What Makes PhenQ Unique

The active ingredients in the PhenQ, that is, the Capsimax Powder, Calcium carbonate, Chromium L-carnitine furmarate, picolinate, nopal, caffeine all act in their own unique way to make PhenQ results to be the best in terms of weight loss. This has made it, within the one year it has been on the market, to make the headlines of the best slimming pill. Get your sexy back with this awesome supplement. 7-things-you-need-to-know-about-losing-weight-910x500

The Capsimax powder found in the PhenQ has a high concentration of capsicum which helps in weight reduction. How does it perform this? By curbing appetites, and burning fats, it encourages the formation of slimmer bodies which have a better muscle to fat ratio. The active ingredient is a type of pepper, which increases the thermogenic activity of the body and fats are burned. The consumption of Capsimax in the PhenQ results in consumption of fewer calories, the suppressed appetite should automatically result in weight loss. And it being derived from natural ingredients, it has made PhenQ to be a good supplement for health.

The calcium carbonate in the PhenQ according to existing theory, bind to small amounts of fat and helps prevent them from being absorbed. Another theory says that, when the body has a lot of calcium carbonate, it doesn’t need to manufacture vitamin D which then discourages your body from storing fats. Other than helping in weight loss, there are other health benefits derived from the calcium carbonate in the PhenQ as a key element in maintaining bone mineral homeostasis.

The PhenQ results are also enhanced by the caffeine present in its ingredients. Caffeine is a well known appetite suppressor which, if used, reduces one’s appetite to eat a lot. It also stimulates the thermogenesis, which is one way of the body generating energy and heat from the digestion of food. The combined two qualities of the caffeine in the PhenQ assist a lot in weight loss.

The Nopal is a very important ingredient in the PhenQ. It belongs to the prickly pear cactus family, which is native to Mexico and also the south west of the United States of America, South Africa, Italy and Spain. It is high in fiber content which helps to regulate appetite and reduce the amount of fat being stored in the body as it helps the body to break down any excess fat. The amino acid contain in the Nopal gives the PhenQ results of helping the body to pull fluids back from the tissues into the blood stream thus eliminating cellulite and fluid retention.002_phenq-vs-phen375

Chromium Picolinate is one of the components which makes PhenQ results to be seen. Chromium is an important mineral, especially to people who are reducing on their weight as it plays an important role in sugar and fat metabolism. It also helps in curbing cravings, control blood sugar and body fats. When it controls blood sugar by slowing the release of sugar into the blood, it gives the PhenQ pill one of the most important aspect of health diet. And when the blood sugar is kept in check, everything ranging from fat and weight loss and appetite decrease is enhanced. Chromium also has an effect on the lipid profiles and there is a reduction in the triglycerides thus a healthy heart is achieved in the process.

The healthy lifestyle will also mean that, one will lead a comfortable life without the stresses and strains brought about by a buildup of fats in the body; having a light body that is healthy will help one to carry out day to day duties comfortably. Get it by using PhenQ supplements.

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