The Dam Way: So What Does a Beaver Have To Do With Making You Money?

The Dam Way: So What Does a Beaver Have To Do With Making You Money?

I’m sure most of you, at least the Baby Boomers remember the 1957 television sitcom, “Leave It To Beaver.” I know that I have watched the life adventures and story of this hometown country boy and child T.V. star named Beaver on many occasions. How about you? Well, today I am not here to discuss the boy, but rather the furry buck-toothed creature… the real life and literal Beaver. Furthermore, I think you will find the information below simply fascinating to say the least, and that is how a Beaver can help YOU (i.e. us) Make Money Online, and here is how.

So what can a Beaver teach you and I about how to Make Money? Yes, that is a logical question, and I will proceed to the answer. First let me say, that most people assume that there is absolutely nothing that we can learn from God’s created things, however, I am here to say to you in one simple word -WRONG!

In the book of Proverbs, it tell us that there are a few things we can ALL learn by observing the WAYS and METHODS of certain wise insects (Proverbs 30:24-28). These include such creepy crawlies such as ants, Conies, locusts, and spiders. Nevertheless, here is some amazing information that I wanted to pass on about how observing and applying the methods of this particular litttle creature, the Beaver, can help you in your goal to Make Money during these difficult financial times.

What you can learn from the Beaver is how these little friends use their ingenuity of setting traps to catch their fish, and how they make the traps do the work for them, and it is NO different for YOU as you allow the free stuff on the INTERNET to do the work for you too. The Good news is that you can find and implement this great source of information in a new online source entitled THE DAM WAY.

What is the DAM Way? The DAM way stands for and is an acronym for Direct Article Marketing. The DAM WAY is a 6 point checklist that does not require you to be a super genius or HTML expert of any sort, and in it you will learn and glean the following:

  • A very low-cost way to get started making money quickly
  • How to work on your own schedule
  • A way to make money without building websites
  • The best way to pick WHAT to promote and get the highest commissions
  • How you can do all of this without “selling” anything. Hate the idea of being a salesperson? Boy, don’t we all! Well, at least most of us do anyway. The good news is that The DAM WAY takes “selling” OUT of the equation, but it still can equal MONEY for you.

By now your eyebrows may be raising as was mine. Sounds pretty good right? The DAM Way includes plenty of pictures and even videos to help walk you through the exact STEPS. So just as the Beaver knows how to build a dam to catch his fish, you too can start building your very own dam on the Internet waves by allowing FREE tools to do the work for you and help you towards your goal to leverage a TOP spot on the Search Engines. So go ahead and apply the Beaver technique and method, and see if you might not just learn more than you expected.  For the registration, information should be real and valid for the online learners. Online fashion classes are offered to the online learners to get the benefit. The achievement of the desired results should be there with plenty of fashion benefits. What a person will do after gathering information from

Finally, just remember to look around in order to learn from and take a lesson from ALL of creation…they have a message, a technique, or even a method that may simply surprise and astound you. However for now, just ” Leave it to Beaver” to help you Make Money Online.

Four Ways To Make Money Online Without Trying

Four Ways To Make Money Online Without Trying

If you were still looking for a get-rich-quick article or make hundreds of dollars per day, then think again as this article is not for you. But, if you currently go to a school or have a full-time job, you can dedicate a few hours per day to make $10-20 as a side income. Maybe, this does not seem a lot for you, but if you make $15/day, this amount translates into about $450/month, which in a given year equals to $5,400. That’s more than $5,000 that you would not have if you used those times to waste time on social media.

The following four tips from Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 require no capital – that is, no investment, no experience, and no persistent dedications such as maintaining websites or blogs. They can begin and stop at any time you desire.

  1. Use Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known website that received numerous media coverage, including from the Wall Street Journal (see the coverage here). As the name suggests, you list your “gig” for five bucks – and if someone decides that it is worth five bucks, they pay Fiverr, and you will receive four bucks (one buck taken by Fiverr) through PayPal from Fiverr. Granted, the actual amount you earn is less than four bucks since PayPal takes its fee as well, but it’s still a fairly good deal. The types of gigs that people provide are enormous, so it’s worthwhile to check this out.

