New Treat For Manga Fans; Boruto Manga


A ‘manga’ is a cartoon or comic that is originated in Japan. It has its specific features and the characters are painted following the very traditional ‘manga’ style. The Japanese are very fond of it. Now, ‘Manga’ can be of various types depending upon the theme story of it. It can be a comedy, detective or thriller, sci-fi, romance, historical drama, horror, fiction or anything. Thanks to the great plots, characterizations and great promotional and marketing strategies, ‘Manga’ is no more confined to the Japanese only! It travelled all over the world and ‘anime’ and ‘manga’ are staples of many kids and teens these days.

History of Boruto Manga:

‘Naruto’ is one of the most popular, unmatched and famous Mangas of all the ‘Manga’ series ever created in the world. It is watched and enjoyed all around the globe. It centers on the adventures of the groups of young Ninjas in the fictional village of Konohagakure. Naruto hails from the Uzumaki clan and he aspires and trains to become a “hokage” or an empowered and capable leader of the village. ‘Boruto’ manga is the sequential successor of Naruto series.

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Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata. He is a “shinobi” from the Uzumaki clan and he is trained by Sasuke, another warrior and one of his father’s friends. Boruto shows resentment towards his father Naruto, as he feels Naruto to be more dedicated towards his duties as a ‘hokage’ than his duties as a father or husband. The seemingly less attachment with his family gives birth to the anger in Boruto and he behaves in an indignant way. He even requests his trainer, who had known Boruto’s father for years, to help Boruto excel his father. Sasuke, his trainer and mentor, half-convinced, works on fulfilling his promise to Boruto and therefore he prepares the aspiring young Uzumaki for the Ninja exams.

Personality and progression of the story:

Boruto shows evidences and certain tendencies to reach out for short-cuts of a Ninja despite possessing his own strength. Later, he is shown to fight a battle against the wretched villain Momoshiki and his subordinate Kinshiki, with his teacher and his father. After this he comes to realize the responsibilities and duties of his father. He understands and comes to terms with Naruto’s role of being a ‘hokage’. Boruto learns to respect his strength. He learns about the power, position, and dignity. But he takes an oath of going down a different path from his father’s and later, rises as a ninja like his teacher, Sasuke.


Boruto series and the Boruto movie have already won the hearts of millions of Manga fans and Boruto has become a huge craze! Manga is much in vogue and Naruto is undoubtedly one of the best creations that Manga could ever see. Boruto Manga is a keeper! It is incredible in its plot settings, characterizations, intrigues, twists and is packed with an amazing thrill that Manga buffs enjoy wholeheartedly. It is aptly popular and its fame is growing worldwide.

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