Do you need experts to recover lost or deleted data on iPhone?

Have you somehow deleted some of your old texts only to know that you need them now? The best possible thing to do here is to attempt to recover deleted or lost data on your iphone. But, do you need an expert for that? Well, the answer is “NO”. It’s no rocket science to retrieve delete data from iPhone and any iPhone user will be able to do it. But before that, you will have to find a reliable data recovery software especially made for iPhones. After you download and install the software, in your PC, you will have to connect your iPhone to it. Then, you will follow the steps below to recover lost or deleted data on iPhone.

Step 1

Go to “Messages” as you are looking to retrieve the messages here. Once, you will select the “Messages” option, the software would start to scan your device. The scanning will be carried on both existing and deleted messages. After the scanning is over, the data recovery software will show you MMS and SMS texts.

Step 2

After the scanning gets over, you will certainly wish to view the retrieved messages. Now, there is no point in checking the existent messages. Your focus is on the deleted messages here. So, look for the option that says something like “Display only deleted messages”.

Step 3

Now, we have reached at the final stage of the deleted data recovery process.

You would like to view or possibly save the messages. The good bit is these software programs enable you to not only view buy also save them for future reference.

So, first go to “Recover” tab and click on it. The data recovery software would immediately export the messages and store them as CSV or HTML files. You may get a print out of those messages later.