5 Tips to Help Your Friend Cope with Divorce

5 Tips to Help Your Friend Cope with Divorce

In this day and age, divorce seems to be more and more common. In fact, I think I know more people that have been divorced, then haven’t. It’s not uncommon to witness close friends or family members going through a painful divorce. While we want to be supportive, we may find ourselves at a loss of what to do or say. There’s no easy way around it. While we may not be able to fix their problems we can offer our support and help them deal with the process. Here are five simple things you can do to help your friend cope with a divorce.

  1. Listen. Going through a divorce can bring on a myriad of emotions. Grief, loneliness, and a sense of failure are very common. Let your friend know that you’re willing to listen to them, even though you don’t have any easy answers for them. Being able to talk, cry, rant, or share their feelings with you can help them through the grieving process.
  1. Don’t hurry them through the coping process. You may end up making them feel worse by trying to rush them through. “You just have to get over it,” or “He was a jerk, you’re better off without him,” is not something that your friend wants to hear. Their world probably feels in disarray. Their lives have changed drastically. Someone who they thought would always be there for them is gone. Telling them they need to just forget about that person is not only insensitive but unrealistic. They need your support more than anything else. Going through a divorce is tough and it’ll take the time to cope with it.
  1. Get them out of the house. Don’t let your friend sit at home and grieve over their lost marriage. Help them focus on something else besides their divorce. Invite them over to dinner or to the movies every once in a while. Show them that you’re there for them. They may be grateful for the distraction.
  1. Don’t push them into new relationships. They’re not even done coping with their divorce, don’t try to get them involved with someone else. In time, they’ll be ready for another relationship and then you can introduce them to saitove za zapoznanstva, but until they are, let it be. This can cause even a lot more turmoil if they have children also coping with the divorce.

  1. Remember that you have a life too. Yes, you need to be there for your friend but don’t do so at the cost of your family. If you have a husband and kids remember they come first. Do what you can to help your friend cope with their divorce but don’t neglect your life.

Tips for Buying Property in France

Tips for Buying Property in France

If you’ve ever dreаmed аbout owning your own holidаy home in Frаnce, here аre some tips to help you out.

  1. Do your reseаrch on the Internet first. There аre thousаnds of sites with French properties for sаle аnd informаtion аbout the house buying process in Frаnce. I spent 5 yeаrs looking on the Internet before I bought, but becаuse of the bаckground knowledge I hаd gаined аbout whаt wаs аvаilаble for whаt price, the first visit I mаde to view properties I bought one.
  2. Use аll your holidаy breаks to explore different regions to find out which region you аre interested in, аnd then to find out which аreаs in thаt region you prefer. Frаnce hаs а huge vаriety of scenery, аnd climаte, so you will need to experience some of it аt first hаnd to mаke аn informed decision. It аlso gives you а greаt excuse to hаve lots of holidаys in Frаnce.
  3. Think very cаrefully аbout the type of locаtion you wаnt. а lot of people, especiаlly from Britаin where the house prices аre so high, dreаm of аffording а house in the countryside with lots of lаnd аnd spectаculаr views, but remember, the downside of thаt is thаt you hаve to use your cаr to get everywhere. If pаrt of the pleаsure, for you, of а French holidаy is to visit restаurаnts for а meаl аccompаnied by а bottle of wine then this could be а problem. The legаl limit for drink driving is а lot lower in Frаnce thаn it is in Britаin.
  4. When you аre reаdy to stаrt seriously looking аt French properties, go in the middle of winter. This will help to dispel аny romаntic notions you mаy get whilst surveying а picturesque ruin on а dreаmy summer dаy of how much fun it’s going to be doing it up. аlso, аs а supplementаry benefit, the fаres tend to be lower аt thаt time of yeаr. According to commercial property management companies Naples FL, winter is the best season to check and buy properties in France.
  5. Before you go, mаke а list of your criteriа, consult it while you’re there, аnd try to stick to it. This will help you to remаin objective whilst viewing. We mаde а list of two pаrts. The first pаrt contаined our аbsolute criteriа such аs mаximum price, driving time from the neаrest ferry port, structurаl condition, аnd locаtion, аnd the second pаrt contаined feаtures we would like to hаve but thаt we didn’t consider to be cruciаl. By sticking to the list we ended up rejecting some properties thаt we fell in love with but which would hаve been аn аbsolute nightmаre аs а restorаtion project, аnd bought а property thаt we hаdn’t been immediаtely аttrаcted to but which hаd mаtched our list exаctly.

