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Baseball is one of the oldest and hugely celebrated games especially in the United States of America. It is also America’s national game. Baseball is a traditional bat and ball game that is played on a diamond-shaped field.  It involves two teams, one that fields and the other that bats. The basic gameplay initiates when the player known as the pitcher from the teams that is fielding, throws the ball. The player from the batting team hits it and instantly runs to take the base. The basic objective that has to be fulfilled by the batting team is to take a large number of runs or bases in order to come out as the winner.

Who is a power hitter in the game of baseball?

Power hitter is the term that is basically used to refer to a highly skilled player in the game of baseball, who is better than most other players and takes the largest number of home runs, doubles and triples. A power hitter has both, a prudent and dexterous sense of the game strategies as well as a powerful physical strength and is a challenge to overcome for the other players. Declaring a player as a power hitter involves a judicious and deliberate analysis of the statistics of his game.

Who is one of the best power hitters in the history of baseball?

Becoming a power hitter involves superior technique and flexibility. Babe Ruth was a professional baseball player in the years following 1914. He played for the major league baseball matches and is till date considered to one of the strongest and unparalleled baseball power hitters of all time.

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