Hoover U5491900 Windtunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

When people talk about the Hoover U5491900 Windtunnel bagged upright vacuum cleaner they have mixed tone. Most people are satisfied by it but some other claim that it is a waste of money. This article discusses the good and bad points of Hoover U5491900 so you can decide if this vacuum is good enough for you or not.


The Hoover U5491900 combines the cleaning power of WindTunnel technology with some functional features along with a sleek new design. Hoover’s WindTunnel technology is a patented system that uses three suction tunnels to eliminate dirt stains and remove the heavy deep-down dirt that other vacuum left behind. If you have any doubts, just conduct a staubsauger test to make sure that you are on the right track.

This unit is equipped with a disposable HEPA media bag that can trap 99.97% of dust and pollens. HEPA filtration is a real benefit for people who suffer allergy, asthma and other respiratory problems. Generally HEPA filtration is a big plus for anyone who is concerned about the air quality in their home.

The Hoover U5491900 bagged upright has an embedded DirtFinder feature that uses a dirt-finding sensor to find the dirt you cannot see. The LED turns from red to green to signal you when the carpet is clean. It’s not just a marketing gimmick, this thing actually works. It does tell you know whether your carpet is still dirty or not.

Other features included long 31-foot power cord, brilliant headlight, a five position carpet height adjustment, edge cleaning for vacuuming close to baseboards and walls, filter bag indicator 3-position handle that goes all the way to the floor for low level vacuuming under furniture. There is also an 8-foot stretch hose with two extension wands and a complete set of on-board tools allow you to perform a variety of cleaning jobs around the house including carpet and stairs.


Most people complained about the short attachment hose. Why Hoover didn’t make it longer is anybody’s guess but it is irritating. The hose was meant to help you when cleaning high places but its shortness prevents you from doing just that. Sometimes you may find yourself dragging a chair here and there to reach places higher than the hose can reach.

Next on the list of complaints is the weight. A 22-pound vacuum cleaner is not so fun to carry up and down stairs.

The sound coming from this vacuum is relatively loud too. If the sound is too annoying to you may need to consider wearing hearing protectors, ear plug or turn on your favorite portable mp3 player when using this machine.


Considering its size the cleaning power of Hoover U5491900 Windtunnel bagged upright vacuum is pretty good. The DirtFinder system actually works and not just a marketing gimmick. The short attachment hose can be a problem but overall it is a decent bagged vacuum for daily use with a reasonable price tag.