  1. Write for Textbroker

There are a lot of great websites that you can earn money writing, but the reason I list Textbroker in this article is that its short assignments that usually cost about two to four dollars make it very reasonable to build $10-20 every day. This is especially a great job if you have a passion for writing but often stumble on writer’s blocks. Clients who use Textbroker have very specific requirements, such as keyword density, style of writing, and point of view (first-person, third-person, etc..), so if you can follow the guidelines, writing for Textbroker is not bad at all.

  1. Sell Photos

Do you travel frequently? Or, do you currently have large photos on your computer? Selling photos, as discussed in this coverage by ABC, is not an as easy way to make money online through the first two methods, but still a great way to turn your passive hobby to an additional source of income. Websites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock allow you to sell your photography to people on the internet, and while selling photos to make money seems far-fetched idea, a lot of website owners do need photos to make their websites stand out and do use these websites. Many websites want photos of people to give a “personal” feel to their customers, so if you can do that, you will certainly generate small profits.

  1. Utilize Apps

This last option is really for people in metropolitan areas, but if you own a smartphone, you can download apps like EasyShift and Gigwalk to make around $10 per day doing easy yet random assignments. As described in the Wall Street Journal’s article, a lot of tasks through these apps are simple, such as going to the grocery store to take photos of energy drinks. These tasks allow large companies like Monster and Red Bull to ensure that their products are delivered and listed as they hoped. Of four ways, this is probably the hardest way to make money due to the location limitations, but it’s also fun and easy to do if you were out driving in the first place.

Don’t Want The Geek Squad? How To Get Computer Help From Your Own Home!

Don’t Want The Geek Squad? How To Get Computer Help From Your Own Home!

You see the blue screen of death, have no time to take a time-consuming trip to the repair shop, and don’t want to pay for a costly house-call. The answer is simple; get remote computer help. Remote computer help allows a certified computer expert to access your computer via the Internet. You can watch the entire process as it is being done on your screen. Your computer is protected during a session because companies offering remote computer help usually record the entire session, so that if there are any concerns, the entire session can be viewed. Also, any time you believe the technician is actually damaging your computer, a mouse click will bring you back to control. Here are some options for remote computer help.


PlumChoice is one option for remote computer help. They offer a multitude of options for remote computer help, from a Vista Upgrade Advisor for $15.95 and a PC Diagnostic for $29.95, to a complete PC Tune-Up for $129.95 and Spyware  amp; Virus Removal for $99.95. The average time for remote computer help is anywhere from 45-60 minutes. If your problem is severe, PlumChoice will recommend a second appointment. If you don’t use up all your minutes, they promise to allow the minutes to sit in your account for us whenever you need them. The remote computer help is guaranteed for five days; if there is a problem in those five days, PlumChoice will help you fix it. Remote computer support is not offered for Apple computers.

PlumChoice is one of the best options that you can find when it comes to PC repairing as they are quite top notch in their job along with pc repair oxford and the fact that it has been used in the same sentence as the latter is enough to convey its competence as they have always solved the toughest of issues with computers. is another option for remote computer help. offers pricing by event, ranging from $39 to $99 for “Comprehensive Problem Resolution”. Virus and Spyware Removal is offered for a flat fee of $79. Other options for remote computer help include “System Tune-Up” for $69 and “Network Setup and Troubleshooting” for $89. offers a five-day guarantee similar to that of PlumChoice. One thing which stands out about are their hours. Remote computer help is available from 8 AM to 1AM seven days a week.

