Some Of The Best Ways To Get Ahead At Work

Some Of The Best Ways To Get Ahead At Work

Sure, career and efficiency experts are forever telling us not to engage in the games, the politics, the popularity contests, and the romances on the job that can cost us a good position or the option to rise above the fray to a better job title. Good thinking? You bet, since these all represent employment pitfalls.

Yet few of these experts ever give us clear-cut advice on exactly how we can successfully steer clear of these major distractions. Even when some of the pros admit that it can be as tough as walking a tightrope in trying to keep separate from the drama at work, they simply won’t tell us what steps to take.

Because of this, many of us have – at one time or another – decided to come clean. We’ve announced to our co-workers that we won’t engage in any of the seeming nonsense. What happens? Most often, it backfires on us as surely as if we had actively gone along with the pack. We discover that we’re ostracized by just about everyone else.

Marjorie “Marnie” Goldman is a former Human Resources executive who is putting together a book on this very subject. She completely agrees that the mistakes we make in trying to keep ourselves away from office politics and interdepartmental games can lead us into more trouble, both from our peers and our superiors. In this article, important ways are described by hr managers for hiring of the employees. All the factors should be considered properly like the political or social one for smooth working.

“By announcing to others that you are �above’ such behavior and that you won’t engage in the games and gossip and such, you’ve just made enemies of just about everyone around you who has had to cope with the situation and have already been sucked in. These people will treat you as a pariah and, believe you me, the bosses will notice the deep freeze being directed at you by your coworkers,” says Goldman who indicates she has been on the receiving end of the office cold shoulder more than once.

“The flip side of this is that if you try too hard to pretend that you’re going along with the dramatic office dynamics, you’re likely to get drawn right into the mess along with everyone else. Lines blur and few people escape the enormous pressure to conform,” she adds.

The answer to this age-old dilemma is, in her estimation, to strike a balance between an outright declaration of war on the gamers and gossips and joining in with them. She offers the following recommendations to achieve this balance:

  • Politely occupy yourself elsewhere when office gossip and nastiness is going down. Surely, you have plenty to do so this won’t be a problem.
  • Don’t engage in the gossip or tattling yourself, not even privately among your closest colleagues. After all, people know that if you are willing to badmouth another person, you are just as likely to trash them, too.
  • If a supervisor solicits private comments from you about gossip going around the office, think carefully before you respond. This could be an honest request, or it could be a trap. Goldman says some managers will pit coworkers against one another in a deliberate effort to see who stands at the end of a merciless game.
  • Never tell coworkers how much you hate the boss or ridicule the boss in front of them. Such behavior will make it back to your supervisor. Also never tell coworkers how you are planning your great escape to a better job elsewhere; this also is likely to get repeated to management.
  • When someone comes to you with some delicious dish, don’t read him or her the riot act. Listen but don’t comment. Don’t mention it to anyone else.

  • Never fool yourself into believing that you can keep an interoffice romance a secret. Coworkers tend to suspect sex is occurring even when it’s not, and they are already looking for signals to indicate they are right. Such romances always affect the workplace and, even if your job does not have strict policies against two coworkers dating, the situation is likely to cause problems for some time to come.
  • If you must attend lunches or after-hours get togethers with people from work that often end up with much gossip and mind games being played, don’t engage yourself. If the topic gets too heated or involves someone you like, be prepared to change the subject to a safe one like sports, a TV show, or an interesting story in the news.
  • Resist all temptation of going to the boss with some terrible news about a specific coworker. This goes double if you have a history of antagonism with that worker or you’re in competition for advancement with this person. The boss won’t give you a medal and you likely won’t get a promotion, either.

Don’t Want The Geek Squad? How To Get Computer Help From Your Own Home!

Don’t Want The Geek Squad? How To Get Computer Help From Your Own Home!

You see the blue screen of death, have no time to take a time-consuming trip to the repair shop, and don’t want to pay for a costly house-call. The answer is simple; get remote computer help. Remote computer help allows a certified computer expert to access your computer via the Internet. You can watch the entire process as it is being done on your screen. Your computer is protected during a session because companies offering remote computer help usually record the entire session, so that if there are any concerns, the entire session can be viewed. Also, any time you believe the technician is actually damaging your computer, a mouse click will bring you back to control. Here are some options for remote computer help.


