The Pros Of Building Your Own Computer

Building your own PC have a lot of advantages. aside from the 7 Life Skills Gamers will Develop from Building A Computer, here are other benefits of building your personal computer:

1. It is less expensive to purchase when buying a high end rig

Truth be told, you have the capability to purchase every single component of the PC you desire at a less expensive cost compared to a pre built PC that you buy assembled at a shop. You will find that buying individual parts and then assembling them will be much cheaper.

2. You can upgrade at your own pace

Among the major reasons why you should create your own PC is to make sure you get everything you desire and need. If you want to change your PC’s configuration, it is extremely simple to upgrade a single component. This can be also be done on a pre built PC, but doing so may void your warranties and nobody want that to happen.

3. Buying individual parts have their own warranties independent of each other

Pre built computers typically have 1 year warranty that is applicable for the whole PC. That is not the case when buying individual parts. The warranty for individual components will sometimes be higher than 1 year, which is a great advantage to have.

4. It allows you to get the features that you actually need

Here is an example: a lot of pre built PC’s have a CD-Rom drive that is built in, and cannot be taken away. It adds cost to the unit. If you are a person who does not work with CDs, that feature will be entirely useless to you. Buying your own components and assembling it yourself will allow you to let go of features that you will not need.