YourTechOnline is another option for remote computer help. One distinction YourTechOnline has from the other two options mentioned is that PC Magazine received the prestigious “Editor’s Choice Award” in the September 20th, 2005 issue of PC Magazine. Also, YourTechOnline stands out from the other remote computer help options because of its hours. Remote computer help with YourTechOnline is offered 24/7/365. Time blocks can be purchased for any computer problem, from a rate of $1.63/minute if 30 minutes are purchased for $49.00, to a rate of $0.99/minute if 180 minutes are purchased for $179.00. YourTechOnline currently has two PC Magazine special offerings going on, where sixty minutes of remote computer help can be purchased for $49.99 instead of the usual $79.00.

Top Mistakes That People New To Bitcoin Trading Makes

Top Mistakes That People New To Bitcoin Trading Makes

If you are new to trading Bitcoin and want to learn a few mistakes that are very easy to avoid, this article is for you. Listed below are some of the avoidable mistakes that people new to trading Bitcoins. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Trading money that you cannot afford to lose

There is no insurance that works against trade failures and blunders. As a result, even expert Bitcoin traders usually have to endure a substantial monetary loss. People new to trading who also did not manage to lose any amount of money can be attributed to sheer coincidence, or even an entirely made up story since even experts lose out on their trade sometimes.

Mistakes are important so that you can learn from them. As such, expect that the money you trade in Bitcoin will sometimes be lost. Due to this, avoid trading money that you cannot afford to lose. The greatest thing that can be done prior to the beginning of your trading is to reduce the repercussions of the errors that you will inevitably make. You can do by not putting money that you cannot lose under the trading table.

  1. Trading in an unsecured Bitcoin platform

There are countless amounts of Bitcoins that were lost from their owners after the Bitcoin platform they are being exchanged on was hacked, or the stock exchange stopped working altogether. For that reason, it is important that you choose a Bitcoin platform that is secure.

Choosing Bitcoin Evolution is a Powerful and intuitive trading Software is of great importance to avoid losing your valuable cryptocurrency to hackers and other cyber-criminals. Even if you are trading a small amount of money now, it is still important to choose a secure service in case your investment grows.

Top 5 Tech Gadgets For Road Trips

Top 5 Tech Gadgets For Road Trips

Road trips are awesome. For one road trips enable you to visit some very interesting places and see lots of interesting sights. Secondly, road trips are a good way to bond with family and friends because you will be spending a lot of time together. Though road trips are fun and interesting, there are five tech gadgets for road trips that you will definitely want to take along for added enhancement.

  1. Radar Detector. A radar detector is one of the must-have road trip travel tech products that you need to carry along because a radar detector will help you o avoid power-hungry cops who love to target people who are not used to the area. Also, you will save money on those expensive speeding or red light tickets. Depending on what you want your radar detector to do, you will pay anywhere from $200 to $1000.
  2. GPS Navigation System. A GPS navigation system is among the must-have road trip travel tech gadgets because it is important for navigation purposes. A GPS system will enable you to navigate unfamiliar areas like a pro. Not to mention, the instances of you becoming lost and appearing vulnerable are slim to none. Depending on how sophisticated you want your GPS navigation system to be, you will pay anywhere from $100 to $1500. It is a really good idea that you invest in a good GPS system as that can make a huge impact on your road trip. You can compare all the popular GPS systems that are there in the market on read about their pros and cons that will allow you to make an informed choice.
  3. iPod or MP3 Player. You may not think that an iPod or an MP3 player falls among the must-have road trip travel tech products, but it is for a couple of reasons. One reason that you will definitely want to regard an iPod or MP3 player as being important to have along on your road trip is that it can make things interesting. The music played from your iPod or MP3 player can enable you to either relax or add some action to the road trip, depending on what you are listening to. Another reason that an iPod or MP3 player will be considered important is that you will not have to listen to all of those boring commercials, and you will not find yourself searching endlessly through the radio stations. MP3 players cost from $30 to $100 and IPods costs from $100 to $300. Of course, it will depend on the features you want.
  4. Netbook. A netbook is one of the most important road trip travel tech gadgets for a number of reasons. One reason that a netbook is one of the most important road trip travel tech gadgets is that a netbook makes it easier for you to pull up maps of any location, as well as obtain additional information about your surroundings. True, you will have your GPS navigation system, but your netbook will enable you to have much more information than your GPS navigation system will be able to give you. Another reason that a netbook is one of the most important road trip travel tech gadgets to have with you is that you can find out where various attractions are, in case you should want to see something interesting. You can also use your netbook to find out other important information about the locations you will be visiting, such as where good restaurants are, where the nearest grocery store is, and the best places to shop. Netbooks can be purchased anywhere between $250 to $600, depending upon what you want your netbook to do.
  5. Smart Phone. You may not think that a smartphone is essential; however, this is one of the most essential travel tech gadgets that you want to have with you on your road trip. One reason that a smartphone is one of the most essential travel tech gadgets is that it can be used to obtain information. For instance, you may want to be able to place a call to a hotel to see if there are any open reservations, so you can take a break: or, you may want to call a restaurant or store to see when the closing time occurs. Another reason that a smartphone is among the essential travel tech gadgets is that a smartphone has just about all of the functions of a PC, so you will essentially be able to have a computer in your pocket. Smartphones typically cost between $500 to $600; however, Smartphones can be attained at a much cheaper price if you sign up for a new plan with a cell phone company, take advantage of the upgrade your cell phone company offers, or purchase the smartphones from places like eBay or Amazon.

