Lose weight with the “3 week diet”

With the growing competition, people have started becoming more aware about their body fitness required for a healthy life. Not only people in the field of acting , modelling and glamour world but also common man is concerned about the need to have a perfect weight body to survive in this world of competition.3-Week-Diet-System

But the thought of heavy workout for hours and hours, kills the anxiety of the person to achieve his dream of having a slim and a healthy body. No worries, now we have a  “ 3 week diet meal plan”  introducing to you the best way of losing weight in just 21 days.

What exactly is a 3 week diet?

Brian Flatt, the creator of 3 week diet, has introduced “ The 3 week diet” manual which has a few of the following contents:

  • Introduction
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Why 3 weeks?
  • How we get fat
  • How to get thin
  • Nutrients
  • Proteins,fats and carbohydrates
  • Water
  • Metabolism
  • How to increase catecholamines and lower insulin


  • Reducing calories the right way
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake
  • Starvation mode

Brian Flatt does not promise to get 6 pack abs in 21 days but this diet is all about making u lose most of your weight and burn maximum of your body fat and make you look more healthy and attractive.

How does this work?

The best part about this method of weight loss is that you don’t have to join a gym or do heavy workouts with weights. It just includes following a diet plan and performing light exercises as given in the manual.

It follows a stepwise procedure as given below:

  1. Removing all the toxins from the liver: this involves a process of using some vitamins and consuming vegetables, proteins and fruits to accelerate the rate of removing toxins and controlling the blood sugar level. This is for the frst one week.
  2. Fasting: once all toxins are removed, next step is to fast for 24 hrs. This is to improve digestion.
  3. Fat melting process: In this step, certain body parts/ areas are identified for maximum fats. In this process, you are gain required energy from the fats and not from the food.
  4. Calculation of BMR: This is the last step of 3 week diet. This is implemented from day 12 to 21. The BMR i.e Basal Metabolic Rate of the person is calculated and depending on this calculation, the maximum amount of calories to be consumed by the person is known. Hence quantity of calories consumed daily is check and the diet for the last 9 days is scheduled based on the BMR.

“ The 3 week diet” manual can be downloaded from its official site with secure payment of $47.

The title of losing weight in 3 weeks may sometimes sound fake. But those who are really determined and willing to put in all efforts in following the whole diet will definitely lose weight and burn fats.

One more good thing about this diet system is that it teaches you about how to achieve balanced diet. Finally it’s all about living healthy and happy.

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