How to change the water for betta fish?

How to change the water for betta fish?

Do you want to know about the steps on how to change the water in the aquarium to protect your fishes? These mentioned below steps would help you to change the water in the aquarium perfectly and still you can pay someone tension on the health condition of your fish. Actually, you need to clean all the water after a week or will consult to professional in how much time you need to change the water because the fish mold is really deadly for them and might be the reason of the death of entire fishes.

Remove water

The first step you need to follow whenever you want to change the water and you need to remove all the old water from your aquarium. If you are aquarium has a tap then you need to transit on which would help you to remove all the water easily. So you don’t need to do a lot of efforts whenever you should want to remove all the water and you could be doing it perfectly.

Clean the aquarium

Not only removing the water you need to do but you need to clean the aquarium after remove or drain all the water from it. Whenever you once clean the aquarium then you can boost the life of your fish and seriously this would help you to keep taking care of your fish.

Add-on conditioner and purify the water

In the end, you need to follow the last step which helps you to know about what to do? By the way, you need to install the water conditioner in your aquarium if you should want to purify the water for your fishes. Whenever you once install the water conditioner then you can put the water in the aquarium and still putting the fishes in it to give them a Spacious home which is safe.

A Big Hamster Cage For Your Furry Friend

A Big Hamster Cage For Your Furry Friend

When it comes to a big hamster cage, or any kind of cage for that matter, you will have hundreds and even thousands of cages to choose from. In order to narrow down your list you should take into account certain factors like the kind of hamster you have, how many they are, your overall budget, the space you allocated for them and so on. After some thought you’ll come up with a rough list, but in case budget was not an issue and you’re want nothing less than a spacious cage then we might have the perfect hamster cage

Savic Hamster Heaven

For $167.31 you can purchase this spacious and fabulous hamster cage for your little pet at Amazon. Yes, it might be quite pricey but with the quality and the look of the hamster cage you’d know that it’s worth the price. best hamster cageIt’s basically a hamster’s dream home, almost every little toy and accessory is included plus the colors are incredibly playful. Many have stated that it’s even the best one yet if you own Syrian hamsters; Syrian hamsters are fiercely territorial thus they need all the space that they can get.

Some of you might not yet move on from the price of a hamster cages, well think about it this way, every accessory that you’ll need is already included in the cage so no need for additional purchases; accessories include ramps, bowls, hideys, water bottle, a wheel, tubes, platforms and a litter box. Of course you’d be able to squeeze in a few more accessories if you wanted but we’re sure that your hamster would be content with the original items. Every alternative hamster cage with lower prices are either bare or lack certain accessory or two that you’d have to purchase some other time.

Getting The Right Kennel For Your Dog

Getting The Right Kennel For Your Dog

Dogs love being outdoors. So, the first thing you need to get after getting a dog is a kennel for him/her. If you have space outside dog kennels for large dogs are the right investment for not only you, but your dog too. It’s going to be so much helpful when you have a guest who is allergic to dogs,  or when you have to go away for a couple of days and you don’t to leave your dog locked up in the house.

So, let’s take a look at how you can choose the right kennel for your dog. Primarily, you just need to take into account two things while deciding on the right kennel for your dog:

  • Your yard size
  • Your dog’s size


Yard Size:

Keeping this in mind is important, because obviously you won’t want your entire yard occupied by nothing but a kennel. If you have an average-sized dog, large enough that is, then you can indulge your dog to a moderately large kennel. That way, he will enough space to move around and won’t be bored quickly. Dogs tend to actually lose it when they get bored, and that’s when the behavioural destructiveness starts to kick in.

Dog’s Size:


Now this is pretty normal, right? If you have a small dog, there’s no point getting him a gigantic kennel. Likewise, getting a small kennel to a large dog will just cramp him and get him frustrated. The kennel is just going to be like a house for him. It’s going to provide him with shelter, security and safety. So, it should be large enough for him to say, turn around and even stretch out should he want to do so. Ideally speaking, your dog should be able to stand up properly inside.

Kennels should also be water-proof, so try to avoid metals which get rusty easily.