All About the Sprinter Game

There are so many sports games out there, almost all varieties and sports exist that it becomes a headache. There are the tiring ones that have fancy motion sensors, here you literally need to get up and move. Your movement is copied by the avatar and whatever you do is reflected in the game. This is speaking from personal experience; it’s not that fun all the time. All the sweat, short breaths and accidental knocking over of stuff is not a pretty sight.rock-crawling-with-the-Sprinter_web-e1438711109149

The Sprinter Game will save you from all that. It’s a fun and simple sports game that doesn’t need any kind of special equipment or accessory. In all honesty, if you wanted to physically play a sport then a virtual game wouldn’t be your first option. The reason we love these sporty role playing games is that we get the best sports experience possible without actually doing anything and getting all sweaty.

The Sprinter Game’s Basics

So essentially, you’ll compete with seven other icons in a race to the finish line. What separates you from your victory is the 100 meter distance of the character from start to finish line. All you have to do is to continuously press the left and right arrows on your keyboard; the faster you click, the faster you’ll get to the finish line. Keep in mind that you can’t cheat by pressing the left and right arrows at the same time for long periods of time. You might be wondering why you can’t do that, well it’s because you will lose. Well not automatically lose, but when you press the right and left arrow at the same time then your avatar will trip and fall. An avatar that’s not running is already losing at that point; don’t worry because the avatar will stand up after a few moments and you can continue your assault on the left and right arrows.

Watching Other Players

Technically, you can’t see the game of other players and they can’t see yours; it’s not an online interactive game. But a lot of the players do upload videos of their games on Try watching a video or two; they might give you some tips and tricks as to how to shorten your character’s racing time.

You can also use their finishing time as basis of how much faster you want your avatar to be in the sprint. When you have already improved your game, you can also upload videos of your sprint alongside some tips; it would be nice to give back and help all the beginners. Another thing you can look up is reviews and comments online with regards to the game. Don’t be afraid to discuss with other people who have played before you.

There You Have It

Sprinter Game: the sports game that you can play without breaking a sweat. Be careful not to pull a muscle on those fingers when you’re playing; we know how exciting a game can be when you have moved up to the more difficult levels.

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