Fracture for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Review

Fracture for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Review

Ah, futuristic shooters. We all know and love them dearly, even though some play the card a bit to repetitively. Due to how the gameplay unfolds, it makes perfect sense to go with a futuristic shooter when chalking out the gameplay mechanics of Fracture. And while this game has some painfully crippling flaws, it is the first of its kind to capitalize so heavily on terrain deformation. It may be a while before a game like this can be executed perfectly, but if this is a preview of what’s to come then I’m psyched.

Fracture is set in the US around 150 years in the future. Thankfully for our game a handy war has popped up between the east coast and the west coast, saving him the trouble of standard employment and flattening ground so a new Wal-Mart can be put in. This is where the interesting portion of the story ends as you find yourself in control of Jet Brody, a member of the Atlantic Alliance, who is set with the task to stop a general that wants to further escalate tension between the two factions. Jet Brody is really like every gruff actiony personae in these games as of late: Shallow dialog, stubble and lots of muscle.

But the story isn’t what we’re here for! We want to see the ground below is get ripped up and pulled all over the place. We want a dynamic battlefield in which to trap our foes and blast them to pieces. On this count the game succeeds quite well, the terrain deformation only giving the frame rate a hiccup or two here and there, and this is understandable as real-time terrain deformation inside of a working game system can be quite complicated to handle efficiently. The skills of the players should be player should be compatible for enjoying the video games. The passing of all the levels will be beneficial to buy LoL Lvl 30 Account for Sale from the sellers. The process should be simple and easy for the players. 

For the terrain deformation, you get the Entrencher, which is capable of raising or lowering terrain in real-time. Other weapons perform similar functions as the Entrencher, but they are more anti-personnel oriented. Some of these include the spike grenade and the vortex grenade, which are meant to deal your enemies a thick amount of pain. You also get many of the standard weapons we find in shooters: Shotguns and SMGs. But you also get a few terrain oriented guns, such as a tunneling gun that can go through covering terrain and hit enemies, or a gun that augments gravity. The game also sports some standard augmentation abilities for your character, but there’s nothing particularly innovative about this system.

Now, on to the bad: the aiming has some serious issues in this game. Often times the ray used to calculate where your shots are going is far too low, and can hit the ground beneath you many, many times when you don’t want it to. If you’re trying to make a hill for cover in a hurry, you will find yourself lifted up instead. If you’re trying to fire from cover, you’ll often find yourself hitting the cover without a way to adjust. Also aiming the grenades is rather painful, as you can control nothing except the direction and when you’re trying to release them in a hurry this can be painful. Also the AI can be rather dumb at times – while they are trained to react to cover creation, they are very weak when it comes to straight up firefighting and often they will try to clip through walls or just stand around.

Overall, the game is visually appealing, and the gamplay mechanics really have a nice ring to them. If you’re into shooters and you like experimental, extremely dynamic gameplay, then you should give this title a shot!

5 Fortnite Tips For Newbies

5 Fortnite Tips For Newbies

Since Fortnite is a really popular game and as you start your Fortnite account you might find it a little difficult to compete with other players that are already familiar with the game. This is where you need to learn these 5 tips quickly and implement them effectively in your game as well.

  1. Since there are various options you get within the game, which is why it is really important that you find squad members as you play the game. Depending on your preference you might need 1 or 3 squad members as you play duo or squad matches. Either way, you should try to avoid playing with random players in your learning phase.
  2. In order to move forward in the game effectively, you should customize the control in the game accordingly. Since you get the basic control at the beginning of the game it is really important that you do experimentation with different control setups before you choose one. This customization is going to help you improve your game more effectively as you will be able to move more swiftly in the game with personalized controls.
  3. As the game is not all about attacking other players, you have to strategize to save yourself from their attacks as well. In order to do so, you need to increase the speed at which you create buildings in the game. These buildings are an excellent way to improve your defense while attacking and defending. As you get to the end of the game you might find other players creating buildings in order to get an upper hand in the battle.
  4. There are different weapons in this game, represented with different colors indicating their power and rarity. There are green, grey, blue, purple, and orange with different power levels. It is recommended that you switch weapons as soon as you find a better one.
  5. Lastly, it is really important that you play the game patiently. As you start the game there is no need to rush and attack other players. You can focus on loot and gathering materials in the beginning and as soon as you are done with that you can start that battle.

