Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners: Cleaning With These Easy To Use Vacuums

Everyone is now into light devices and gadgets. Thus, the vacuum cleaner is not exempted. In the past, where vacuum cleaners are newly invented, the introduced design was bulky and heavy. In recent days, it has been changed from heavy and cumbersome to lightweight and handy. One of the features indicated in each brand and product specifications is the weight of the device. And it is also one of the preferences and consideration buyers aim. Hence, it imposes the convenience and usage of the product. Also, one of the reasons why lighter vacuum cleaners are better, it is because of how will it affect your stamina after using it.

Types of Lightweight Vacuum

Vacuums have different sizes, shapes, and design, and the most common is the Cordless Handhelds. This kind of vacuum is the lightest among the other vacuum. It only weighs five pounds, and handhelds offer portability and secure handling. Handhelds are small sized and fit in any space. Then the second lightweight vacuum is Stick Vacuum. This type of vacuum weighs around ten pounds and easy to use. They are usually battery operated and portable as handhelds. Also, many canister vacuums are lightweight. These vacuums are powerful and versatile. Although they look bulky, the canister vacuums are light and easy to use.

It is Easy to Use

Heavy types of vacuum cleaner are challenging to use. In using the vacuum, you must exert some effort in pushing and pulling, especially you have carpets. Carrying and lifting the vacuum to your staircase can be the tiring duty, and because of that, you will drain of energy. A heavy vacuum has limited usage in your house. It would be not appropriate to use a heavy vacuum. If you have a health problem, such as back pain. Thus, this could worsen and make cleaning difficult for you.


Cleaning an entire house could be tiring without the help of a machine. Dyson v10 amazon, this vacuum could help you to make your cleaning easier. With the help of a vacuum, you can be more productive.