Major Companies That Accept Bitcoins

With the rising popularity of Bitcoin, it is becoming more and more acceptable cryptocurrency amongst the big giants as well. World’s major companies are now investing and validating the transactions of Bitcoin. The companies are encouraging the exchange of their products from Bitcoins.

  • Reasons Why Companies Are Accepting Bitcoins

There are numerous reasons why companies are choosing to transact with Bitcoins. Some of the significant reasons are:

There are no intermediaries involved between the two parties. The money can easily pass from person to person

It is a secure mode of transaction because it is hard to break the encryption of Bitcoin

It is a straightforward and speedy mode of the operation with just a click of a few buttons

Because of higher investments in Bitcoin, the value is continuously increasing and alluring companies to invest more to have more significant benefits

The Bitcoin transaction let the parties remain anonymous giving them security and privacy

  • List of 6 Major Companies That Accepts Bitcoins

As per the Mehrere Tests, many companies have benefitted from being early adopters of Bitcoin. Whether it is to stay up with the times or for marketing purposes, Bitcoin is getting popular among the major business houses. Here is a list of 6 major companies that are currently accepting Bitcoin.

  • Microsoft 

Microsoft decided to accept bitcoin as a payment currency as of December 2014 through the BitPay payment processor.

  • Namecheap

For the requirements of customers and the need to maintain freedom on the Internet, Namecheap is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

  • Dell

Dell announced the acceptance of Bitcoin in 2018 using Coinbase as a payment processor.

  • Expedia 

From last year, the agency began accepting payments in bitcoins to make hotel reservations for its clients.

  • Newegg

Newegg recognized the popularity of this cryptocurrency and thus started accepting bitcoin for the payment option of their hardware.

  • Shopify

To provide ease of payment and sensing the benefits associated with Bitcoin, this firm has also started accepting cryptocurrency from its customers.

These are some of the world’s major giants that have sensed the growing popularity and profits involved with the cryptocurrency and started to incorporate it into their business.