5 Video Game Blogs You Should Know About

5 Video Game Blogs You Should Know About

Every gamer has heard of Kotaku, Destructoid, 1Up and Joystiq. I frequent those sites nearly every day myself, but there are tons of quality blogs out there that some people haven’t heard of. If you have ever happened to play a game of situs roulette online terpercaya, you would also know how it is raved about in most famous blogs! I have been writing about video games for over 6 years and get my information from a wide range of sources. Over the years, I have discovered numerous video game blogs that offer something different from the mainstream sites. If you want to get your gaming information from a site that isn’t “the same old stuff”, check out these five sites:

The Wonderland Blog is ranked #317,163 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The Wonderland Blog looks very average at first glance, but it’s a wonderful gaming blog. You don’t have to be the most visually appealing blog to be a good one though. You’ll find things on The Wonderland Blog that you’ll rarely see on the mainstream gaming blogs. This blogs tends to show amusing items from the internet that are gaming related.

VG 24/7 has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 9,898. VG 24/7 is a blog that many gamers have heard of, but it has the potential to become a site that every gamer visits. The bog has a wonderful layout that loads fast and has plenty of articles on the main page for your viewing pleasure. In my opinion, VG 24/7 has some of the most talented writers in the business. If you aren’t visiting the site regularly, you seriously need to check it out.

GamesRadar has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 4,620. If you are looking for original editorials, this is one of the best blogs for that. GamesRadar primarily covers news from the major consoles, but does so with original writing. The site has a nice layout and is extremely easy to navigate. If you are looking for free swag, GamesRadar is the place to go. They do interesting giveaways on the site every week. I actually won a Boba Fett Star Wars backpack from them a few weeks back. GamesRadar is quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time blogs.

FiringSquad has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 84,912. If you are a true hardcore PC gamer, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be checking out FiringSquad every day. The site covers interesting updates on mods and computer setups, as well as reviews on games. There’s nothing there for console gamers, but they are a perfect blog for the PC gaming niche. PC gaming doesn’t get the attention console gaming does these days and that’s a real shame.

Pixelated Geek has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 125,166. The site is perhaps one of the most under-rated video game blogs on the planet. It’s updated regularly, contains useful information that you often don’t find on the major blogs and Pixelated Geek has a superb layout that’s easy on the eyes. Pixelated Geek is independently owned, but puts out content at the rate of a corporate blog. In addition to video game news, you will also find articles of entertainment, humor and things that are considered “geek” in nature.

Gambit Game Lab’s AudiOdyssey,worked with Wii to Create an Accessible Game for Visually Impaired, Blind and Mainstream Gamers

Gambit Game Lab’s AudiOdyssey,worked with Wii to Create an Accessible Game for Visually Impaired, Blind and Mainstream Gamers

Unless you’ve been living under that proverbial rock or log or just sleeping on the sofa all day, you’ve probably noticed that the Nintendo Wii is very hot, but I get to find a suitable solution for the technical issue on domino qiu qiu conveniently that also makes several special coded tools to speed up the device. New games, including the Wii Fit, often sell out and then go for two or three times their retail price on Ebay or at Amazon. Part of the reason for this is Nintendo’s continuing ability to push the envelope and come up with games that get people excited, challenge their minds or get them moving (the Wii Fit would be an example of the latter, pushing my heart rate up so high I was breathless and sweaty, actually considered a good thing by some).

Now many are thinking beyond the mainstream gamer box and actually trying to create games that are accessible to those who have trouble seeing. blind or are “visually impaired”. AudiOdyssey is one of these games, a newly released game that both mainstream and other gamers can play, those usually left out of the loop. You can see a video about it here: By the way, while it is spelled AudiOdyssey some people pronounce or search for it under Audio Odyssey. Either way, it is worth checking out and was developed in association with Wii.

If you take a look at it, you’ll see a very odd DJ, one with super tall hair, who guides players through various moves, using audio instructions to get them to swing the Wii controller to the right beat.

What makes this work for visually impaired players or gamers using Wiimotes?

