Free Karaoke Recorder Apps That Are Available For Android Download

Free Karaoke Recorder Apps That Are Available For Android Download

In today’s world of advanced technology, there is an app for almost everything that you wish for. Music is a thing that everyone loves to listen to, no matter if they can sing or not. The karaoke system is a great help to those who cannot sing quite well, but are still determined to do so. They are provided with the chords to the song and a screen on which the lyrics are displayed. They look at the screen and start singing. This system is now converted into an app. everything is the same except the fact that the lyrics are displayed on the screen of your phone.

Karaoke recorder apps

There are many karaoke recorder apps available on the internet for download and those are totally free of cost. We will make a list of five karaoke recorder free apps.

  1. Star maker app- This app is a free karaoke app that provides the music and lyrics to the song and lets people creates a cover of the song in their own voice. An interesting feature that it provides is a method in which you can make collaboration with your favorite artists and then edit your created song even after recording.
  2. Bandlab- This is another free karaoke app. It has the entire feature that a basic app provides. It is unique in the fact that it not only allows to record songs in your own voice, but also allows you to create your own album and publish it.
  3. Kakoke- It has a feature which allows you to record even in the offline mode. It has a special feature that provides sound effect which feel like coming straight from the karaoke room.
  4. Smule- this app was awarded the editors choice due to all the special karaoke features that it provides.
  5. Free karaoke- It is a basic karaoke app that helps you does all the recordings that you wish to do.

There are many other apps apart from this that are available at

Pros and Cons of Tinder

Pros and Cons of Tinder

Before trying out any app, whether it’s free or otherwise, you might want initially look at the pros and cons. With the help of pros and cons written and experienced by other people you can see if Tinder is actually worth your time and effort. Keep in mind though that these are the personal opinion and evaluation of other people so you don’t have to necessarily agree. It’s basically free so you can go and try it out for yourself. 103703194-BL-Tinder-060916.600x400


  • Establishing a profile is quick and easy, you don’t have to invest a good part of your date on all the details for your Tinder profile.
  • Using Tinder is quite natural, meet people similar to the way you would meet them in a bar. At first glance of their picture you just have to swipe right to like them and if they like you back then you can start talking. A little shallow but that’s what we also do in at a night out.
  • The mutual friends function is quite helpful, it means that the match can come with a reference; you’d be lucky to stumble on to one with at least 10 mutual friends in Facebook. Aside from that, Tinder also show you if you have the same circle of friends.
  • They kept the chances of getting embarrassed to a minimum since you can like anyone without them knowing who you are.tinderfeature


  • According to a survey, guys rarely start the conversation with their matches, so that leaves the other to actually start the conversation or leave it idle.
  • Sure it’s a dating chat, but majority of the users are quite sex-focused; they’re not interested in friendly conversations or anything serious.
  • It’s difficult to focus, people who we’re talking to a great person the other can end up getting another match and solely focus on the latest one.

Features Of Stafaband App Free Video Downloader

Features Of Stafaband App Free Video Downloader

The features of Stafaband App are amazing. This application provides amazing benefits as well. Here, we are highlighting those benefits and features of Stafaband App. These features are explicit as they show the dedication of the developers. ipad-video-app-abc

First of all, this Stafaband App is simple and free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to use this app. In addition to that, this application is free for all operating systems. Unlike other applications, you don’t have to pay for any operating

The most important feature of this application is the possibility to prevent the display of the logo. You can prevent it easily just by using Stafaband Video Download.

As we have mentioned that this application is used to download stuff. So, this application can be used to download a lot of files in the same time. This is the speciality of the App. It will download all these files with a very fast speed.

YouTube videos in Stafaband App downloader

YouTube is a platform which provides millions of videos to its users. Everyone uses YouTube for watching videos. In addition to that, we all try to get the videos which are available on YouTube. This Stafaband is an application which is known for downloading videos. But, if you are thinking to download YouTube videos through this app. Then, you are doing it wrong.

This is because of the reason that due to the terms and conditions of YouTube, this application cannot allow to download its videos. Other than that, the users are allowed to download the videos of facebook easily. The developers of this Stafaband App have described procedures through which users can download videos in their gadgets. You can search unlimited videos with the help of this application.

Enjoy Movies On The Go

Enjoy Movies On The Go

Everyone enjoys watching movies and no matter how old you are movies will always manage to bring a smile to your face. While people initially managed to watch at least one to two movies on a weekly basis, these days it gets really tough to watch a movie because of the busy life and hectic schedules that people need to deal with. If you are a movie buff and you are still keen on watching movies on a regular basis but you are not sure how to get this done all you need to do is download the Movie Box app and you will never worry about watching movies again.


This app enables you to stream movies online on your smartphone and this means you can watch movies no matter where you are and what time it is. Movie box is one of the most popular movie streaming apps available in the market and it has some of the best movies that you will find. Apart from the latest movies which are popular you will also find a huge collection of old classics as well. You can enjoy movies no matter what category of movies you are looking for. It is free to download this app and watching movies on it is free as well. The best part about movie box is that the movies here are free of any breaks and intervals and you can enjoy watching the movie break free and without any interruptions.

Although this app is free to download and the movies are free to watch as well, there are no annoying pop ups that will come up on your screen requesting you to fill survey forms or sign up on a third party website. It is a clean app that enhances your movie viewing experience and it is specifically designed for people who lead very busy lives.

