5 Tips to Help Your Friend Cope with Divorce

5 Tips to Help Your Friend Cope with Divorce

In this day and age, divorce seems to be more and more common. In fact, I think I know more people that have been divorced, then haven’t. It’s not uncommon to witness close friends or family members going through a painful divorce. While we want to be supportive, we may find ourselves at a loss of what to do or say. There’s no easy way around it. While we may not be able to fix their problems we can offer our support and help them deal with the process. Here are five simple things you can do to help your friend cope with a divorce.

  1. Listen. Going through a divorce can bring on a myriad of emotions. Grief, loneliness, and a sense of failure are very common. Let your friend know that you’re willing to listen to them, even though you don’t have any easy answers for them. Being able to talk, cry, rant, or share their feelings with you can help them through the grieving process.
  1. Don’t hurry them through the coping process. You may end up making them feel worse by trying to rush them through. “You just have to get over it,” or “He was a jerk, you’re better off without him,” is not something that your friend wants to hear. Their world probably feels in disarray. Their lives have changed drastically. Someone who they thought would always be there for them is gone. Telling them they need to just forget about that person is not only insensitive but unrealistic. They need your support more than anything else. Going through a divorce is tough and it’ll take the time to cope with it.
  1. Get them out of the house. Don’t let your friend sit at home and grieve over their lost marriage. Help them focus on something else besides their divorce. Invite them over to dinner or to the movies every once in a while. Show them that you’re there for them. They may be grateful for the distraction.
  1. Don’t push them into new relationships. They’re not even done coping with their divorce, don’t try to get them involved with someone else. In time, they’ll be ready for another relationship and then you can introduce them to saitove za zapoznanstva, but until they are, let it be. This can cause even a lot more turmoil if they have children also coping with the divorce.

  1. Remember that you have a life too. Yes, you need to be there for your friend but don’t do so at the cost of your family. If you have a husband and kids remember they come first. Do what you can to help your friend cope with their divorce but don’t neglect your life.

Ways to Simplify and Speed Up Bathroom Cleaning

Ways to Simplify and Speed Up Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is an area of the home that most people dread cleaning. Instead of using ways to simplify and speed up the job, some put it off until it becomes obviously dirty. Waiting is an unsanitary and unhealthy practice. It does not have to be something to dread. Use ways to simplify and speed up bathroom cleaning, and it will remain clean and ready for guests.

Use Germ Killing Wet Wipes on Hard Surfaces

When seeking ways to simplify and speed up bathroom cleaning, shop a local dollar store for germ killing wet wipes. They are relatively cheap, and they make bathroom cleaning fast and incredibly easy. Use the wipes to clean all hard surfaces other than the mirrors and windows unless otherwise specified. Wipes simplify and speed up bathroom cleaning because they do not have to be wrung out and rinsed. Simply toss them into the trash.

Keep a Squeegee in the Shower and a Scrubber Wand Beneath the Sink

The shower and bathtub are the most difficult areas to keep clean. Simplify and speed up the process with a squeegee and a handy scrubber wand. Keep the squeegee in the shower, and use it to remove drops of water from vertical surfaces. A scrubber wand is perfect for cleaning the bathtub and areas that are hard to reach. It will simplify and speed up the process since it provides extra arm length and just the right amount of abrasiveness to get the job done.

Use an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Automatic toilet bowl cleaners these days do more than just color the water. They actually clean the toilet bowl from the rim to the base, and they greatly simplify and speed up bathroom cleaning. High quality products actually stop the formation of rings and stains for weeks on end. With the bathroom, proper importance should be provided to the kitchen. The use of the most popular Ideal Boilers can be done through the person. It will be the best decision for the purchase. 

Clean Wood Surfaces with Furniture Wipes

Wood surfaces do not require weekly cleaning, but the task is also easy to simplify and speed up with wipes especially for wood. Instead of using disposable wand attachments or rags and spray, buy a container of high quality wipes that are formulated especially for wood surfaces. They will clean, polish and protect bathroom vanities, tissue paper holders, towel bars and more.

Store Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom

A person is more likely to clean their bathroom if the necessary supplies are within easy reach. To simplify and speed up the process, store cleaning supplies in the bathroom. Buy a plastic tote with a handle. They are designed especially for holding cleaners. Keep the tote in a nearby closet or beneath a sink.