PlumChoice is one option for remote computer help. They offer a multitude of options for remote computer help, from a Vista Upgrade Advisor for $15.95 and a PC Diagnostic for $29.95, to a complete PC Tune-Up for $129.95 and Spyware  amp; Virus Removal for $99.95. The average time for remote computer help is anywhere from 45-60 minutes. If your problem is severe, PlumChoice will recommend a second appointment. If you don’t use up all your minutes, they promise to allow the minutes to sit in your account for us whenever you need them. The remote computer help is guaranteed for five days; if there is a problem in those five days, PlumChoice will help you fix it. Remote computer support is not offered for Apple computers.

PlumChoice is one of the best options that you can find when it comes to PC repairing as they are quite top notch in their job along with pc repair oxford and the fact that it has been used in the same sentence as the latter is enough to convey its competence as they have always solved the toughest of issues with computers. is another option for remote computer help. offers pricing by event, ranging from $39 to $99 for “Comprehensive Problem Resolution”. Virus and Spyware Removal is offered for a flat fee of $79. Other options for remote computer help include “System Tune-Up” for $69 and “Network Setup and Troubleshooting” for $89. offers a five-day guarantee similar to that of PlumChoice. One thing which stands out about are their hours. Remote computer help is available from 8 AM to 1AM seven days a week.

YourTechOnline is another option for remote computer help. One distinction YourTechOnline has from the other two options mentioned is that PC Magazine received the prestigious “Editor’s Choice Award” in the September 20th, 2005 issue of PC Magazine. Also, YourTechOnline stands out from the other remote computer help options because of its hours. Remote computer help with YourTechOnline is offered 24/7/365. Time blocks can be purchased for any computer problem, from a rate of $1.63/minute if 30 minutes are purchased for $49.00, to a rate of $0.99/minute if 180 minutes are purchased for $179.00. YourTechOnline currently has two PC Magazine special offerings going on, where sixty minutes of remote computer help can be purchased for $49.99 instead of the usual $79.00.

Studying CBD and CBD Oil with a General Analysis

Studying CBD and CBD Oil with a General Analysis

Everyone wants to know about the solution to all kinds of problem and what could be more important than health for anyone? Every 8 out of 10 people across the globe are grappling with some disease or the other.

Fortunately, there is an excellent remedy to this issue and that is related to drugs, which might not be a welcoming aspect but nevertheless, has proven to be quite an effective measure in providing great relief.

Balance CBD Oil has provided a solution like no other where even diseases like cancer have proven to be like a regular headache, which is a great testimony to highlight its effectiveness.

Clearing the Confusion

Now we are going to highlight the difference between CBD and its oil so that certain people stop confusing them as one because oil is a part of CBD or Cannabinoid from which it has originated.

To begin with, Cannabinoid comes from extracts of cannabis/marijuana plant and because it comes from tropical areas, their solutions prove to be 100% result oriented as they come from natural sources.

Cannabis plants have hundreds of plants, right from healthy to poisonous but the one that is most famous comes from Cannabinoids. Cannabis or marijuana has an important chemical compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which has several medicinal properties.

You can find innumerable users of CBD oil due to the above mentioned characteristic features in their properties and since they can treat diseases varying from Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Blood disorder, kidney failure to Headache, joint pain, eye problems, etc., they can be used better for such purposes.

For further information, you can go to Go CBD oil, a website where you can find all kinds of things about CBD and the different oils that you can utilize depending on your ailment where there are other solutions as well regarding CBD as a compound and cannabis extracts.

Dallas Museum of Art: Trying to Build My Art Evaluation & Appreciation Skills

Dallas Museum of Art: Trying to Build My Art Evaluation & Appreciation Skills

I recently spent a Sunday afternoon at the Dallas Museum of Art, which is located on Harwood street in downtown Dallas. I had been to the Museum before, but my previous visits were quick walks through the building while I absorbed as much information about painters, Painting Kits, and popular painting styles as I could in a short amount of time. On this trip I decided to concentrate on one section of the museum and just a few artists; I would save other sections and subjects for another day. In order to exercise my art evaluation skills, I decided to focus on paintings of one subject and just a few artists. The paintings would be appealing to me at first glance and they would be paintings that I had not seen or studied in the past.

