Pokemon go: Gaming redefined

Only recently released worldwide, pokemon go has already taken over most of the records held earlier by popular mobile games. Pokemon go is a real life location based game based on GPS and camera technology. It has been developed by Niantic an currently available in the stores for iOS and android users only. The game uses the GPS to analyze your real life location. Basically you have to capture creates call Pokemons and further train them and battle with the Pokemons of your opponent team.caterpie Features of the game and its storyline:

  1. As you start playing the game, you will have to customize your own unique avatar.
  2. Once done, you will have to roam around in the city using the real life map of your current location. You will have to look around for wild Pokemons. You will have to capture those creatures using the Pokeballs, available in the Pokestore.
  3. This process will be using your GPS and your camera enabled display to capture Pokemons.
  4. Once you encounter any Pokemon, you will have to capture it by swiping your Pokeball towards the found Pokemon.
  5. If you catch the Pokemon, it will come under your ownership. Also, you will earn some candies and stardust: the in-game currencies.
  6. Thereafter, you can indulge your Pokemons in various activities. One of them being fighting your Pokemon against your opponents and win over them.
  7. You can also find a gym nearby and train your pokemon and have friendly fights with your team’s pokemons.
  8. You may even assign your pokemon to guard your team’s gym and earn benefits.COPY_OF_Screenshot_2016-07-14-16-59-53-xlarge_trans  YibXaJLcy_EN5FjLbb9iN41_Bnx9uINdC_XC5LRmTXQ

Pokemon go has actually raised the bas of virtual gaming by introducing such over the edge technologies in the game. If you have not tried the game yet, we suggest you to just pick up your cell phone and give it a try. You will fall in love with the game.

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