For one thing, it is the audio parts of the game that stand out and the visuals are far less important. Of course, those without visual challenges may like the rocking disc jockey and the flashing lights. However, it isn’t necessary to see any of that to get a feel for this game.

it does take some practice to figure out how to swing the controller to lay down the various tracks of the songs. Of course, I may not be the ideal target user since my kids tell me I have “hand and motor coordination” issues with the Wiimote ( translation: I cracked a window once when the remote went flying). Even so, I think I can get the hang of this. I like the audio parts and I closed my eyes to try and play it without depending on any visuals. We tested it with a visually-impaired teen who really got the hang of it and liked it.

Interestingly, when we tested it, we found that it motivated players, with or without visual impairments, to focus more on the sounds. It leveled the playing field pretty well, all in all. I do want to note that I had to go to a blind school to actually test this as I couldn’t get it to work at home so…keep that in mind and let me know what you think of this when you try it out.

There are still some bugs to fix in this one, in my opinion, but it is a definite step in the right direction when it comes to making the Wii accessible to all types of players. Bravo, Wil, for trying this! I hope they continue to make more games for all types of players because moving that Wii controller and seeing a screen shot is not necessary to play certain types of games. I would definitely consider this a Beta version so don’t expect perfection here.

To see another screenshot from the game, check here: The DJ has some very sharp graphic lines going on there, with that long hair, unbelievable thin body and contrast between the red and black parts of his body. Then there is that large speaker hanging from the ceiling, dominating the space nearly as much as the rather fierce Disc jockey.

What makes AudiOdyssey special

You don’t necessarily know you are playing a blind competitor. Also, it broadens social opportunities for those who couldn’t participate in the Wii community before – due to being blind or visually impaired. This is definitely a win/win situation and a great promotional move by Nintendo and Wii developers and Gambit game labs.

Requirements for Windows and/or Wiimote Play – Windows

You’ll need a Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista, at least 1.8 GHZ Pentium processor (at a minimum), 1 GB of RAm and 32MB video RAM.

If you want to play it with Wiimote

While not required, you might want to get a Nintendo Wiimote (no sensor bar needed) and Bluetooth. Check out the basic possibilities to find what works for you.

Grid for the Playstation 3: Hands-on Preview

Grid for the Playstation 3: Hands-on Preview

With the success of the Colin McCrae racing franchise, Codemasters has decided to bring racing back to the streets with Grid. Can they duplicate the same success in a relatively unknown area? Find out in this hands-on preview of Grid for the Playstation 3.


Grid looks pretty average for a racing game; nowhere near as good looking as Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. One main complaint is the overt use of blur effects.

The sense of speed in addition to the dust and smoke effects are impressive, however. The slick interface makes a return from DiRT as well. Navigating menus doesn’t get any better than in Grid.


The music is very easy to listen to and fits right in with the slick presentation. The voice-overs are pretty decent as well.


Grid is a standard racing game that has some unique features.

As with most racing games, you get three standard modes: Grid World (career mode), time trial and multiplayer. You can earn cash in Grid World by participating in racing events such as drifting competition and racing against other computer-controlled cars. Time Trials will let you race on any given track and stack up your time against others by downloading their ghosts. Multiplayer is online and supports up to 12 players (it also includes a Spectator mode). All these modes are in every other racing game.

Having damages to cars is a somewhat new concept. Unlike Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, crashing you car will lead to consequences. Minor crashes will only lead to some cosmetic damages to your car. Major ones will affect the car’s performance. The handling will out of whack if you crash your hard enough, for example. Because of this, the game is a little tougher than most racing game since you will probably lose a race when your car gets in a major crash.

To add some balance to the difficulty, Codemasters added a Flashback mode. At any time in a race, you can bring up an instant replay of the last couple of seconds. From there, you can choose to go back in time by a couple of seconds. This is especially helpful when your car gets totaled in a crash. You basically, get a second chance if you messed up the first time. The number of flashbacks available is limited based on the racing event. The Flashback mode is a very unique feature, to say the least.

