Alamitos Oral Surgery You Need To Know About

Never panic, if your dentist refers a visit to an oral surgeon for the unbearable tooth pain you are struggling with. It doesn’t mean your case is challenging. It means you are sent to a specialized surgeon for better treatment.

Oral surgeons go under specialized training in pain control and anesthesia under a 4 years residency program for oral & maxillofacial surgery.

Let’s understand what Alamitos oral surgery covers. An oral surgeon will help you get through several conditions.

Impacted teeth

  • Teeth coming out the first time may be unable to come out completely due to crowd or don’t surface at all, this roots infections and sore gums.
  • Generally, such conditions happen with wisdom teeth.
  • However, it can even impact other places within your mouth.
  • The surgeon can recommend pulling out the wisdom teeth before it roots any problem.

Jaw Joint issues

  • The TMJ [temporomandibular joint] connects the jaw to the skull.
  • You can feel pain in the jaw, stiffness, headaches, and jaw-popping.
  • Ice-packs, oral devices, and pain medications can help.
  • Recurring pain can require oral surgery.

Sleep& breathing issues

  • During sleep, you stop breathing for a short time, which causes sleep apnea and snoring.
  • Doctors recommend a special appliance to open your airway or have oral surgery.

Overbite or underbite

  • If teeth are not aligned correctly, the dentist refers to oral surgery.
  • A great option for people struggling with under and overbites, trouble with swallowing or chewing, sleep apnea, or specific birth defects.
  • Often, an orthodontist corrects misaligned teeth, but if the cause is due to your jaw an oral surgeon is needed.

Cancer treatment

  • An oral surgeon treats mouth cancer as well as of the neck and head including sinuses, throat, salivary glands, lips, and larynx.

Other conditions

  • Cleft lips & Cleft palate surgery
  • Nerve repair
  • Lesion removal inside the mouth or on the face

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