What are floral Wedding Place Cards? Read to know

So long ago there were real flowers and that was it. Then came those cheap, plastic flowers that didn’t look real at all but added a punch of color wherever they were placed. Then there were dried flowers which looked nice but weren’t suitable for all floral projects. Now, craft stores are full of gorgeous, silk flowers which look nearly identical to the real thing. Unless you touch them, or look very closely, you can’t tell them from real flowers. They’re perfect for creating table decorations at a wedding. And, since you’ll be using those flowers, why not make the decorations into place markers while you’re at it?

Actually, you can use real flowers or silk ones to create the lovely place markers which will also serve as the table décor which cost almost the half  amount of booking for an lancaster wedding djs. No matter what type of flowers you’re using start by purchasing Styrofoam balls from a craft store. You’ll need one ball for every two place markers you make. Choose balls in the size you want; how large or small you want to make the place markers is up to you. However, a nice size is the four or five inch balls.

Cut each ball exactly in half. You’ll find this much easier to do if you use a serrated knife and a quick procedure. Cut an old candle a couple of times with the knife. The wax that transfers onto the knife will help it glide right through the ball. Cut all the balls in half to continue.

Cut circles of fabric or tulle to use for wrapping the Styrofoam balls. Set one ball on one cloth circle so that the flat side of the ball is facing downward. Gather the fabric around the ball and tie it shut with a rubber band.

Use a floral pick – the type that will hold a name card – to attach a card to each ball. Write the name on the tag, slip it into the slot of the floral pick, then push the pick into the ball. Just push through the middle of the rubber band and into the ball. Tie a ribbon around the rubber band but don’t tie it in a bow. A knot will suffice. Trim the ribbon so that the ends hang long and so that they are off to one side.

If you’re using silk flowers, cut one large flower, then use hot glue to affix it to the cloth, on top of the ball. So, the flower will be in front of the ribbon, and the pick will be behind it, and the pick will rise up enough to be seen over the flower. If you’re using a real flower, bend a wire in half, then slide it over an area of the flower and down into the Styrofoam. Make sure you can’t see the wire.

Make a matching centerpiece for the table by just using a larger Styrofoam ball and more flowers. The place cards – and matching centerpiece – are simplistic and inexpensive but are so beautiful that you don’t need any additional table décor!