Helpful Methods in Spring Cleaning your Workshop and Garage

Planning for spring cleaning of the garage can be a lot like making New Year’s resolutions. You have it settled in your mind that your going to do it, but don’t always know where to start. Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Garage, is an effort to help you out with tips to get you started. You may need some heavy-duty machines such as an aeg staubsauger to help you up.

The Beginning

Okay, you’re ready to jump right in so let’s get the big door open. If the car has managed to squeeze in, let’s reverse the process and remove it. Now that you have a little walking space, look to the right and look to the left. Don’t pay too much attention to what lies straight ahead, not right away anyhow.

Phase I

Start by moving anything that isn’t attached on the side you’ve chosen. This includes any shelved items as well. Place those objects and artifacts out on the drive or lawn in the same basic order that they were in. Work the side of the garage until you reach the end of the chosen wall. Having accomplished this part of the job, reward yourself with a light indulgence of some sort.

Phase II

This phase of spring cleaning the garage requires a hardy broom, some window cleaner (if windows are present), and possibly some oil-dry compound for those small but messy oil spills. Clay kitty-litter also works well for this job. Spread some on the floor in any event as it will aid in keeping the debris stirred up during sweeping from turning into a massive 1930’s dust storm. Once the sweeping, shelf cleaning, and windows are done, reward yourself again with a light indulgence of some sort.

Phase III

Now it’s time to return the removed objects and artifacts to their respective places, provided that you have decided upon which of the treasures will indeed return. This would also be a good time to decide if new shelving should be installed or perhaps some hangers for implements like shovels or that broom you’ve been sweeping the garage floor with. Having accomplished this discriminatory task, bring it all back in and place everything on the shelves and along the wall just the way you want it.

Phase IV

Now that you have the hang of spring cleaning your garage, simply repeat this process on the other side. If you observed any particular areas of your garage that hold “clutter” on a regular basis, then contemplate installing some bins to separate these articles that have not yet been returned to their respective places. Reward yourself again with a light indulgence of some sort.

Phase V

Well done! Now it’s time to throw the ball right down the middle an clean up the center rear. After this has been done to your satisfaction, sweep the entire floor down once more. Exchange any item across the garage area if you wish and then bring in the car, close the big door and…Yep! You guessed it!

Remember, always work safely.