The game controls in the following ways:

Left Analog and Directional Pad: Steering

Right Analog: look around

L1: change camera perspective

L2: break and reverse

R2: accelerate

Circle: hand brake

Square: gear down

Triangle: look behind

X: gear up

Select: instant replay

Grid has other presets controller layouts as well as customizing your own layout. The game also supports wheel accessories.

Final Product

The online multiplayer will be the meat of Grid. The game will ship with 30 racing events on up to 80 racing circuits from around the world. Not to mention that the game will include online leader boards as well.

The Colin McRae racing franchise has always been in the top tier of games of the genre. Grid is looking like another solid offering from Codemasters. The game is expected for a release in early June for PC, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.

In current times, playstation 3 and xbox360 are two such items for which people are willing to sacrifice even their limbs in order to get hold of it, what with the latest games and attractive techniques that can be learnt that will take the entertainment quotient to an entirely different level, a much better alternative compared to wasting time on searching situs judi qq online terpercaya and losing out whatever little you have at the moment.

Awesome Freeware 6 : Sam and Max in Abe Lincoln Must Die

Awesome Freeware 6 : Sam and Max in Abe Lincoln Must Die

Sam and Max began life as an underground comic about a wisecracking canine shamus and his hyperkinetic rabbity partner, who worked as “freelance police” taking bizarre cases and usually resolving them through gratuitous and wonton acts of violence. It was created by Steve Purcell, who also happened to work as an animator for computer game company LucasArts; eventually Purcell convinced the company to make a PC adventure game based on his characters, and Sam And Max Hit The Road became one of the most popular humorous adventures ever created.

Despite good critical reception, good sales and a strong cult following, Sam And Max had worlds of difficulty coming up with a sequel. The ideas were on the table, but LucasArts kept stopping and starting the project for years, eventually deciding to shelve it entirely after it was almost complete. Finally, the intellectual property was shopped around to a number of smaller developers, and eventually Telltale Games, in partnership with GameTap, brought the duo back to life in the gaming world. Online websites are availing specialized hardware for next-gen consoles for better performance in games. The hardware will provide no harm to the existing information while downloading the game.

The series hasn’t been revived as a comprehensive sequel however; instead, they have chosen an unusual (and, as far as I know, unprecedented) approach. New Sam and Max adventures now come out in “episodes”, which are basically mini-adventures released at a rate of about one every two or three months. Each episode consists of an adventure that has only a few hours of gameplay, but they are priced at $8.95 each and you can download as many or few as you choose (a package of six episodes is also available for $30). Also, monthly subscribers to GameTap have full access to the episodes, and the first season (the first six episodes) has been made available as a box set.

As a promotional gimmick, they’ve released one episode completely for free. Abe Lincoln Must Die is from the first “season” of Sam and Max, taking the duo on an adventure that starts out on a mission to save the country from a President who has been hypnotized by New-Agers, and eventually leads to Max making a bid for leader of the Free World.

The adventure interface has been stripped down to it’s absolute simplest; you simply have an arrow that you control with the mouse, similar to the Windows pointer. This is used to talk to people, pick up items and manipulate things without the use of a separate menu. There’s a little cardboard box in the corner that contains your inventory; click on that to use any item that you’ve picked up. It’s about as clean and basic as you can get, but suprisingly the overall level of difficulty and challenge is about the same as any of the classic LucasArts adventures that had a more robust menu system.

Fans of the original game will be happy to hear that Steve Purcell is still writing the games, and they have stayed faithful to the world of his comic. The memorable title theme has been re-arranged and the game sports a big band jazz soundtrack reminiscent of the original (and of very good quality). Telltale Games was formed by many ex-LucasArts staffers, so the game has a remarkably consistent feel from the original despite the long gestation period and transition to 3D graphics. It also has the same random and surreal sense of humor, with Max frequently threatening (and occasionally carrying out his threats) to perform some extremely painful act on uncooperative third parties.

This free download is only 84 MB (about 220 MB once uncompressed) and is easily worth checking out. It installed and played smoothly for me, and there’s no nagware. If you enjoy it, there’s currently eleven other episodes available, with a new season in the works. Check it out here at Telltale’s website, or look it up on GameTap if you’re already a subscriber.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War Review (PS3)

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War Review (PS3)


The Hundred Years’ War is a Beat em’ up video game released on Playstation 3 and created by Omega Force. There wasn’t much buzz about this game, but was it because of its quality? Let’s find out.


