My Run Through of Star Trek Online

On May 27th, 2010, my computer parts came in the mail and I built my new computer. It is not a “God-Box” but it is good enough to run just about anything on the market now. The first game to grace my elegant machine’s hard drive is none other than Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online has seen a lot of bad reviews lately. For the most part, I understand why. The game, as far as hard-core gamers are concerned, is largely incomplete. There is an insufficient amount of high level missions and what the game calls “Task Force Missions”, also known as “Raids”.

Cryptic had a release deadline and instead of pushing it back, they met the due date and released on schedule. However, in doing so, much of the game still needs a lot of polishing and expansion. Speaking of expansions, Cryptic studios calls it “Seasons”, which will appeal to the Trekkie in all of us.

In fact, I would dare say that this has the potential to become one of the best MMO’s ever… if they can put in enough content and freshen up the ground combat. Pkv Games is the best star trek online guide. You get the best and most useful tips to enhance your game.

The Good

The environments are all beautifully rendered. I could stare at the awesome planets and the space surrounding my gorgeous, Miranda-class light cruiser for hours. It is all very detailed, even at the lower resolutions. At high resolutions, it almost seems like the real world. The artists at Cryptic have outdone themselves. Kudos to those guys!

Space combat is really fun. It is not twitch-based combat but it has a lot of strategy involved. Between lining up enemies along my broadside, to diverting power to shields, a seemingly small combat encounter turns into a rat’s nest of phaser fire and torpedoes exploding. I almost soiled my pants the first time I was destroyed. I had ten different Klingon ships all firing on poor little me and the death was glorious.

The Bad

Ground combat is repetitive and a little boring. If Cryptic throws in a few mini-games into the ground portion, like Mass Effect 2 or BioShock did, then it would seriously help break up the repetitiveness of the Away missions. It gets boring using your phaser to stun your prey and switching to a phaser rifle to blast him away. The “expose and exploit” method of combat is pretty intuitive. However, it does not make up for the fact that the ground combat feels boring and competitive.

Space combat can be a little slow. It’s not a huge deal, but it can get annoying when you want to get somewhere fast but you are in a slow Cruiser, trudging your way slowly to your destination.

The Ugly

The leveling system and skill system needs a bit more description. The game gives very little information about what each skill does to benefit you. All I hope is that the good folks at Cryptic will give us some free skill resets once they add in more information.

Overall, the game is definitely worth buying for $30 at GameStop and playing until you get bored. Cryptic is working day and night to put out more and more content so if you do get bored, put the game down for a little while and play something else. Just pick it back up in a few months when more content will be in the game.