Luxury Rehabilitation Centers

A rehabilitation center is a place that provides physical medication and rehabilitation. However, people who suffer from drug abuse also head to rehabilitation centers. There are certain rehab facilities that are devoted to helping cure drug addiction and substance abuse in patients.

If a person is suffering from a serious illness, a rehabilitation center tries to cure it by medicine and therapies. The therapies that the rehab center offers can be:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

These therapies can be one of the many that are offered at the rehab center and its purpose is to completely cure the patient so that he is able to support himself and is rid of any sort of mental duress.


How can Rehabilitation help you?

All the patients who are suffering are given acute medical care. The rehabilitation begins only after it’s ascertained that the patient is stable and there is no room for further complications. For physical disabilities, rehab centers provide physical therapy that improves your condition so that you recover soon. Rehab facilities help you to cope with your feelings; rehabilitation takes time and it is different for each person, it is important to be patient. You might feel limited and restrained at first but with the help of your family, friends, nurses, doctors, therapists, and other experts you stand a chance to become fully functional, to be able to do things on your own again.

Different kinds of rehabilitation programs:

It is important to have knowledge about the different kinds of rehabilitation programs being offered. Each program can differ from another in many ways, such as –

  • The kind of rehabilitation services that is being offered,
  • The frequency of these services,
  • The physical environment around the patient during treatment and,
  • Who is providing the

All these factors will help you in deciding the right program for you.

The different types of rehabilitation programs that are offered are:

  • Acute rehabilitation,
  • Day rehabilitation,
  • Home care,
  • Outpatient treatment and,
  • Nursing home rehabilitation.

People who are from affluent families do not hesitate to splurge money when they choose a luxury rehab center. It is certainly not wrong to do so. However, it should be understood that the primary reason for joining a rehab program is to get better and get on with your life. A rehab center’s focus should be at providing long-term recovery and post-treatment support so that the person can become fully functional independent. These are some of the things you need to inquire about when joining a rehab program:

  • Provision of medical detox services
  • Mental health therapies,
  • All kinds of medical assistance
  • Specialized treatments for substance abuse and addiction
  • Good rehabilitation team consisting of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation experts etc.


It is not just the wealthy who suffer from substance abuse. People who fall prey to drug addiction come from all walks of life. There can be many reasons, but there’s still hope that the person can mend his ways and start life afresh.

Here is a list some luxury rehab Malibu centers that offer the best services there is:

  1. Passages Malibu – this high-end facility does believe drug and alcohol abuse to be a disease. It follows a holistic approach to treating its patients. It does not follow the usual 12-step program but allows one-on-one treatment with your own personal team of doctors.
  2. Cliffside Malibu – this upscale center has had many high-profile individuals. All your needs are taken care of. It follows a holistic approach and has treatment options like yoga, acupuncture etc.
  3. Malibu Beach Recovery Center – This facility uses its own program to restore the dopamine level in the brain of a patient. This returns the chemical balance to normalcy which was offset due to drug and alcohol addiction. It starts with a family program which promotes family bonding for strained family relations.

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