The story is what you make of it in this case. It’s not bad, though you may find yourself skipping a lot of it just to get to the gameplay. It’s long and quite complex but there is a great conclusion to the story. There are many side missions as well that don’t have much to do with the plot. So you may find yourself doing these.


The graphics aren’t bad. They aren’t really great either. For the type of graphics that are available now, they are pretty much standard. There are some slight graphical errors, some objects disappear randomly. Other than this, the graphics are detailed but compared to the other stuff out now you might say these are sub-par at best. Not necessarily bad, but not great either.


The music in this game is quite good. There’s great compositions, great arrangements, and they fit the game appropriately at all times. The sound effects likewise are good though there could be a bigger variety of them. Other than that, the only thing to mention is the voice acting which I feel is actually quite good despite the negativity surrounding it. Overall, this game is a good offering musically.


It’s quite cool to fight historical figures as a mercenary and building your character and the army is a blast. There’s a ton of unlockables but we’ll get to that later. Learning the ropes of the game is fun but can be repetitive, as many times once you figure out the solution to a problem the same exact problem repeats itself. The battles, tactically, are quite fun and engaging. Which is good, since the majority of the game is fighting. There is quite a bit of variety here overall, and you shouldn’t find yourself bored with the gameplay.

The controls feel great and responsive, and there isn’t much here to nitpick. The game isn’t very fast-paced so it doesn’t require a great degree of control, but it still does a very good job.

Re playability:

This game is very long, has tons of unlockables, and many paths for upgrades. In short, this game is extremely replayable and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I recommend this game if you’re really looking for a lot of value.


7/10. Nice story, decent graphics, very nice sound, and addicting gameplay. The gameplay is always the most important, so despite this game’s score of 7, I must point out that the gameplay is really excellent. If you are already through this game and are looking for more exciting and interactive games then 2048 cupcakes is a really good option for you. You get an engaging storyline and seamless graphics as well. 

RuneScape: Constitution and Life Points System Guide


On March 3rd, 2010, Jagex Ltd. made an update to the popular MMORPG RuneScape, involving the hitpoints system, and making many important changes. This article is a guide to the new system, called Constitution and Life Points.

The Changes

To start off, the Hitpoints skill has been renamed to a new skill called “Constitution.” The way the skill is trained, however, has not been changed. One major difference is that you now have an amount of hitpoints equal to 10 times your Constitution level, rather than having an amount equal to your level. In addition, “hitpoints” has been renamed to “life points.” The changes can be done through the 먹튀사이 websites. The skills of the person will be improved through the site.


However, this does not mean it will be much harder to kill an opponent. All damage done will be 10 times what you would have done on the old system, and the amount each type of food heals is now 10 times what they used to heal. In addition, under the new system, life point restore rates have increased by ten times, as they have a smaller value than what they used to. Prayers such as smite have also been changed to accommodate the change. Finally, experience rates have also been decreased based on the update; you now only get 0.4 experience per damage rather than 4 experience per damage.

You may ask, if everything has been increased by a factor of 10, what’s the point of this update? We’ll get to that in the next section.

The Advantages

Under the new system, damage done would be more accurate than prior to the update. For example, under the old system, if a hit was calculated as a 14.8, the decimals would be truncated and the damage done would be rounded down to only dealing 14 damage. However, the new system accommodates what used to be decimals so you will hit fractionally higher than what you used to hit. For instance, you would be hitting a 148 under the new life points system in contrast to a scaled 140 in the old system.

By redoing the old Hitpoints skill, Jagex has opened a door to new development for the Constitution skill. Now, life points are not connected to the Constitution skill and are separate. For example, if you are damaged health, your current Constitution level is not changed. As such, the Constitution skill could be boosted or drained to change the value of your maximum life points, opening a door to new value in training the Constitution skill and possibly introducing new features.

Finally, the new update may be more “friendly” to new players. They would experience hitting 0s less often, and be less endangered. New players under the old system only started with 10 life points, which meant that they could easily be killed as the minimum damage was 1, which is equivalent to 10 under the new system. However, under the new system, damage amounts from 1-9 are possible.

