Clash Royale Cheats To Hype Up Your Gaming Experience

This year Super cell has introduced Clash Royale, a strategic game which is proving to be one of the most loved games of the time, no doubt because of its Dragons, Knights, Royalty, Elixir, Cards, Battles and what not! Sounds exciting already!

By mashing it with some of the features of Clash of Clans, the makers have ensured that Clash Royale adds to the excitement to its players by adding intriguing features of magic spells and convenient gameplay. However, the players often struggle with the pressure that the game creates with advancing levels. To provide relief to such gamers, here are some Clash Royale cheats!

Firstly, it’s very important for the players to understand that the use of resources should be measured. Usually, players spend their resources – gems, gold, Elixir purposelessly and remain empty-handed later! This only adds to the complications in advancing to next levels. Along with this, as your understanding of the game improves, begin creating and managing your deck gradually and upgrade your troops, while also appeal for donations after joining a clan.clash-royale-defending-the-enemy-400x225

Now, rushing into battles at the very beginning of the game won’t prove to be a very smart idea. First you need to build your defences. Once you are sure of that, you can begin by taking down the Rival Tower of your adversary, and following this you can build up your attack force by destroying two or three of them at a go. It would be a good idea to become aware of the enemy’s cards by letting them attack first. This would allow you to play your cards accordingly. The players can even access ‘TV Royale to have a measure of the various strategies used by the best players and apply in their own battles. Have an idea of the cards that you possess – their weaknesses, strengths, Elixir consumption and also keep the knowledge of the most influential cards and the means of employing them, at their best, to excel in the game.

Elixir multiplies swiftly at the last moments of the time left and this allows you to post a bigger number of military in the battlefield.


As soon as the Rival towers are destroyed, the King’s Tower would start attacking your troops, at that moment focus all your attack- the fireballs, arrows, army, at the Tower. This would ensure that it gets destroyed rapidly. However, Elixir should not be unnecessarily consumed for fireballs. You’ll need it the most when the enemy brings a very powerful force.

There’s also a glitch in the game that can be used to one’s advantage. This involves a very dominant card, like that of the Witch, P.E.K.K.A. or the Golem; a building,that is,a Tombstone, Goblin Hut or a Barbarian Hut and enough Elixir. Now, you need to play a dominant card in the bottom corner and at the same time the building card in the top corner. The dominant card will remain where it is until the building gets destroyed and would continue to destroy the opponents.

So, these are some cheats to help you effortlessly advance in the game. But keep in mind that survival here requires technique and smarts!

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