All We Need Is Healthy Food

I was born healthy with heavy bones. As I grew up, I came in shape. Though, I was not an obese but a chubby girl.

Till I reached my 9th grade, I began to opt taste than going for healthy stuff. I became addicted to taste. Pizza, cup cakes, soft drinks etc were my life. I noticed that when i was in my 12th grade when I weighed 86kg. That was a shock. Sooner did I become conscious of my state, my body became conscious too. I began developing health issues. At the age of 20,

I had hypertension, mood swings, hypothyroidism. My periods were irregular which induced anaemia. I started seeing two doctors. One was a physician, other one was a Gynaecologist.  Both told me to lose weight but how? They didn’t tell clearly. But they share about their weight loss experience.

I got an appointment with a dietician and she told me various facts about my body. She told me to do two things only-


  • Physical exercise
  • Proper diet (not starving)
  • Regularity

“Do physical activity”, she said, “which pleases you”. I did join gym many times but that was not enjoyed by me. So I opted swimming. I became more active and mood swings were controlled. Swimming brought peace to my life.

‘The diet thing’ was as follows-

  • Avoid skipping meals- 

    It is the most important rule in her rule book if one is determined to work on the plan of losing weight.

  • keep yourself hydrated- 

    Drink plenty of water, atleast 8 glasses per day.

  • Go for fruits and veggies- 

    They are low in calories and fats, but high in fibre. They contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.

  • use of small plates and bowls- 

    It is psychological thing. If we eat in small dishes, it lets us eat in smaller proportions with no hunger left in the end.Aloo-Methi-Hot-Salad

  • Cut down on alcohol- 

    Vine has equal calories as chocolates have. Alcohol intake in high quatity, disturbs the hormones as well.

  • Kill the craving for junk foods- 

    This step is the most challenging step in the process. Addiction to these foods is same as the addiction of drugs and alcohol. To win the war with the fat, the addiction should be killed first. Here are some

  • Tips which can help-
  1. Be determined like a soldier. No does not mean a little, some more or just a spoon. No means no. Say no to junk food. Get them out of your sight.
  2. Distract your mind when you feel the craving. Indulge in some activities that distracts you from the craving.
  3. If you can’t control the craving, eat some healthy stuff instead of high calorific stuff.
  4. Remember you are not denying your wishes but only postponing them.
  5. Regularity is the key. Regular exercise and proper diet kills the fat faster. So be determined with the concrete mindset for being regular.

Healthy Food is Delicious

Health is wealth, healthy mind resides in healthy body and all these types of statements are very true. I got to know this when I won this war and dethroned the fats. It itself is a big achievement.

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