The Disadvantages

The new update would leave many players confused. With another digit added to the life points amount, it would be harder to calculate when to eat food, etc, when fighting. In addition, the hit splats that are dealt take up much more space than before, lowering one’s ability to see how much damage is dealt and other information such as armor one’s opponent is wearing. For example, the dragon claws’ special attack deals 4 hits in the space of 1, which may be difficult to read under the new system.


The Importance of ELO Booster Services to LOL Players

The Importance of ELO Booster Services to LOL Players

League of Legends is one of the most popular and highly played games today. Since its emergence, the number of players who are playing this amazing game is significantly increasing. More than just the quality graphics and gameplay experience, League of Legends is interesting to play because it is a competitive game so players are really eager to advance their rankings. There are several ways players do or perform to get high rankings and creep scores in the game. But the most effective is through the support of ELO Boosting services. To understand this kind of service, here are the benefits of purchasing LOL ELO Boost services.

Convenient Methods of Payment

One of the problems that players encounter when playing certain games is that they always find it hard to pay for the items that they need in the game. But with the help of an LOL ELO boosting service, players may now have easier and more convenient methods of payment. ELO boosting services allow users to have wide variety of options when paying such as credit cards and PayPal. Additionally, ELO boosters website makes it possible for players to win matches and tournament with less hassle payment method.

Register and Log In Easily

With the help of an ELO boost services, players can also log in and register easily. The process has been made easier for players. First, they just have to create and account and a confirmation will be sent through email. Just a few personal information and you are all set up.

Protection and Safety

Lastly, ELO boosting services also help players to protect their accounts from snoopers. Boosters use VPN or virtual private network in managing the accounts of players. Hence, they no longer need to worry about is safety and protection. 

How To Get World Of Warcraft And Diablo 3 Beta Invitations

How To Get World Of Warcraft And Diablo 3 Beta Invitations

The last phase of video game development is typically the Beta phase. This is when players are invited by the development company to play the game (usually for free) in order to find bugs, offer suggestions, and stress test the game servers if the game is online Judi Slot Uang Asli games that can be played for free or even can be with betting methods. Many players enjoy playing new games during the Beta phase because they get an early glimpse of the game without having to pay for it.

Blizzard Entertainment has recently released information stating that the Beta phase of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, the latest World of Warcraft Expansion will begin soon. The company has also recently announced that Diablo 3 is also in development. Both of these will have Beta phases in which the public can get a preview of the games and play them for free.

The following are potential ways in which a Beta invitation may be obtained:

Promotion / Contest – Blizzard will often offer Promotions or Contests in which players can enter to win Beta invitations. For the Wrath of the Lich King, people that purchased a Dell XPS M1730 computer were promised Beta invitations. Be on the look out for similar offers in the future.

Blizzard Online Store – After making a video game purchase at the Blizzard Online Store, customers are shown a Blizzard Beta List in which they can enter to win a Beta invitation for upcoming games. This is simply a chance to be selected; not a promise.

Opt-In Program – Blizzard has announced that players with a World of Warcraft account can enroll in their Wrath of the Lich King Opt-In program for a chance to win a Beta invitation. Rather than sending invitations to the entire World of Warcraft community, this allows invitations to go only to the players that want to participate. To enter, visit the World of Warcraft site and Login with your account information. Click the Beta Opt-In link, and you will be notified if you are selected. The program is much like a raffle and winners are chosen more or less at random.

Open Beta – This occurs when the Beta testing is nearing completion. The developers allow Beta access to anyone and everyone who wishes to play their game. To enter, you typically just need to register on the developer’s website, download and install the game client, and create a game account.

Stress Test – Similar to an Open Beta, a Stress Test occurs when the Beta testing of an online game is nearing completion. During this time, the developers attempt to test the capacity of their game servers by inviting many players to play at the same time. To enter, you typically need to register on the developer’s website and await an e-mail invitation. They are usually given out in large quantites so the chances of receiving one are very good.

eBay – Many people sell their Beta invitations on auction sites such as eBay. They typically sell for hundreds of dollars, however.

Keep in mind that these are simply methods in which a Beta invitation may be obtained. There is never any guarantee.