Simplify and speed up the cleaning process even further by talking on the phone or listening to music. Using products that make the job quick and easy, and keeping them nearby, will greatly simplify and speed up the job. A pleasant distraction will lessen the drudgery of it all.

Fracture for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Review

Fracture for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Review

Ah, futuristic shooters. We all know and love them dearly, even though some play the card a bit to repetitively. Due to how the gameplay unfolds, it makes perfect sense to go with a futuristic shooter when chalking out the gameplay mechanics of Fracture. And while this game has some painfully crippling flaws, it is the first of its kind to capitalize so heavily on terrain deformation. It may be a while before a game like this can be executed perfectly, but if this is a preview of what’s to come then I’m psyched.

Fracture is set in the US around 150 years in the future. Thankfully for our game a handy war has popped up between the east coast and the west coast, saving him the trouble of standard employment and flattening ground so a new Wal-Mart can be put in. This is where the interesting portion of the story ends as you find yourself in control of Jet Brody, a member of the Atlantic Alliance, who is set with the task to stop a general that wants to further escalate tension between the two factions. Jet Brody is really like every gruff actiony personae in these games as of late: Shallow dialog, stubble and lots of muscle.

But the story isn’t what we’re here for! We want to see the ground below is get ripped up and pulled all over the place. We want a dynamic battlefield in which to trap our foes and blast them to pieces. On this count the game succeeds quite well, the terrain deformation only giving the frame rate a hiccup or two here and there, and this is understandable as real-time terrain deformation inside of a working game system can be quite complicated to handle efficiently. The skills of the players should be player should be compatible for enjoying the video games. The passing of all the levels will be beneficial to buy LoL Lvl 30 Account for Sale from the sellers. The process should be simple and easy for the players. 

For the terrain deformation, you get the Entrencher, which is capable of raising or lowering terrain in real-time. Other weapons perform similar functions as the Entrencher, but they are more anti-personnel oriented. Some of these include the spike grenade and the vortex grenade, which are meant to deal your enemies a thick amount of pain. You also get many of the standard weapons we find in shooters: Shotguns and SMGs. But you also get a few terrain oriented guns, such as a tunneling gun that can go through covering terrain and hit enemies, or a gun that augments gravity. The game also sports some standard augmentation abilities for your character, but there’s nothing particularly innovative about this system.

Now, on to the bad: the aiming has some serious issues in this game. Often times the ray used to calculate where your shots are going is far too low, and can hit the ground beneath you many, many times when you don’t want it to. If you’re trying to make a hill for cover in a hurry, you will find yourself lifted up instead. If you’re trying to fire from cover, you’ll often find yourself hitting the cover without a way to adjust. Also aiming the grenades is rather painful, as you can control nothing except the direction and when you’re trying to release them in a hurry this can be painful. Also the AI can be rather dumb at times – while they are trained to react to cover creation, they are very weak when it comes to straight up firefighting and often they will try to clip through walls or just stand around.

Overall, the game is visually appealing, and the gamplay mechanics really have a nice ring to them. If you’re into shooters and you like experimental, extremely dynamic gameplay, then you should give this title a shot!

Some Of The Best Ways To Get Ahead At Work

Some Of The Best Ways To Get Ahead At Work

Sure, career and efficiency experts are forever telling us not to engage in the games, the politics, the popularity contests, and the romances on the job that can cost us a good position or the option to rise above the fray to a better job title. Good thinking? You bet, since these all represent employment pitfalls.

Yet few of these experts ever give us clear-cut advice on exactly how we can successfully steer clear of these major distractions. Even when some of the pros admit that it can be as tough as walking a tightrope in trying to keep separate from the drama at work, they simply won’t tell us what steps to take.

Because of this, many of us have – at one time or another – decided to come clean. We’ve announced to our co-workers that we won’t engage in any of the seeming nonsense. What happens? Most often, it backfires on us as surely as if we had actively gone along with the pack. We discover that we’re ostracized by just about everyone else.

Marjorie “Marnie” Goldman is a former Human Resources executive who is putting together a book on this very subject. She completely agrees that the mistakes we make in trying to keep ourselves away from office politics and interdepartmental games can lead us into more trouble, both from our peers and our superiors. In this article, important ways are described by hr managers for hiring of the employees. All the factors should be considered properly like the political or social one for smooth working.

“By announcing to others that you are �above’ such behavior and that you won’t engage in the games and gossip and such, you’ve just made enemies of just about everyone around you who has had to cope with the situation and have already been sucked in. These people will treat you as a pariah and, believe you me, the bosses will notice the deep freeze being directed at you by your coworkers,” says Goldman who indicates she has been on the receiving end of the office cold shoulder more than once.