Why Should You Start Using A VPN Service?

Why Should You Start Using A VPN Service?

A VPN is a virtual network that provides you a safe and secure browsing experience when you go online. The online activity cannot be electronically or digitally traced by anyone, and it does not matter whether you are using a smart device or computer.

Many people use VPN services for a good reason, and one of the significant ones is added privacy. There are lots of other benefits of using a virtual private network. If you are not using a VPN service, then you might be in big trouble. It is because any hacker can easily track down your activity, or e-commerce sites can change their prices based on your visits. Everyone is today’s world needs the best VPN service. Here’s why.

  • Gain online privacy and anonymity

The most significant advantage the VPN servers bring is privacy. Indeed, staying anonymous all the time is next to impossible. But, with the help of a VPN, you can protect your data from hackers. A VPN will help you to secure online transactions, audio, and video calls from the snooping outsiders.

  • Safely receives and sends work files

Almost every employee worries about the data breach while sending or receiving important files. The reason is that there was a significant increase in the enterprise level hacking and data breaches attempt. Now, no one has to worry as with the help of a VPN; you can store, receive, and send sensitive data without any problem. You can choose TorGuard service to do the task, and Here’s the torguard coupon code to avail of several discounts.

To summarize, these reasons will help you to understand the importance of using a VPN service. It is always best to choose the right one that meets your requirements and enjoy a safe and secure connection.

Social Media: Why Businesses Should Overcome Their Fear

Social Media: Why Businesses Should Overcome Their Fear

“We know we need a social media presence, but we’re worried that people will post bad things about us.” That simple sentence distills nearly all of the comments I’ve heard from companies and organizations that are hesitant to make the move into what’s arguably the fastest-growing corner of marketing.

Companies that dismissed Facebook as a fad just two years ago are jumping in with both feet. YouTube channels are proliferating at astounding rates, and corporate executives are tweeting like starving birds.

But many organizations remain terrified of social channels, and it appears that their greatest fear is the potential for negative comments. At some level, that’s a valid concern. After all, even if 99 percent of your customers think you’re great, that leaves one percent who don’t quite see you as wonderful. You already deal with their complaints; you just don’t want those complaints posted where everyone else can see them.

None of us likes to have negative information about us presented in a public setting. Most of us don’t even enjoy receiving it privately. But what tends to concern people about those public settings is a belief that the negative information will somehow be contagious. People who currently like you may change their minds when they read something that somebody else has said.

You can put that out of your mind for two reasons. First, most social media channels provide some kind of means to block comments that are especially negative or potentially damaging. For example, as the administrator of a Facebook page, you can strike comments that present your organization in a less-than-positive light. Granted, that may irritate the complainers, who may add more comments (that you’ll then be forced to delete).  Getting cheap instagram likes is a great way to promote your business on Instagram.

