Basic Yoga Poses

We all know the benefits of Yoga. None of us here are unknown to it. Yoga can heal us from the negativity of the world, take us away from stress and relieve our pains. So, if you want yourself to get away from the trouble of this world and live your life in a relaxed way, away from worries and stress, then this article will help you get started. Let us look at the basic few Yoga poses which everyone can start with. No matter where you are- at home or on a vacation- these simple yoga steps will definitely be the best guide for you.


  • Konasana

    How to: 1. Stand straight. Your arms should be beside your body and your legs should be spread apart. Take this distance to be the width of your hips.
    Pointing your fingers towards the sky (palm open), raise your left arm slowly breathing in.
    3. Still pointing your fingers to the sky bend sideways. Your pelvis should move to the left.
    4. Keeping your elbows straight, turn your head upwards,  fingers facing you.
    5. Now, slowly breath in and move to the straight position you were in. Bring down your left arm to its initial position.
    6. Repeat the same thing with your right arm.
    Benefits: 1. Increases flexibility.
    2. Stretches spine.
    3. Relieves back pain.
    4. Toning of legs, arms and abdomen.
    5. Relieves from chronic constipation.

  • Katichakrasana

    How to: 1. Keeping your feet a little apart from each other, stand in a straight posture.
    Move both your hands to the front, facing each other. They should be parallel to the floor. Breathe in as you do. Your hands should be at the distance equivalent to the width of your shoulder.
    3. Your movements should be slow, so that you can coordinate well with your breathing. Do not practice the movements with jerks. Try and keep it as graceful as possible.
    4. Carefully and slowly breathing out, twist your upper half sideways to your right. Your feet should not move from their place.
    5. Your arms should be kept at the same distance from each other. Now, breathe in and move to your initial position.
    6. Again, breathing out, and keeping your arms in the same position, repeat the same twist to the other side, that is, to your left side.
    7. Breathe out and come back to the initial position.
    Benefits: 1. Improves flexibility.
    2. Good for back ache, stretches spine and lower back.
    3. Relieves body from any strain due to physical work.

  • Hastapadasana

    How to: 1. Keeping your hands sideways, move into a straight posture.
    Spread your legs a little, so that your body weight falls equally on both the legs.
    3. Move your arms over your head. As you do, remember to slowly take a breath. Your hands should not touch.
    4. Slowly exhale and bend forwards, with your arms still above your head, straight.
    5. Touch the ground as you bend towards your feet.
    6. Your spine should be straight, and so should your legs. Don’t bend your legs.
    7. Keep this posture for half a minute, and keep breathing while you do this. Your breathing should be slow and deep.
    8. Now, move your hips higher. To do so, put a little force on your heels to push it down. Move your abdomen or chest area to touch the knees.
    9. This is a relaxed asana (pose), so breath our slowly, and do not rush. Life your head lower to the feet.
    10. Now that you have done this pose, come back slowly to the initial position. Your arms should first stretch forwards and then move upwards, bringing your body upwards.
    11. Exhale and bring the arms back to the side position. And repeat.
    Benefits: 1. Toning of muscles.
    2. Increases blood supply to all the regions of the body.
    3. Stretches bodily muscles and organs.


  • Utkatasana

    How to: 1. Stand straight keeping your legs slightly apart.
    Move your hands to your front. The palms should be facing the ground and arms should be parallel to it. Keep the hands straight.
    3. Slowly, bend your knees.
    4. While doing that, move your hips towards the ground. Imagine you are trying to sit on a chair.
    5. Relax while you are seated. Stretch your spine. Keep elbows straight and parallel to the ground.
    6. Keep the posture and remember to breath in and out slowly.
    7. Slowly, move back to your initial position.
    Benefits: 1. Strengthens your torso and back.
    2. Stretches your muscles and spine.
    3. Helps you in maintaining body balance. With more practice you should be able to have a better control over your body and postures.
    4. Tones your ankles, knee muscles, thigh and legs.

We do hope these postures will help you. Also, you may go through our Yoga Training reviews to know what our readers and followers have to say about us.
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