“The flip side of this is that if you try too hard to pretend that you’re going along with the dramatic office dynamics, you’re likely to get drawn right into the mess along with everyone else. Lines blur and few people escape the enormous pressure to conform,” she adds.

The answer to this age-old dilemma is, in her estimation, to strike a balance between an outright declaration of war on the gamers and gossips and joining in with them. She offers the following recommendations to achieve this balance:

  • Politely occupy yourself elsewhere when office gossip and nastiness is going down. Surely, you have plenty to do so this won’t be a problem.
  • Don’t engage in the gossip or tattling yourself, not even privately among your closest colleagues. After all, people know that if you are willing to badmouth another person, you are just as likely to trash them, too.
  • If a supervisor solicits private comments from you about gossip going around the office, think carefully before you respond. This could be an honest request, or it could be a trap. Goldman says some managers will pit coworkers against one another in a deliberate effort to see who stands at the end of a merciless game.
  • Never tell coworkers how much you hate the boss or ridicule the boss in front of them. Such behavior will make it back to your supervisor. Also never tell coworkers how you are planning your great escape to a better job elsewhere; this also is likely to get repeated to management.
  • When someone comes to you with some delicious dish, don’t read him or her the riot act. Listen but don’t comment. Don’t mention it to anyone else.

  • Never fool yourself into believing that you can keep an interoffice romance a secret. Coworkers tend to suspect sex is occurring even when it’s not, and they are already looking for signals to indicate they are right. Such romances always affect the workplace and, even if your job does not have strict policies against two coworkers dating, the situation is likely to cause problems for some time to come.
  • If you must attend lunches or after-hours get togethers with people from work that often end up with much gossip and mind games being played, don’t engage yourself. If the topic gets too heated or involves someone you like, be prepared to change the subject to a safe one like sports, a TV show, or an interesting story in the news.
  • Resist all temptation of going to the boss with some terrible news about a specific coworker. This goes double if you have a history of antagonism with that worker or you’re in competition for advancement with this person. The boss won’t give you a medal and you likely won’t get a promotion, either.

Bitcoin- Positive Effects of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin- Positive Effects of Cryptocurrency

The world is full of brilliant inventions and discoveries since time immemorial all thanks to scientists who have spent their time in their laboratories with extensive research without proper food and sleep.

They have given us scientific breakthroughs that we cherish to this day, although most of them are now simple and outdated but back then were revolutionary in nature that changed the lives of mankind for the better.

In the late 2000s, a similar invention came up in the form of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that became a huge success after its launch as people found a new form of currency through which they could complete transactions in a simple and easy way.


It was in 2008, that a dedicated group of young people who chose to remain anonymous but called themselves Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoins that served as a god sent boon for all kinds of people ranging from elite businessmen and investors to job deprived youth who were contemplating suicide.

The structure was quite unique that it stood head and shoulders above other cryptocurrencies and quickly emerged as the undisputed number one in the market, despite the setbacks it endured later.


Some important benefits that can be reaped by bitcoin are as follows:

  1. As it is decentralized and unregulated, traders can purchase bitcoins in large numbers without the need of revealing financial information like card number, pin number, etc.
  2. Bitcoin Loophole Review has stated that bitcoins can be preserved for a longer period without any harm from financial setbacks like inflation or rise in price of goods
  3. A regular buyer can have his transaction fees slashed to a great extent, which is a good news for small business
  4. Bitcoins can be transported both domestically and internationally where you can send and receive payment from other users
  5. It has a peer to peer process and the payments are made within a few days

Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy with These Bankruptcy Alternatives

Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy with These Bankruptcy Alternatives

It seems that many Americans are being affected by the nations economic woes. This economic downturn has led an unexpected spike in bankruptcies. Last year alone saw 1.4 million bankruptcy filings according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. Do you find yourself drowning in massive debt with no end in sight? While bankruptcy may seem like a viable option, there are alternatives. Consider the following before deciding to follow the bankruptcy route.

Know your rights:

For starters, the first thing you must do is get familiar with your rights. If you are in massive debt, you are more than likely receiving several calls from bill collectors and collection agencies. Thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are protected against abusive calls from bill collectors. Get to know your rights and determine when collection agencies are crossing the line. Different alternatives will be provided through the bankruptcy attorney san diego for the filing of the case. Many agencies are offering the benefits to the business person for the profit. 

