History Of Video Games – The First Video Game Ever Made?

Video games have been a big part of humanity. Over the decades where continuous advancement of technology and new gadgets, devices and tools are being developed and introduced, video games have been more enormous in all of its aspects. Gone are the days when video games are just a form of entertainment. Today, video games are the rage of all generations. Whether kids, adults or older ones love to play video games. But before video games have gone a long way, let us take a look back at the history of video games.

According to the history of Physics, William Higinbotham was known as the physicist who created and invented that first video game in the world. To describe this first video game, it is an ordinary tennis game like the classic video game of the 1970s named Pong. It was also the rage and trend at a Brookhaven National Laboratory open house.

As a physicst, William Higinbotham thought of something that could attract the interest of people and can be a popular form of entertainment. With his brilliance and creativity, h considered tennis as an inspiration to put some pieces of ideas together. He worked on different electronic devices such as display for radar systems. It was so easy for Higinbotham to design the game display.

He created and did some blueprints and drawings were planned out. With the help of a technician named Robert Dvorak, they were able to build the device. After weeks of making the device, finally they were able to introduce the first video game ever created in the world and it was called ‘Tennis for Two’.

The debut of the device became popular and this was when the world of video games started to expand up to this very moment where several video games like domino99 can be played.