What Are The Benefits Bluetooth Lautsprecher Test

Basically, the bluetooth lautsprecher test has been kept on the experimental setup. All soundchecks are performed with an existing bluetooth connection.

Test environment: at home

The sound impressions in the park or garden are completely different, but there are enough “aggravating conditions” in an apartment to demand everything from the devices. This already starts with the pipes in the walls, which make sure that a weak bluetooth connection shows its limits. Otherwise, however, the basic conditions are identical. General soundcheck with a player on the smartphone, special soundcheck with iTunes on the computer or description of the various sound impressions can also be done in any general environment. If the speaker delivered an incredibly interesting result last time, doing the special soundcheck again with the iTunes setting called Eargasm Explosion helps to understand the accuracy of the test results.

Advantages of Bluetooth lautsprecher test

  • Good Bluetooth speakers are a complete alternative to sound systems. There are good and handy Bluetooth speakers that can fulfill all your demands for the home perfectly.
  • Bluetooth speakers can always be there due to their high battery life and portability features.
  • Good Bluetooth speakers are several gadgets in one. Many a Bluetooth speaker can also play power bank, act as a radio receiver or be used in almost all cases as a speakerphone. This is supposed to imitate a loudspeaker tower for them.
  • Good bluetooth speakers do not cost a lot.

Disadvantages of the test

  • Bluetooth is not exactly a stable and high-reach connection. Especially if the manufacturers have saved on the radio module.
  • You always need power, although most can be charged during operation, this leads to an unpleasant hum with poor USB cables.
  • The spatial sound sensation is never as good as with speaker systems or headphones.

It is hence obviously not wise to replace all sound systems with bluetooth speakers but they do help provide you with a great music system which offers multiple features.