After having walked around for a short time, I came across what has become my favorite oil painting. Mountain Landscape with an Approaching Storm by Claude-Joseph Vernet was painted in 1774 for Lord Shelburne, an English collector, at the height of Vernet’s career. This large, detailed painting is of a lightning storm that is bearing down on a village and the people at work on a nearby river. The painter uses slanted lines to show the force of the wind against the trees and people, and his color selections in the clouds and foreground make the viewer feel as if he is part of the painting. I think the detail of this painting is amazing; a viewer can see the hurried expressions on the faces of the people as the women gather their children to start home and as the men pull in their fishing nets. He has also added some humor by showing a stubborn donkey that refuses to budge. This painting shows how helpless man can be against nature, and in my eyes is one of the best paintings of that time.

The next painting that I viewed was Claude Monet’s The Seine at Lavacourt, which is a simple landscape painting that was produced for submission to the Official Salon in 1880. The painting is of the Seine river as it runs past the Lavacourt as Monet viewed it from his own property, and it is typical of his style; textured brushstrokes and light colors. The town’s reflection is shown in the water, and a large bush in the foreground is a highlight of the painting. The picture has little detail, and the people and boats are but a single brush stroke. The light shades of blue give the work a tranquil feeling, and the painting has a soothing effect on the viewer. It is interesting that this painting was produced in his studio from previous versions of the same subject and not outdoors.

After spending some time viewing these two artworks, I tried to understand and compare in my mind why I liked one painting over the other. Both of these oil paintings appealed to my eye; both were created by skilled artists, and both were a depiction of the natural world that surrounds us. One artist chose to create an exact duplicate of what he saw and felt, while the other artist created an ideal of what he felt the viewer should see. If I had to select one painting over the other, my lean would be toward Approaching Storm because this painting makes me feel as if I were a part of the moment and I believe that is what a painting should do. I really enjoyed my visit to the Dallas Museum of Art and look forward to my next trip. Before leaving I noticed a beautiful painting named The Icebergs, by Frederic Church that definitely deserves some more of my time.

Can Coffee Protect Your Health?

Can Coffee Protect Your Health?

I love coffee. I picked up the habit when I was in college and then enlarged it when I went into the Army. There has been a long argument about whether or not coffee is bad for people. Actually it has been charged with causing cancer. Further, it has been seen as a cause of hypertension and heart problems. However, in more recent studies it would seem that coffee not only does not cause cancer but it could be good for a person all you need is a credible coffee supplier from Singapore that can get you high-quality coffee beans that you can use in order to make the best coffee.  

There has to be a discernment made between caffeine and coffee. Caffeine can be dangerous. Too much can cause an addiction, sleeplessness; it can cause problems in pregnancy, it can interfere with calcium absorption, and it can cause dizziness. However, caffeine is only a part of coffee. If we look at coffee as a whole it does not cause cancer and in a new research study, it can do a number of positive things.

I have wondered if drinking coffee can help someone with too much calcium.

Some studies while not extensive have shown that coffee will help prevent memory problems even helping with Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to note that coffee brewed with filters loses a lot of negative “bad cholesterol.”

In twenty studies it has been shown that people have a much lower risk of type II diabetes when they drink over seven cups of coffee as opposed to people who drink less than two cups.

Coffee has been proven to have a positive effect on people who may develop Parkinson’s disease. They are 4 to 8 times less likely to develop Parkinson’s than people who do not drink coffee. The reason for this is certainly not caffeine so it has to be something that is in coffee in general.

That basically is what is happening in the study of coffee. Researchers are finding that the problem is caffeine, not coffee in general but they have not been able to identify what the factor is.

There is one other issue that makes coffee positive for people’s health. People have coffee in their social life and studies have shown people interacting with people have less stress and live longer

Coffee is positive. If you drink it in modest amounts and make it using filters you will possibly benefit from it.

It is important to avoid specialty coffees with sugars and cream and do not drink it late in the day or if you are pregnant.

You could find positive results for your health from coffee if you handle with care.

Homemade Remedies for Dandruff

Every day our bodies shed skin. It’s a natural process where we produce new skin cells and defoliate dead cells. Dandruff, though, is an excessive shedding of dead skin cells on the scalp area of the body. Normally, dandruff is caused by dry or oily skin. Although dandruff isn’t a condition that requires medical attention, it can be an embarrassment. The small, white flakes of skin stand out on people who have dark hair. And, they are also readily seen if you wear a dark colored top. If you have this problem, try these homemade remedies for dandruff. 

