Foot Tattoos- Makes You Look Fashionable


There have can be and have been numerous discussions about the latest fashion statements that have been followed. Also, the influence of western culture on the youngsters of today has become a matter of serious concern.

Gone are the days when people used to follow the routine culture of going to temples and churches everyday and following the helpful advice and instructions of their parents.

The ‘youth brigade’, as they would like to be addressed, have basically become ‘wise guys’ in dealing with problems and consider themselves to be more knowledgeable than their older counterparts were in their times.

They are rebellious in nature and take pride in opposing their parents, teachers and elders and disallow the venerable seniors the intimidation that they seek from them.

While they are not entirely wrong, it still creates a false sense of pride in them and a super inflated ego that can prove dangerous to them in the near future.

When we talk about adapting to western culture, one of the important things that has been borrowed from them, apart from clothes, is the art of tattooing your body. Yes, tattoos are the latest fashion statements with the choicest stock and variety available for different individuals.

The foot tattoos have become an accepted norm in the society where it seems that they will render shoes and slippers obsolete in the future. Even the tattoo designs are of different types along with the instructions on how to use them without damaging the skin.

Things about foot tattoo designs that you need to be aware of are as follows:

  • Work out ideas that makes the tattoo look good in place of anklets and footrings.
  • The correct location should be where you should feel comfortable at the back area and also the thighs.
  • There’s no denying that wherever you apply the tattoo it will prove to be painful and the foot is most vulnerable as it has more bones than muscles so keep your tolerance level in mind before doing anything.
  • The healing process is the most difficult so leave the place uncovered for a few weeks. In this the glitter tattoo Singapore will prove to be the best option.