Document any type of abusive behavior and report it to the FTC. If you find that there is clear evidence of abuse, consider filing a lawsuit against the collection agency.

Don’t forget that you still have rights, regardless of the situation that you are in.

Negotiate with your creditors:

Once you have stopped or minimized calls from bill collectors, the next stop to take is to get in touch with your creditors. Get a hold of all of the credit card companies and all places where you owe money. Let them know your situation and try to negotiate for smaller fees and interest rates. One of the biggest advantageous of getting in touch with your creditors, is that it will more than likely buy you some time. This time can be used to help you get back on track with payments that you may have fallen behind on.

Debt management groups:

If you find yourself swimming in debt with no end in sight, consider joining a debt management program. A debt solutions group will help determine the source of the money leak. Once the source is determined, they will also work with you to help lower your bills. They will act as the middle man between you and the credit cards to help lower your bills. In most instances a debt solutions group will help choose the best path for you to take based on your current situation. Keep in mind that you want to contact non profit debt management programs instead of paid ones. Do plenty of research before settling on a debt management program.

Filing for bankruptcy will take a huge hit on your credit. Take a serious look at your debt and current expenses. Cut off expenses that you can live without, and then start to look for ways to reduce your debt without having to file for bankruptcy.

How to Organize a Spring Clean-Up

How to Organize a Spring Clean-Up

Spring is right around the corner, and a lot of great things come with spring. Warm weather, flowers, the leaves getting back on the trees and.. Spring cleaning!

What is spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a time in the spring that gets set aside for completely cleaning your home, not just sweeping up the floor and straightening the pillows.. It’s when you completely clean out your home. Getting rid of junk you haven’t used in years and cleaning out places you haven’t cleaned in over a year. If you want to refresh your home for the spring and summer to come, than get ready because it’s almost time.

How to Organize a Spring Cleaning.

What needs to be done?

You need to start out by making a list of everything you really want to get done. Are you looking to completely transform your home into something new or do you just want to clean the rooms that really need to be done? Many people take spring cleaning as a time redo their home, as in rearranging all the furniture to even buying all new furniture.

What do you want to use your spring cleaning for? Write everything down that you want done and how you want to start. If you do want to rearrange your furniture, start drawing out a plan of how you want to put your furniture.

How much time do you have?

This will probably take more than a day, depending on what you want to do. If you don’t have a lot of time than it’s going to take you at least of week. If you have any time off work, you should use that time to get some of your cleaning done. It’s important you use all the time you have to clean your home so you can get it done.

Get the family involved.

It’s not just your home, your family lives there to and you don’t want to do this all by yourself. So fit your family into everything that you are doing. Give everyone a job to do when the time comes. When writing down what needs to be done, you should also start writing down jobs that certain people in the family can do.

Get the supplies.

You’re going to need a lot of cleaning supplies, such as:

  • Broom  amp; Dust pan.
  • Mop.
  • Vacuum.
  • Window cleaner.
  • Duster.
  • Old towels.
  • Trucks to move large items to storage or a dump area. You may also consider the service of dumpster rental Lakeland, FL. This service providers allow you to use dumpster that can help you dispose your waste or other items that you no longer need. The good thing is it will now directly be put to waste but it will go to other causes where other people can use it still.
  • Boxes.
  • Items used to storing, such as decorative cabinets or boxes.
  • Wood cleaner.

You want to get all your cleaning supplies together before you begin and place them on a table so it’s easier to organize other items and get to a cleaning supplies that you need when you need it.

Spring cleaning is a great way to get your home organized how you’ve always wanted. Take time and use your best cleaning skills that you have. With careful planning and quick thinking, spring cleaning will be a breeze.

Don’t Want The Geek Squad? How To Get Computer Help From Your Own Home!

Don’t Want The Geek Squad? How To Get Computer Help From Your Own Home!

You see the blue screen of death, have no time to take a time-consuming trip to the repair shop, and don’t want to pay for a costly house-call. The answer is simple; get remote computer help. Remote computer help allows a certified computer expert to access your computer via the Internet. You can watch the entire process as it is being done on your screen. Your computer is protected during a session because companies offering remote computer help usually record the entire session, so that if there are any concerns, the entire session can be viewed. Also, any time you believe the technician is actually damaging your computer, a mouse click will bring you back to control. Here are some options for remote computer help.


