The Popularity of Online Football Manager Games

There are few challenges in life more exciting, more demanding, and potentially more rewarding, than managing your own football team. Of course the thrill of kicking a leather ball past the stretching goalkeeper and into the back of a rippling net is, for the chosen few, an amazing way to make a living. But for those of us with bad knees, or with too little talent, to match the achievements of the Ronaldo’s and Ronaldinho’s of world football, the manager’s chair beckons. . For more online football manager games you can check out Agen Bola Euro 2020. You get a wide range of online football games to choose from. You get the best quality games that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Then again, who has the financial muscle to buy their own team? Especially in a league that people actually follow in huge numbers like the Premiership or La Ligua? If your life didn’t come packaged with an oil refinery in Russia or the middle-east, then this too is dreaming the impossible dream.

Enter the Internet, and the chance to test your managerial skills against a global talent pool, without having to sell the family oil wells or leave the comfort of your armchair. The challenge is seductive- ever wondered what it would be like to go on the transfer market and hire the services of Wayne Rooney or Fernando Torres? Which players do you select for Saturday’s game against Real Madrid? How about the formation and the tactics? Finally the chance to play god, or the closest we mortals can get – the job of a football manager.

Judging by the exploding number of football manager games to be found all over the internet, a growing number of us find the appeal of living this fantasy life irresistible. There are a wide range of games on offer. At one end of the spectrum are simple programs that allow you to pick a team and a formation and then await the result of the game the next day. For the more adventurous there are sophisticated games that allow you to experience every aspect of running a real football club. You can control everything from stadium construction, financial budgets, product merchandising and training regimes, right down to the colour of Rooney’s boots.

Maybe it’s the chance to brag to our friends about our team’s performance. Or it could be the challenge of doing better than the highly paid professionals. (Could you finally win a trophy for Newcastle?) Whatever the reason, it seems that this trend will continue, with some of the big players, like the creators of the successful ‘Football Manager’ games, entering the online marketplace. One thing is for sure, in a growing number of homes, the term “football widow” no longer refers to the wife who sits alone while her husband is glued to the T.V. on the weekend. Now the game can be played any night of the week, for the price of an internet subscription. Will anyone remember to clean the car or take the trash out again?