The Coconut Cure

  1. Hot oil treatments are a great way to add moisture to dry, life-less hair. These treatments can also help moisturize the dry, flaky skin on a person’s scalp. Pour a teaspoon of coconut oil onto your hair, and massage it into your scalp. Use your fingertips to make sure the oil reaches your scalp and covers it completely. Allow the coconut oil to set for fifteen minutes. Then, wash your hair with a delicate shampoo such as baby shampoo. Avoid using harsh shampoos that can actually strip the natural oil out of your hair. Repeat this process weekly. Not only should it alleviate your dandruff problem, but your hair should be shiny and manageable, and not dry.

You can also use mayonnaise to in place of coconut oil to help add moisture to your dry, flaky scalp. Simply place a tablespoon of pure mayonnaise onto your head. Use both hands to work it into your hair and scalp. Wrap a towel around your head and let the mayonnaise set for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, use a delicate shampoo to wash it out completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar contains powerful natural acids. These acids can actually break up oils and fats. If your dandruff is caused by having an oily scalp, try following each shampoo with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Simply mix together a half cup of vinegar into a quart of water. Use some of this solution everytime after you shampoo your hair. The vinegar won’t hurt your hair, so there’s no need to rinse it out.

Chamomile Tea Time

  1. Natural Chamomile tea is a natural way to calm jangled nerves. But it also has another purpose: it can help keep the skin on your scalp moisturized and healthy.

To use Chamomile tea as a homemade remedy for dandruff, place three tea bags in three cups of boiling water. Allow the tea to steep for five minutes. Then, remove the tea bags. After you wash your hair with shampoo, use some of the Chamomile tea to rinse it.

Aloe Vera Heals

  1. The juice of an Aloe Vera plant has a variety of uses. It can relieve minor skin rashes and take the burn out of a sunburn. But, did you also know that Aloe Vera juice can also help get rid of dandruff? Simply place a gob of Aloe Vera gel onto your head and rub it into your hair and scalp. Leave it on for ten minutes then shampoo it out. For providing further information, my blog can be created through the experts for the audience. All the dandruff related treatment will be provided to the person there at cheap costs. 

Nashville Night Clubs

Nashville Night Clubs

Whatever you have in mind to do you will find something to fit your appetite. From comedy clubs to honkey tonks and everything in between, Nashville offers an array of clubs to make your night the best!

Country music fans will enjoy a night spent at Silverado Dance Hall  amp; Saloon. This night club has been a Nashville favorite for over 20 years, and you will find locals donned in cowboy hats ready to two step the night away. If you get there before 11 p.m., your beer is free! Yes, I said beer is free till 11 p.m.! Live music is offered, and a jukebox is filled with plenty of classic country music and a few newer selections, is available on the other nights.

Graham Central Station often has lines around the corner on Friday night, which also happens to be ladies night, with great drink specials. 3 floors offer dancing, karaoke, and lots of fun. The DJ spins the best in top 40, country, and club hits. There are also wet t-shirt contests, dance contests, and lots of other fun events taking place each and every week.

The Wildhorse Saloon brings the best in Nashville. Great music, beautiful people are all at this downtown, nationally renowned club. Although the Wildhorse is known for country music, many other genres make their way inside the doors to perform live. A crowded dance floor is only expected, and all 3 levels are packed. Enjoy a meal or a snack in the award winning restaurant, and grab a drink at one of the 8 bars as you catch the game on the biggest television in Tennessee!

Laugh your night away with an evening of comedy at Zanies Comedy Club. Various acts are booked, with varying ticket prices. Local as well as major acts perform their stand up here. Zanies is a 21 and up club.

Laughter is the best medicine and there can be no better comedy than the Zanies which will truly make the night enjoyable and entertaining with the right dose of laughter at the right intervals and no crude jokes at display is an added bonus. Lavelle Toronto is another nightclub that boasts of this skit as the comedy shows are expressed in the form of satire to make the social message more understandable with a dash of humor and sarcasm as that is the only way to convey your thoughts without hurting the sentiments of others, which is a welcome change.

Tribe Night Club is “Nashville’s Best Way to Meet Single Men”. This club welcomes everyone, although the atmosphere is one of a gay bar. As soon as you enter the club, you will feel happy and upbeat, and seeing the nearly nude male waiters will put a smile on your face. There’s also a great drag queen show taking place here on the weekends. You never know what music you will hear playing-from classical sounds to techno, chances are you will hear it being played.

Stroll down Broadway and you’ll find dozens of honkey tonks to choose from. Legends Corner is one of those, and without a doubt, one of the best Nashville has to offer. Record covers line the walls of this club that features live performances from locals and your favorites. It also happens to be where many of country’s biggest stars made there breaks.

