Best Basketball Workouts

Basketball is a sport that requires you to have a combination of strength, speed, stamina, power, as well as agility. If you don’t have one of these attributes, you can never beat your opponent whatsoever. To become a good basketball player, you need to incorporate the best sports-specific workouts into your strength and conditioning program. This will help you become stronger, faster, and a better all-round player. Below here are some of the best basketball workouts to help you become a great basketball player:


Jump rope

This is a traditional functional that is often overlooked by basketball players. However, a jump rope is a very essential piece of equipment for all basketball players. It helps develop lower body strength and stamina, as well as improving agility, quickness, and coordination. It is a very good idea to include a jump rope routine into your conditioning and strength training workouts.

Olympic lifts

Olympic lifts are very much recommended for your strength and conditioning program, according to Jack Woodrup, who writes for They include clean-and-jack as well as snatch use movement patterns which are similar to the ones used during vertical jumping. These two types of workouts help improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, as well as power and jumping ability. Performing Olympic lifts effectively requires technical movements and for this reason, it is essential to always have a strength coach or a training partner to monitor your mechanics.

Squat jumps

For shooting and rebounding, a basketball player requires to have jumping ability. It is a very essential skill for all basketball players. Squat jumps are regarded as one of the best lower body plyometric workouts that help improve jumping and strength ability. You need to learn how to perform squat jumps effectively in order improve your jumping skills and increase strength effectively.

Plyometric push- ups

According to Mike Mahon, who is the creator of the Basketball Experts Professional Player Development System, plyometric push-ups is regarded as one of the best workout routines for a basketball player because it helps build quick, explosive hands as well as a powerful upper body. It is very essential to teach yourself how to perform plyometric push ups in order to improve your skills as a basketball player.

Other good exercise for basketball players include the following:

Ball drop reaction drill

This type of workout helps you develop quick reflexes in order for you to become quicker at starting.

Band resisted back peddle drill

This type of workout will help you work on your back peddle. It will also help you strengthen your legs and open up your hips.

Box jumps

Box jumps will help you know how high you need to jump each time.

Bunny hops

This workout routine will help you strengthen the lower half of your legs as well as your jumping quickness.

Frog jumps

This type of exercise will help you work on your loading before you jump. It will also help you learn how to jump correctly and in the correct form.

Standing broad jumps

This type of exercise will help you learn how to be explosive. It also helps you improve your jumping and quickness.

Staggered stance squat jumps

This workout teaches you how to jump when your feet are not completely lined up.


Side lunges exercise

This type of workout helps develop leg strength. It also helps open up your hips, thus enabling you improve lateral quickness.

These are some of the best college basketball workout program that you can include in your strength and conditioning program.


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