HCG stands for human chronic gonadotropin. It is a hormone which helps in the development of an egg in a woman’s ovary. This hormone also stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation. In males, it is involved with androgen production. Now days with the advent and advancement of technology, HCG is given as an injection into a muscle or it could also be given under the skin. However, it is advised that these injections must be used in the supervision of a doctor or a nurse to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. Also, proper instructions must be followed which would guide you to know how and where to inject the medicine.

Strict instructions prescribed by the doctor and guiding how to use HCG must be followed up. The dosage must not be increased or decreased and also the time period for which it is recommended must not be extended. It is suggested to use disposable needle i.e. the needled which could be used only once and after use, the syringes must be properly disposed off in a puncture proof container. From various studies, it is evident that the HCG injections show best results when calorie intake is very less or restricted to a very small amount. The people, who follow strict diet plans with no cheat days, show the best result of these hormone injections. It enhances metabolism and helps greatly in weight loss. However, for weight loss, it must be left on the user to decide whether these injections are beneficial for you or not and a doctor must be consulted before starting HCG injections.insulin-syringes-and-needles Most of the people all around the world just have common concern which is how to lose weight! Throughout the year, there are festivals and celebrations during which due to over eating we tend to gain more weight. Regular exercises and daily routines for a fit body become only a day dream. So, to deal with these problems of overweight and obesity, HCG hormone injections come as a rescue for the people. There are various companies which deal in the HCG injections, which are most effective and other products which aid in weight loss. And so, for this purpose, you can purchase HCG injections from them. When combined with a particular diet, the results seen are better causing weight loss of about 10 to 20 pounds within a month by shedding off extra fat and maintaining appetite. It would help you to keep up through the promises you made to yourself while having those extra heavy and high calorie foods and snacks, maybe only for a little span of time.weight-loss-264x300

It is not approved by the FDA for weight loss. According to FDA, it has not been effective in the treatment of obesity and no substantial proof that it helps in weight loss is available. Also, there are various side effects which come along with HCG. If you face any signs such as difficulty in breathing, swelling in any part of the body, blood clot with pain, dizziness, severe headache etc, then consult your doctor at once. In women, in extreme cases, it may even cause ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) and for some it may even be a fatal situation. A doctor must be consulted immediately without any delay if any symptoms such as weight gain, severe pelvic pain, shortness of breath etc are observed. It is also seen that HCA medication may also cause early puberty in young boys. Other side effects which are less serious may include headache, restlessness, depression, irritation at the point where the medicine is injected. These are not the only side effects, if you observe anything abnormal in your body while on HCG medication or HCG diet.

However, HCG injections help a great deal to lead a life of changed lifestyle and to lead a better life than the one you are living currently.  Keeping aside the side effects, with the weight loss you gain from using these injections, your confidence level will also boost up a great deal and you would feel motivated, inspired and determined to achieve you goal. Live a better and healthier life and stay fit! All the best!

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