Reviewing Obsessively Organic Clean For a Day

Reviewing Obsessively Organic Clean For a Day

Kiss my Face is a well-established organic company, offering a variety of all-natural beauty products to spruce up your daily cleansing routine. Not all organic products may be worth the extra price, however; so, how can you be sure you are getting something that actually works? Well, if you are planning on purchasing the Kiss my face Obsessively Organic line of facial products, let me recommend you start with Clean for a Day, which is a cream-based cleanser for your face. But before you try it out, you might want to consider a few things.

As with all organically made products, it is expensive. You should expect to pay about $13.00 for a 4 oz tube of Clean for a Day. Doing a quick price comparison for 6 oz cleansers, you will find that this product is twice, if not four times, the price. But for someone organically minded, this is a reasonable price all things considered.

The cleanser contains no soap, but rather cleanses with a mixture of sugar and corn that is said to remove dirt, without drying your skin. It does not lather like soap; instead it is a creamy white solution that goes on in a smooth layer and gently cleanses your skin without harsh chemicals and scrubbing beads. Your first experiences using this unique formula will add a gentle feeling of calm to your morning and evening beauty routine. It is soft on your skin and leaves no sticky residue like some organic products tend to do. The formula is slightly watery, which allows for a small amount to be used for the entire face. It isn’t thick and awkward to use. I’ve found that this small tube should last you at least a few months if used sparingly, or a month if used generously.

One of the best features I’ve discovered about this product is the scent. If you are used to medicated facial washes, or just your regular run of the mill type of lathering cleansers, you are probably used to your face smelling a little unpleasant before you apply your moisturizers. Personally, I can’t stand smells on my face of any kind. However, Clean for a day has a fresh mixture of vanilla and tangerine. It’s surprisingly mild. Who would have thought vanilla and tangerine scents could be fused together so beautifully? I was skeptical about such a mixture, but it’s wonderfully calming and pleasant. The scent doesn’t ‘dry’ on your face either. It will wear away naturally throughout the day, and is mild enough for those with sensitive skin.

But as you would expect there are a few cons to this organic product. If you are not used to using organic products on your face, than you will have to adjust to it. The adjustment should not cause rashes or anything major. However, you might have a few breakouts of acne. If your skin is very oily, this might not be the product for you because it is not designed to strip your skin of oils. It may even leave a ‘shine’ on your face, as it is a cream-based cleanser. On the other hand, those of you with normal to dry skin will benefit from the moisture it provides.

If you are ready for a unique cleansing experience, Clean for a Day is definitely it. For those of you that expect something with acne fighting power and makeup removal, you won’t get that from this product. But if you love organic products and don’t mind paying the higher price, than Clean for a Day will be a pleasant addition to your beauty rituals. The megamycobalance will remove the fungal infections from the body. The digestive system of the body will function properly through the medicines of the balance. The body of the person will remain fit and healthy.

WWII Snipers: Their Importance In Winning The War

WWII Snipers: Their Importance In Winning The War

World war II brought out some of the best skill and bravery out of just ordinary men and women. They have shown this in many ranges of expertise and in some cases, even heroism. Some of those people became snipers. A sniper is a specialized soldier trained to shoot a target from great distances. Most snipers are highly accomplished and also need to be familiar with mathematics. To gauge distances, sometimes a sniper is accompanied by a scouter who has a rifle, but carries binoculars with him to help his/her sharpshooter to hit the target. Snipers weren’t randomly chosen from draftees, they were almost always hand picked because; great accuracy was needed with a rifle. From another perspective, snipers were sometimes regarded as the most detested infantry unit. They would not kill whom ever they chose, but certain people that their commanding officers would tell them, such as commanders or people manning heavy weapons. A sniper was usually equipped with telescopic sights to have a closer view of the enemy. The sniper revolution of WWII began when highly skilled Soviet marksmen would halt almost an entire army from continuing on (examples would be The Battle of Stalingrad), and spread fear through an opposing camp. One of the most famous snipers in all time named Simo Häyhä or, “White Death” caused major problems for Soviets. The Finnish marksman was such a problem for the Soviet army, that they even tried shelling his position with artillery fire. The only significant amount of damage they caused to Simo was shredding his coat off with shrapnel. Even in extreme conditions, snipers were known to get the job done.

