Jurassic Park : The World

I’m pretty sure all of us have grown up watching Steven Speilberg’s two masterpieces, The Jurassic Park and ET: The Extra Terrestrial. They blew up our imagination and brought our intuitions to life. They were so exciting to watch that I must have watched them about a 20 times and I’m not even exaggerating!  The Jurassic Park was along series with four movies spanning from 1993 to 2015 with Steven Speilberg being associated with the movie by some way or the other. The animation of the series was a huge hit and the movie was a success in both the eyes of the public and critics.1_jurassic_world_the_game

The brilliant success of the movie was followed by its business branching out to a lot of sub parts. You could see people all over the world, wearing Jurassic Park themed t-shirts and caps and children buying dinosaur toys all over the world. Then came the world of virtual gaming which was followed its success and developed games with the same theme where the players could build their own island and develop their own dinosaurs. Recently the game called Jurassic World the game has hit the stores and is available to iOS and Android users.jurassic-world-02


Released in 2015 and developed by Ludia and is a follow up of the builder version but unlike the builder version you can build in this game and also battle other builders in the world, though there is no communication between the builders.

Like the movie this game is based on the fantasy island of Isla Nublar off the western coast of America in the Pacific Ocean. There is rarely in commentary in the game and why should there be any commentary, this is a game where you train dinosaurs. The game starts with an introduction where you are taught how to play the game, it’s goals and attributes. You have many characters in the game like the movie. Like the movie there are scientists, workers, visitors to your island. Your main goal is to set up a habitation for dinosaurs. You can hatch eggs, grow them and nurture them. Your level will depend on the kind of habitation centre you start for your dragons to grow and evolve. The best part is that you can battle with other dinosaurs!

There are a total of four kinds of dinosaurs that you can grow and develop and battle with. The dinosaurs follow a rock, paper, scissors method and every one kind of dinosaur is deadly for one kind and weak against another. Like the Carnivores are strong against Herbivores but weak against the Amphibians, the Herbivores are strong against the Pterosaurs and weak against the Carnivores, The Pterosaurs are strong against the Amphibians and are weak against the Herbivores and lastly the Amphibians are strong against the Carnivores and weak against the Pterosaurs. You should prefer playing the correct combinations but if you have no other option because you are resting your pets then you could go for a skip of turn, if you are lucky the other player will go for a block but if they go for a kill then you can’t really do anything.

The best thing about the game is that there are actual dinosaurs in the game and the graphics in the game have been handled very well. The user interface of the game is very smooth and you can play this game for a very long time without being hindered as you don’t have to wait in this game for very long.

The problems with this game are that the story behind the game weren’t very well thought off and that should have been more structures in the game to set up than just breeding ground for the dinosaurs as it gets boring with time but there are some Jurassic world the game cheat available online.

The game is all around very good and with great graphics but there are some downsides to the game like a lot of effort goes into evolving to level 40 as after sometime the game gets unplayable without spending some cash. The developers could have made it a priced app but should have made the in app purchases available for free. This game all over is a game that you can play if you want to reminiscence your old good days.

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