Diy Personalized Gifts

May it be a festive season or baby shower parties or any other occasion, you are always faced with the hassle of trying not to buy generic gifts for your friends and relatives. I am not sure about you, but I was always in a dilemma while choosing gifts. We all know (or are)the type of friends who bring the same type of gifts every time and feel guilty about it. Fret not, here are three personalized gifts you can DIY for friends and family for any occasion.

DIY crop top

With summer around the corner, what is better to gift your bffs than a sweet crop top of your own creation.

Requirements: t-shirt, scissors, a crop top, a thread and needle, a chalk for the markings.

Step1: First, cut out the sleeves of your t-shirt. Put your crop top over your t-shirt and draw the outline with a chalk. Proceed to cut along the markings with a good pair of scissors to prevent too much fraying.


Step2: Now you can notice that your former t-shirt plainly resembles a crop top. But you can see that the edges you cut are frayed and aren’t very good to look at. So iron the edges and turn the top inside out. Now tuck the ends of the edges and sew them.

Step3: After sewing, iron the t-shirt again and hey presto! You have a wonderful crop top.

Step4: Now you can take a marker or paints and get creative on your top!

Grow plants in mason jars:

This is an amazing and easy method for adding a green touch to your bedroom.

Requirements: Mason jars, soil, your favorite herb or plants, and markers and paper cut-outs of different shapes.

Step1: Make sure to clean your jars nicely. Collect some soil and place it inside the jar. Make sure the soil is of good quality.

Step2: Choose your favorite herb or plant. I would prefer lavender or mint as its smell is soothing and you feel blissful just by smelling it.

Step3: Make your jar look more cool by adding glow-in-the dark stickers and cut-outs for a more personalized look.

Create your own night-lamp:

This is the best gift you may have created by far.


Requirements: A balloon, plain papers, glue, a paint brush, fairy lights.

Step1: Blow the balloon and tie it with a string tightly. Tear the paper into small pieces.

Step2: Next, take a bowl and mix in it water and glue in 1:1 ratio. Using a large paint brush, coat the surface of the balloon with the paper using the glue solution. Let the paper coating dry for a day. Glue few photos or drawings for a more personal touch.

Step 3: After it is completely dry, Start painting or add random colors on the paper coating. After it is done, deflate the balloon with a needle and take it out. The paper coating will remain in the same shape.

Step 4: Place fairy lights into the paper balloon from the top and voila! You have your own night lamp!!

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