But there’s a bigger reason not to worry about those comments, and it’s one that may ultimately benefit you. How you respond to those public complaints and other slams speaks volumes to the others who see your social media efforts. If you respond promptly and rationally, your comments may do more than simply cancel out the negative posts. They’ll probably enhance your standing.

Perhaps the poster had a negative experience with your company. A friendly public apology coupled with a request to contact you directly tells others who see the exchange that you have a genuine interest in resolving problems. It’s like the restaurant manager who calms an angry diner, setting a good example for all the other people who are actually enjoying their meals that evening. The complainer may never feel happy, but the other patrons see a heartfelt effort to resolve the grievance.

Suppose the poster has included negative or combative information about your company and its operations, and that information is simply untrue. Again, responding quickly and rationally reminds viewers that you’re doing the right things as it corrects the misinformation. The fact that you allow the complainer’s comment to stay on your site projects confidence and integrity and your response give others an alternative viewpoint to consider.

Often, the most powerful responses to negative comments will come from a source you might not expect: your other customers or followers. After a series of heavy storms scoured its service area, an electric power cooperative scrambled to respond to dozens of outages. Their efforts weren’t fast enough to satisfy one frustrated customer, who posted a blistering message on their Facebook page.

Before the horrified co-op’s staff could respond to the post, several other customers jumped online to defend its restoration efforts. One pointed out that there was extensive damage, and the complainer just needed to be patient. Another mentioned the responsiveness and friendliness of the power crews. Those messages carried far more credibility than a corporate “we’re sorry, but we’re doing the best we can under the circumstances” could ever accomplish.

The biggest difference between social media and the many marketing communications channels that preceded it is that social media is a type of dialogue. In the past, marketing was all about pushing your message into the atmosphere and hoping your desired audience would pay attention. Successful social media is about engaging that audience in a two-way conversation. That audience senses when you’re being open and honest, and it will respond accordingly.

So instead of being afraid to open yourself up to potentially negative comments, develop the confidence to start conversations and stimulate responses. Will you get burned now and then? Sure, but the same thing already happens in business, and you don’t let it stop you. Retailers don’t lock the doors because a certain percentage of shoppers are thieves. Restaurateurs don’t respond to unfriendly reviews by shutting down. And we’ve all survived at least one horrible job interview but didn’t stop looking for work.

Don’t let the newness of social media deter you. Just keep doing what you do best, and use these new channels to talk with stakeholders just like you would in person. Once you get past the fear, I suspect that you’ll find those conversations beneficial … and maybe even enjoyable.

Public WiFi Safety

Public WiFi Safety

Public Wifi is a great convenience when you are on the road and need a quick connection to the internet. Unfortunately most publicly accessible wifi spots, such as those found in coffee shops, fast food outlets, book stores, cafes, airports, libraries, are unencrypted. Anyone with the right software tools can sniff your connection potentially compromising your security. In this article, we will take a look at steps that you can take to promote and ensure your wireless security when using a free public wireless hotspot.

First, it is important to know exactly what you are connecting to. Most public Wifi hotspots are meant for the general public to connect to and welcome anyone to connect. Some wifi hotspots are available for connection because of being misconfigured but are not actually public web access connection points. The most common examples of this are wifi routers owned by private individuals who are not secured but are meant only for personal use. While it is a legal grey area as to if connecting to such wifi hotspots is allowed, remember from a security standpoint, it is always a bad idea to connect to them. The reason is that whoever controls the access point can potentially see your internet traffic if they so chose. They may also be able to access your computer and load malicious software code on the machine as well. So just make sure that you are connecting to a bonafide public wifi access site.

Before connecting to a wireless site, it is important to make sure that you are running firewall software on your PC. The firewall software will prevent a direct connection to your machine without your knowledge. This is extremely important. Most modern operating systems come with a firewall already installed, but you should also make sure that it is configured correctly.

