Instagram 101: Important Marketing Tips Business Should Follow

Using Instagram as one of your marketing platform is a great idea. In fact, 25 million accounts on Instagram are for business. Hence, you should learn how to properly implement a marketing campaign on the said social media site. Begin by checking out services from MOMENTOLOGY, then read on for helpful tips.

Jot Down these Tips for Marketing your Business on Instagram

  1. Create a simple yet striking business profile on Instagram. That should be easy, since the site has simpler interface than other social media platforms.
  2. Know the right tools you should use, such as a graphic designer, a post scheduler and a landing page optimizer. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s easy to use and offers quality outputs.
  3. Create a standard and posting guidelines for all your contents. Note that Instagram circles on images and graphics, so you should have a consistent look for your branding.
  4. Come up with a schedule or calendar to follow for your marketing strategies on Instagram. This includes simple tasks such as scheduling your posts, or on complex aspects such as implementing periodic strategies.
  5. Be sure to get a good grasp over Instagram, its features and algorithm. Don’t go behind from latest updates, especially on marketing features.
  6. Keep in mind to always follow your business standards in running any online marketing campaign. This would make your Instagram account appear professional, and legitimately belongs to your brand.
  7. Don’t miss to make a harmony among all your online marketing platforms. So, when you have a YouTube channel, for example, share links of your videos on your Instagram posts.
  8. Encourage your audience to talk and post about your brand. This is what you call “User Generated Contents”, which would boost your marketing efficiently. You can do it by posting contents they like, sharing their posts to your account, or coming up with contest.

  1. Be sure to keep in touch with your audience by talking with them. That would increase your engagement rates easily.
  2. Finally, remember that your goal is to get higher audience to sales conversion rates. That would put you on the right marketing track.

These are certainly helpful tips for your Instagram marketing, aren’t they? Incorporate services from MOMENTOLOGY too, and you’d get more followers instantly.