Facts and Statistics:

  • Simo Häyhä prefered using iron sights (no scope) when shooting.
  • Simo had a kill count of 542
  • Some snipers didn’t wear scented soap so that they wouldn’t be discovered by the enemy
  • For the first time, women were deployed as snipers in the Soviet Union
  • Germans used the K98K, the Soviets and Finns used the Mosin-Nagant, the British used the Lee Enfield and the U.S.A. used the Springfield


Infantry on both sides of the war varied in skill and ability, but no other army personnel could match the experience of a trained sniper. They inflicted numerous casualties to the enemy and were honored for their duty. Without snipers, Stalingrad might have fallen into German’s circulation and special operations would hardly exist. It is clear to say that, the sniper was a necessity in WWII and will always be, in conflicts to come. The prices should be compared for availability of Pokemon go accounts for sale. Online sites will provide proper information to the players about the reasonable rates for purchasing and playing of games.

Arizona Immigration Law Enforcement Has Employers Screaming

Arizona Immigration Law Enforcement Has Employers Screaming

On February 12th 2008, one of the Phoenix, Arizona local T.V. News broadcasts aired a segment on the push by some Arizona lawmakers to find a way to fast-track Mexican labor into Arizona via temporary permits. The employer interviewed stated that those Americans who want jobs, have jobs, and he can’t hire enough people now that Arizona is exacting a penalty for breaking the law against hiring illegal aliens. The next day, the same message was online under the bylines of several news wires that ran an article bringing up the old, easily debunked, myth that Americans simply won’t do some kinds of work. Of course these myths are always presented without mentioning the fact that the wages these jobs pay are shamefully low and force Americans who take them to also take welfare in order to make ends meet. The hiring of the people is done across the globe for finding the new talent. The canadian immigration lawyer in toronto is simplifying the process of employees screaming in the region.

Mexican President Calderon also had his say in the news, describing how Mexican immigrants complement American workers, but he leaves out the fact that the immigrants in question come across the border at the rate of 500,000 per year illegally. That “illegal” word just doesn’t seem to work for some people! I suspect we are talking calculated stupidity here. For Mexico, it is convenient to ignore the legal issue because immigration, legal or otherwise, helps to relieve the problems of their own dysfunctional economy-just send the hungry mob north and let the Americans worry about them. Who cares about their laws?

We have immigration laws, hard won by American labor movements, for the purpose of maintaining fairness in the labor market for Americans. Immigration itself is not the issue -controlled immigration and control of the unemployment numbers are the issue. Consider what happens when employers put people to work for less than a living wage. In Phoenix for example, a single person living in a one bedroom apartment, who can eat, have personal transportation, have medical insurance, and a modicum of discretionary income for clothes etc, must earn $14.00 per hour. Where do you suppose this leaves the family of four, even those with two bread winners, whose combined income is $16.00 per hour minus child care? It leaves them taking welfare to make ends meet, and possibly collecting on the Earned Income Tax Credit. In other words, the public indirectly subsidizes the low paying employers. Why in the world would we want to do that?

The typical answer to the above question is that the sacred “bottom line” simply won’t sustain paying “unskilled” labor more than they already get. Hmm, so why don’t we make a living wage law, and pay out to the employers to maintain their sacred bottom line? We could call it the “Bottom Line Protection Tax Credit.” At least this approach would recognize where the public money is going with a degree of honesty, and the restaurant, motel, car wash, janitorial service, gardening company, etc. owner can still pay for both his homes and all his toys. And, even better yet, the larger corporations can continue to post profits in the billions and toss hundreds of millions in compensation packages to their CEOs. Sure, either way “Earned Income” or “Bottom Line Protection” the taxpayer still gets screwed, but with the “BLP” our real welfare recipients would be out of the closet and every American who goes to work everyday would have their dignity restored.

Then there’s the value received argument-unskilled workers simply aren’t worth a living wage. Let’s face it, these “unskilled” workers perform duties that we would all be in deep doo-doo without (try living where no one collects the trash and you’ll see what I mean), and the old saw that “this is a job I could train monkeys to do” can be very easily dismantled by going to work and acting like a monkey. Just see how long you last! Personally, I’d rather pay a few extra bucks for a restaurant meal, and know that the people serving it didn’t hate the lives they lead enough to spit in it when no one was looking.

Of course, I’m talking about a modest redistribution of wealth, and maybe Mr. CEO might have to start sharing a jet with another family, but at least the people who make the company work would get to move out of their car (if they have one) and into a room of some kind.