is, a fireplace still offers value to a modern home.  They may be replaced by modern day heaters, but a fireplace still offers a unique way of family bonding inside your homes.