Additionally, before you connect to the public access WiFi point, you should make sure and delete all your stored cookies. Often cookies on your hard drive will record passwords and access codes which when connecting via a public web access point, are not the best idea to have available. Some wifi and hotspots use super boost wifi. This will provide the server with more advantages in getting your personal information or data once you get connected.

Once connected it is generally a good practice to limit the types of communications that you carry out over the connection. For example, it is probably a bad idea to check your bank balance over a public WiFi connection. If you must check on a web site that holds sensitive personal information, it is the best practice to do so using a VPN encrypted connection. Basically a VPN (Virtual Private Network) sets up an encrypted private tunnel over the wireless connection – so that even if someone sniffs your web traffic because it would all be encrypted, no one would be able to make sense of it. Many employers offer VPNs to their employees who are issued company laptops, but there are also private VPN services available. If you connect over public WiFi often it might be worthwhile to invest in a VPN connection.

Lastly, remember to log off of any website before you terminate your wireless connection. The reason for this is that many web sites will keep you logged in based on the network address that you were issued until you log off the system. Since you are using a public WiFi service, once you log off, the network address that you were using will likely be reassigned to another pc trying to connect. If that PC surfs to the same web site that you were just previously on, then they may be able to gain access as though they were you. Always remember to log off.

The Pros Of Building Your Own Computer

The Pros Of Building Your Own Computer

Building your own PC have a lot of advantages. aside from the 7 Life Skills Gamers will Develop from Building A Computer, here are other benefits of building your personal computer:

1. It is less expensive to purchase when buying a high end rig

Truth be told, you have the capability to purchase every single component of the PC you desire at a less expensive cost compared to a pre built PC that you buy assembled at a shop. You will find that buying individual parts and then assembling them will be much cheaper.

2. You can upgrade at your own pace

Among the major reasons why you should create your own PC is to make sure you get everything you desire and need. If you want to change your PC’s configuration, it is extremely simple to upgrade a single component. This can be also be done on a pre built PC, but doing so may void your warranties and nobody want that to happen.

3. Buying individual parts have their own warranties independent of each other

Pre built computers typically have 1 year warranty that is applicable for the whole PC. That is not the case when buying individual parts. The warranty for individual components will sometimes be higher than 1 year, which is a great advantage to have.

4. It allows you to get the features that you actually need

Here is an example: a lot of pre built PC’s have a CD-Rom drive that is built in, and cannot be taken away. It adds cost to the unit. If you are a person who does not work with CDs, that feature will be entirely useless to you. Buying your own components and assembling it yourself will allow you to let go of features that you will not need.

How TO Pick A Web Hosting Company Based On The Type Of Server Required?

How TO Pick A Web Hosting Company Based On The Type Of Server Required?

While the requirements of hosting a website or an application vary from one site or app to another, the solutions available also vary widely based on the options they provide. Hosting a site or application on to a server can be a simple or haunting task depending on the level of expertise of the developer.

Types of hosting services

  1. Shared hosting – This is the best choice for an entry-level site or application. The storage space and performance are shared between hundreds to thousands of other users. As it is shared, the cost of this type of server is low compared to other types.
  2. Virtual private servers – This type of server hosting is still shared with many others, but the resources allocated for your website or application are fixed and are not affected based on the load or usage of others sharing the server resources. This best suitable for businesses or individuals looking for flexible performance with lose costs.
  3. Dedicated server hosting – This type of servers is the most expensive among server hosting services and require money to be put in for the maintenance and security as well. But it does have a lot of upsides to it like complete control over the server and its resources. It is best suitable for high traffic users.
  4. Cloud hosting- This is the latest type of hosting service that allows its users to draw unlimited server resources as required without the need to maintain in-house computer resources. These resources are located in various servers and thus downtime can be avoided at all costs.
  5. Managed hosting – This hosting service is similar to dedicated hosting but comes with all the day to day maintenance, management, updating and support that the server needs to function properly.

With a clear understanding of which type of server to use, it becomes easier while picking your web hosting company.