PlumChoice is one option for remote computer help. They offer a multitude of options for remote computer help, from a Vista Upgrade Advisor for $15.95 and a PC Diagnostic for $29.95, to a complete PC Tune-Up for $129.95 and Spyware  amp; Virus Removal for $99.95. The average time for remote computer help is anywhere from 45-60 minutes. If your problem is severe, PlumChoice will recommend a second appointment. If you don’t use up all your minutes, they promise to allow the minutes to sit in your account for us whenever you need them. The remote computer help is guaranteed for five days; if there is a problem in those five days, PlumChoice will help you fix it. Remote computer support is not offered for Apple computers.

PlumChoice is one of the best options that you can find when it comes to PC repairing as they are quite top notch in their job along with pc repair oxford and the fact that it has been used in the same sentence as the latter is enough to convey its competence as they have always solved the toughest of issues with computers.


Support.com is another option for remote computer help. Support.com offers pricing by event, ranging from $39 to $99 for “Comprehensive Problem Resolution”. Virus and Spyware Removal is offered for a flat fee of $79. Other options for remote computer help include “System Tune-Up” for $69 and “Network Setup and Troubleshooting” for $89. Support.com offers a five-day guarantee similar to that of PlumChoice. One thing which stands out about support.com are their hours. Remote computer help is available from 8 AM to 1AM seven days a week.


YourTechOnline is another option for remote computer help. One distinction YourTechOnline has from the other two options mentioned is that PC Magazine received the prestigious “Editor’s Choice Award” in the September 20th, 2005 issue of PC Magazine. Also, YourTechOnline stands out from the other remote computer help options because of its hours. Remote computer help with YourTechOnline is offered 24/7/365. Time blocks can be purchased for any computer problem, from a rate of $1.63/minute if 30 minutes are purchased for $49.00, to a rate of $0.99/minute if 180 minutes are purchased for $179.00. YourTechOnline currently has two PC Magazine special offerings going on, where sixty minutes of remote computer help can be purchased for $49.99 instead of the usual $79.00.

Get Lots of Traffic by Publishing Your RSS Feeds!

Get Lots of Traffic by Publishing Your RSS Feeds!

Apart from online news organizations such as CNN and Reuters, lots of webmasters and web bloggers nowadays use RSS feeds to deliver updates and the latest article services to their subscribers. They issue RSS feeds to draw in additional traffic to their sites. Individuals who are interested in some sites can subscribe to RSS feeds to get regular updates without being forced to go to individual sites. With the leaps of modern technology, no wonder a lot of blogs and websites are publishing RSS feeds not only to satisfy their objectives, but also to stay in the competition. As a webmaster and Internet marketer, you must ensure that you have updated content so that people come back to your site over and over again. Otherwise, they won’t even trouble themselves to subscribe to feeds.

To assure that you’re on the right track while you issue RSS feeds, there are numerous things you need to do. If you’re in blogging, apart from posting entirely on your site, you may prefer to search the possibility of posting to the more popular blogging sites that are affiliated with your niche. This way you acquire better exposure in the short run and become a favorite name long term. After you have created a name for yourself in your niche, it won’t be very difficult for you to get people to visit your site, or to subscribe to your feeds.

While you publish RSS, make certain that you encourage people to subscribe. There must be an exceptional area on your website to invite people. This may not be a great matter for you, thinking that this will not bring in significant changes to your business, but I beg to differ with such thoughts, if everything you’ve in you at present, as I myself can prove the benefits of my online businesses which I enjoy by publishing RSS feeds.

Remember that traffic is money. The additional visits you get, the better the likelihood they will convert into sales. In general you must keep in mind that content is very important. Disregarding how hard you promote and advertise your online business and how you spend most of your time but to get a high volume of traffic, the content of your site has to be relevant and good. All your efforts and hard work will be for naught if you don’t deliver good service to your audience. While you publish RSS, you must acknowledge that people want to have the best information that’s why they subscribed to your feed in the first place.

There’s a need for well-researched and interesting topics to attract an audience. Otherwise, your subscriber list will decrease. Be consistent with the article or blog that you compose. It has to be relevant to your readers what specific niche you specify in the selection of the topics you write about. If you’re all over the place while writing blogs and articles, it can create confusion amongst your subscribers. Therefore, to receive the major benefits of RSS, delivering quality, consistent content and promoting it properly is the key to success. In order to know the key to success, proper research should be done here at the websites. The quality and reviews will be according to the needs of the writers that are posted.