Watch Movies On The Go With The Best Movie App

Watch Movies On The Go With The Best Movie App

There are a number of reasons why people should start to stream movies online instead of downloading them. If you are looking for the best movie apps then Moviebox is one of the best app you will find. This app is compactable with multiple platforms and you can get some of the best movies that you will enjoy watching no matter where you are. Moviebox is considered to be one of the best free movie apps that you will find. If you haven’t already tried out a movie streaming app, here’s why you need to try it out soon. movie-box-news1

You do not need to download a movie in order to watch it on your Smartphone. This helps you to pick from some of the best movies at any given point in time and start watching it without having to wait till it downloads which could often take a lot of time.moviebox1

With the moviebox app you can now have entertainment at your fingertips. There are situations when you are travelling to work or having a long commute and bored of what is happening around you. The music on your smartphone also begins to sound monotonous. This is when the moviebox app comes handy. All you need to do is open the app and click on any of the latest movies. You can now enjoy amazing online streaming of the movie you select and time will fly. Moviebox is the complete entertainment app that not only shows movies however shows all the popular tv series and other popular shows as well. You can even search for other videos of your choice and entertain yourself while traveling. Moviebox takes into consideration your preferences and even gives you video suggestions on your home screen.

Anonymity Through Kik Usernames

Anonymity Through Kik Usernames

Kik is an instant messaging app that works free of charge on Android Lollipop, iOS and windows platform. It was released in October 2010 from the Canadian company Kik interactive. This app uses mobile data to receive and send messages, photos, videos etc. This app has some amazing features which make it popular amongst the teenagers. Some of these features are preserving anonymity, or the user can even register without a telephone number.

The most interesting and unique feature of Kik is its feature that it allows the users to use a username of their own choice. This allows you to be whoever you want to be – your own self or anyone else. You can pick any of those fancy – kik usernames available on the internet. And then, you are free to send emojis, texts, and selfies to whoever you want to. However, this combination of anonymity and youth also has potential cyber threats. Though it has proved to be valuable and helpful for Kik but it has also proved to be dangerous for others. Some researchers also mention that it is a rough environment for young people. Considering the potential threats of anonymity that the application provides, parents should be concerned about their children who use Kik.


Since the real names of the users are not displayed through Kik because it allows you to pick any username of your own choice, it has been quite controversial. It has attracted children and teenagers to send offensive content and indulge in offensive activities with strangers. Also, child exploitation and harassment has been an issue of great concern. This has also caused several authorities and social media platforms to express their concern over the issue. However, to overcome this problem of child exploitation, the company has adopted a strategy which automatically detects deletes and also reports the content related to it.

A study about the usernames of the application states that the feature that it does not require a telephone number and does not verify the entered birth date attracts teenagers the most. Parents cannot view the communications and content that the children use. One of the famous controversies related to the feature of anonymity if the application is Nicole Lovell case. She went missing and later it was found that she has been kidnapped and murdered by someone who used to communicate to her through Kik. This incident raised serious questions about the safety and security of the users of the messenger application.


One of the managers of the application state that the feature of anonymity of usernames is its allure. So, in order to overcome the dangers and threats of this feature, one has to be careful and parents must also ensure to communicate with their children who may be under some pressure or harassment through it. We all know that the app has weak parental control features so parents have to be alert on their own part to avoid any mishaps and unwanted accidents. After all, it is better to be sure that your near and dear ones remain “in the know” and hence safe and protected.

Hacking Your Way Through Roblox

Hacking Your Way Through Roblox

For those of whom who are gaming fanatics, might know about this new awesome game, which is selling like hot buns among kids and teenagers. Roblox is now widely popular game which is multiplayer, marketed by Roblox Corporation. This game is a huge hit among kids and teenagers, who are the main focus of this game. This game is developed keeping the kids in mind. Roblox helps you build a customized virtual world, with the help of which you can socialize with other members of the game. The basic game play of Roblox is so fascinating and interesting, and is responsible for children’s keen interest in the game. Roblox is said to be quite educational for young kids as they can learn computer programming, stocks and ratios through the game.


Roblox introduced player badges that can that about the experience of that particular player. Roblox also introduced report abuse to mitigate unnecessary disturbing elements in the game, and also introduced a safe chat option for people to socialize in safe and secure environment. The players in Roblox can use customization to change the appearances of their character in terms of shapes, hats, clothing and body types. Upon the installation of the game, players are permitted to select up to 20 friends from their list. The game was made keeping social interactions in mind, so that each player can meet more new people.

Roblox is a fun game to play with your family and friends, with the right amount of fun and competition mixed together. But in case you are new to the game and you want to beat someone with more experience than you, don’t worry. There are certain roblox hacks that can make the game easier for you. Roblox hacks can make the game a bit more easy and comfortable for you. One of the easiest hacks in the roblox game is installing roblox hack tool. Installing the tool lets you have a smooth ride throughout the game. With the help of this particular tool, you can change the statistics of your friends, you can even change your own statistics and you can even not permit other players to cheat on you.


Research and survey conducted on the roblox hacks concluded one thing, that is to perform cheats in the game, you have to follow a definite procedure. You have to find your way through the XL-living space in hide and seek. If you find a sofa, you must hide behind it and turn to the left. This way some other person won’t find you. Another hack to get through the two player tycoon war is to jump off the map. The wait for3-4 seconds, and select VIP teleport. By doing this, you should be in the ground. Now you can make your way through the invisible wall and take the badge. This would work for all VIPs. This hacking tool keeps on updating the hacks, so you won’t ever find yourself running out of tricks up your sleeve.