So to sum up, do plenty of initiаl reseаrch, decide upon аn аreа аnd explore it comprehensively, аnd be аwаre of who is representing your interests аnd who isn’t. But the most importаnt thing, in my opinion, is to stick to your list of criteriа. You should аlso get proper pаid legаl аdvice if you аre purchаsing in Frаnce. The free informаtion I аm presenting here is bаsed on my personаl experience аnd is in no wаy expert аdvice to be relied on in your purchаse.

Tips for Throwing a Successful Toddler Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Successful Toddler Birthday Party

When my son’s 3rd birthday was approaching, he started asking his party. I had hoped to avoid the whole toddler party scene but he had been to a couple of parties for his daycare buddies and thought it was a necessity. So, my husband and I figured it was worth a try. How hard could it be? Although we had attended quite a lot many Casino Party By casinonightdenver.com, we knew this one had to be different than that. 

We were lucky and had taken cues from the other parties we had been to and our son’s party was a success. Here are some helpful hints to make your toddler’s party a winner for everyone:

1) Pick an appropriate time of day. Many toddlers still nap, so take this into consideration when planning the time of the party. We picked 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The kids could play, eat lunch, and still go home at a reasonable time without being too grouchy.

2) Plan an activity. Toddlers need some structure to keep the party moving so plan something that they can all do together. We rented a bounce house and the kids loved it! For around $150, you can rent a bounce house, moon walk, or ball pit that will entertain a herd of toddlers for quite a while. Check the company’s cancellation policy though for bad weather. Also, make sure you confirm the reservation the day before. Finally, ask the company about their cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment.

3) Other activities could be something like having the kids paint suncatchers. These are fun, relatively mess-free if done with supervision and it is something the kids can take home with them.

4) Another planned activity could be having the kids play with a piñata that has been stuffed with candy and small prizes like bouncy balls and yo-yos. They love the game of hitting the piñata and most piñatas these days are made with hassle-free ribbons that can be pulled instead of whacking at it with a bat.

5) Provide kid-friendly food, but something for the parents to eat as well. We grilled hot dogs and had chicken nuggets for the kids, but for the parents I had prepared meatballs in my crockpot and buffalo chicken bites that could be microwaved. The buffalo chicken bites were a huge success with the moms and dads.

6) Presents can be a tricky situation. If you do write “Please no gifts” on the invitation because your child already has more toys than FAO Schwarz, keep in mind that a lot of people will ignore that request and bring something anyway. To avoid making the parents feel bad who actually honored your request, consider holding off on opening any presents until the guests have gone.

7) If you can designate someone to help take pictures of the joyous events, it will take some of the pressure off of you. It is a sad parent who realizes that they spent so much time with games, food, and entertaining that at the end of the party they realize that they forgot to take pictures.

8) Overall, remember to have fun. It is a party! With toddlers, someone will probably cry, just make sure it isn’t you!

Flight Attendant’s Top Tips for Hassle-Free Air Travel with Kids

Flight Attendant’s Top Tips for Hassle-Free Air Travel with Kids

If the prospect of juggling children and carry-on bags through security, restrooms, and narrow aisles on oversold planes is enough to make you rethink taking a family vacation, try these simple tips from a flight attendant for easier air travel with kids.

CHECK YOUR LUGGAGE. The reality is, a miniscule amount of luggage is lost or even delayed by airlines. Since checked luggage goes through a separate screening process, you don’t have to surrender that economy bottle of sunscreen or shampoo. You’ll clear security faster, and save yourself the tension of dragging children, bags, and yourself into a bathroom stall later on. Try carrying one backpack to transport all your gadgets and snacks, so both hands can be free for herding little ones or pushing a stroller. Need another reason? Reclaim your foot space! You’ll be amazed how much more comfortable you are on that long flight when you can stretch your legs and feet into the space under the seat in front of you.

GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME. With all the publicity about long waiting lines for check-in and security, you probably know to give yourself plenty of extra time to arrive at the airport before your first flight. But, did you pay attention to how much time you have to change planes during your connection? Any layover less than an hour is a recipe for instant stress with kids. Ask the travel agent or airline customer-service representative if they can schedule you with a little more layover time before you buy the tickets. Many online booking sites allow you to select the flights individually, so choose a later connection and give everyone a break. If you’ve already got a tight connection booked, try to have the kids use the lavatory before the end of the first flight. Then, if possible, make a quick stop in the terminal facilities before you board the second plane. It is not at all unusual for it to be over an hour between the time you board and when you are airborne at an altitude where the Captain will turn off the Fasten Seat Belt sign.

SLIP ON SHOES. Make sure everyone is wearing slip on/off shoes. That way, you won’t be stuck trying to hold the baby with one arm and tying the toddler’s shoes with one hand, while people are clogging up behind you both before and after the metal detector. Put items into the screening device in the order you need to retrieve and use them. Your shoes, then the stroller, backpack, with the kid’s shoes last. That will give you a moment on the other side to slip on your shoes, grab the stroller and pop it open, deposit the kids, then gather the rest of your belongings and move away from the area to reassemble the troops.

ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT. A Gameboy or DVD player can feel like an act of divine intervention on a long flight. Last summer, we made it through a six-hour transcontinental flight with very little “are we there yet?” problems from the junior travelers. Don’t forget to bring earphones, an earphone splitter for two users, and extra batteries. Many airlines now require passengers to wear earphones when listening to any electronic device. If the “ring-ding-poink” of that Gameboy drives you nuts, your fellow passengers don’t want to hear it either.

RECOGNIZE THAT THE RULES HAVE CHANGED. You may have flown last week, or last year, or last decade, and chances are still that something has changed in the process. Once the aircraft door is closed and the seat belt sign illuminated, neither you nor your children can get out of their seats, whether or not the plane is moving, until the seatbelt sign is turned off at altitude. Doing so without permission IS a federal offense. If you don’t want a flight attendant to swoop down on you like a buzzard on road kill, just ring the call button right over your seat when you need help. You MUST speak with a flight attendant to get an exception. If you need something from an overhead, it will have to wait – not even the flight attendant is supposed to open the bins during taxi. Also, make sure you have your books handy to read to the kids, no electronics or lowered tray tables during this time either.

PUT THE BABY IN A CARSEAT. A lap child should be seated and held when the seatbelt light is on. A twenty-month old standing on your lap and waving at the passengers in the row behind you might be adorable, but is not properly secured. A child young enough to ride in your lap is safer in a seat in an acceptable carrier or car seat. Period.

While the above points may prove to be a pastime during the flight duration but take care so that the kids don’t feel ignored or left out as they can become quite restless for sitting stationary for hours without having anything to do and they can hardly play while onboard. In a way, charter flight services are far more preferable as they are quit spacious for the whole family.

5 Tips To Remember While Choosing The Right Btc Trading App

5 Tips To Remember While Choosing The Right Btc Trading App

BTC trading apps have made trading more convenient for the traders. The increasing popularity of Bitcoin has led to the mushroom growth of several trading apps around. However, not all such apps can be trusted equally. There are several factors that you have to check while looking for a trading app.

Check the reviews

Don’t just settle with the first trading app that you come across online. The selection of your trading platform plays a major role in determining the efficiency, safety and ROI of your trade. Thus, always check reviews of several apps and carry a comparative study before signing up with the final one. Go for a reputed name which is backed by rave ratings from both experts and traders. Try to look for apps that are endorsed by leading industry figures.

Does it offer free trial?

It would be really great if your chosen trading app allows you to visit its platform and trade for free for a certain period of time. BTC trading is no cakewalk. It does take some time to get acquainted with the ropes of the trade here. And it’s not uncommon to fall prey to common mistakes when you are a new player. A free trial version will not only let you evaluate the app but also practice risk-free trading in the initial period.


Look for an app that can assure a high percentage of win rate. Some of the best apps in the market guarantee more than 80% winning rate.

Convenient to use

No matter how great the win rate of an app is, you will have a hard time to reap profits if you struggle to use the app dashboard. Thus, look for a reputed app which also assures a user-friendly trading interface.

Strong security

Finally, your chosen app must promise state-of-the-art security measures to protect your funds.