How to Groom Your Horse Thoroughly

How to Groom Your Horse Thoroughly

Best of all, your horse learns to enjoy, relax and bond with you. Coddling your horse during regular grooming sessions is therapeutic and strengthens your mutual bond.

Approach grooming as a pleasant task for both of you. If your horse is fidgety, do not get impatient with him, yank him around or yell at him; and never hit him – make this time pleasurable. Grooming is the perfect time to be kind, calm and collected – let your horse fall in love with you! And just like dog and cat boarding and training, you should also train your horse. This is to keep your horse healthy and strong.

It is during grooming time that you encourage the horse to “step over,” “move up,” or “pick up.” Manners taught in an authoritative but calm voice (using same words every time) translate into a happy horse and one that will not crowd or step on the groomer. Use the same commands, given clearly and calmly, each time you ask him to move. (It is the neatest thing when the horse holds up a foot even before he is asked to “pick up.”)

Always use the same safe location for grooming. Halter him and cross tie him at this grooming station each time he is groomed.

  • Start with a curry brush, an oval-shaped rubber grooming tool with grooves. Use small circular motions, applying steady, comforting pressure, starting at the top of the neck and working down and across his body, under his belly and shanks, briskly working in tight circles. Do not use the curry on his legs since there is minimal soft tissue and the curry’s pressure is hurtful on his bones and joints. Complete one side of his body and then curry the other side.
  • (If you prefer, curry and brush at the same time, using alternate strokes. This is a great time saving and effective method of grooming. To use curry and brush simultaneously, hold curry in one hand and a medium-bristle brush in the other, stroke first with the curry and follow over that stroke with the brush. Repeat curry and bristle-brush strokes over the entire horse; complete one side, then move to the other side.)
  • Briskly stroke over the entire horse with a medium-bristled brush, starting at the neck. Complete brushing both sides of the horse. This effectively removes the loose dirt and hair that the curry brush lifts up from the hide.
  • Put your attention to his head and face. Always use a small ultra-soft brush. Ease it over his face, avoiding the eyes. Draw his head closer to you, and coo, fuss and talk nonsense to him as you do this – your horse will simply adore you! Use a cloth to wipe around eyes, nostrils and mouth.
  • Before you finish the head, check for eye matter or drainage and wipe. Handle and stroke his ears for 30 seconds, checking that there are no foreign objects or biting insects. If done routinely, you will promote his trust and, more importantly, prevent head shying.
  • Brush his forelock and mane using a medium-bristle brush. If you are preserving every strand of hair in forelock and mane, then never brush. Use a wide tooth comb instead, being extremely careful NOT to pull or tear at the hair.
  • Concentrate on his tail. If you are not concerned about tail length or some hair breakage, go ahead and brush the tail, using a medium-bristle brush. But if every hair is important, read The Old Gray Mare’s follow up article on tail care.
  • Now is the best time to look closer at any cuts or bumps that you noticed during the curry and brushing session. Treat any cuts appropriately and apply salve as necessary.
  • Divert your attention to his legs and hooves. Run your hands down your horse’s legs to feel for swelling, bumps and knots.
  • Pick up each hoof in succession to pick out the soiled matter, noticing any cracks, abscesses or loose horse shoe nails. Cracks need to be taken care of quickly to prevent expansion and infection. Obviously, abscesses require immediate attention, possibly by your veterinarian.
  • If you notice a foul or excessive odor in any hoof, apply a thrush medicine liberally, especially on the frog.
  • Use a stiff-bristle hoof brush to briskly scrub the coronet band and outer hoof wall to promote blood flow. Twice a week, apply a hoof conditioner at the coronet band and top inch of the hoof. Once a week, treat the entire hoof with conditioner.

And 10. Almost done! – You’re now ready to use the finishing brush to give a final brushing over the horse’s coat and to give him the final “spit shine.” This will get off any remaining dust and lay the hairs down smoothly. Always use the brush in the hair growth direction. Apply coat shine spray, misting lightly starting at the top of the neck. Avoid overspray near eyes and ears. The final touch – take a plush towel and rub smoothly along hair growth.

You now have a horse that is shiny and sleek and relaxed. If you took your time and didn’t rush through this grooming session, and if you enjoyed this closeness with your horse, you will be relaxed as well. It’s a win-win for you and your horse!