Galleryone: A Haven For Artwork

Art, as they say, makes the world a better place. With that said, there are just so many forms of art that we see around us. Some people consider nature to be the work of art of a Supreme Being, and some people view art solely as a creation of mankind. One of the most common means through which we use art is to display it on walls to make them look less bare. This is something that Wall art Dubai exactly does. With that said, one of the great places for you is Gallery One, if you’re based in Dubai and are looking for ways to beautify your home. What makes their place so special? Let’s find out below.

Design and Creativity in One

Beginning in 2005, with Jane and Gregg Sedgwick as the brainchild of it all, they had the idea of creating a gallery space in mind, with the thought that “Art is in Everything”. They started with postcards, notebook, each of which having a limited edition print which is signed by the artist, which is what sets GalleryOne apart from competing lines. They have since expanded to wall art, and thus expanding their avenues for creativity to brew. They sell large wall paintings to the people of Dubai and in other places of the world.

Corporate Gifts

Art work, given their beauty and individual uniqueness make for the perfect corporate gifts. GalleryOne can help to give a wide array of options for companies, giving regional provenance and authenticity. Their logos and brand colors are individual, and with them, can be customized and tailored according to what truly fits your company’s character, and other aspects of it. If you want to give artwork to your fellows in your business, then this is the perfect one for you!