Why Soccer is the Greatest Sport and their demand is mushrooming?

Soccer is one of the greatest sports. It is popular all over the world. No other sport has a following this big. It is played in all continents. Soccer is the best sport in the world if measured by popularity.

Soccer can be just as rough as football at least my doctor and my knee says so. Soccer is definitely more exciting than Baseball. People say there’s not enough action in a soccer game, but baseball is far less action. Soccer takes a lot more athleticism than baseball. Soccer takes endurance, agility, strength, and a lot of technique. Unlike basketball the ball is dribbled a lot more, and soccer not only uses feet but all other body parts while basketball only uses its hands.

Many will say soccer is too low scoring of a game, but I’ve watched football games with only one or two touchdowns. Soccer is not about the score itself, but the build up to it. It is kind of like a slow approach to a climax, and when it does come it is huge, so huge that riots are not uncommon. I’ve never seen an American sport drive fans to such extremes. Trust me when I say the atmosphere at European or South American soccer games is insane. Soccer fans often celebrate with smoke-bombs and “Bengali fire” (flare). Don’t forget that now a day the athletic soccer players get the girls, and not the football players. 😉

According to New Scientist soccer is the most exciting sport due to its unpredictability (http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn8531). Obviously you can’t measure a sports true greatness just buy its unpredictability, but it does get boring to know when a team is going to lose. I see this quite a bit in the NFL. I am myself a Redskins fan, and it was a little boring to know that Redskins will loose (again). I do like to cheer for the underdog though.

It doesn’t take a lot to play. Pretty much anyone can play it with a ball that has resemblance with a soccer ball. You don’t even need a goal you can take anything to mark a goal like a pair of shoes. That is probably the reason why it is popular all over the world. On the other hand the most popular American sport, American football is difficult to play. This Sunday as I was playing soccer I watched a group of teens/adults play American football. I was planning on joining in until I saw that they played full contact. I saw how this kid got tackled, and two heads smashed together, and one of them laid there for a while. Unless you have the proper equipment it is impossible to play, and the equipment is not exactly cheap. Soccer can be played virtually anywhere.

It takes quite some skill to juggle a ball, run as much as in soccer, coordinate your feet, and place the ball as perfect as Beckham into a goal from 60 feet out. I hope to see some more Americans on the soccer field. With the field, the playing Of Soccer can be at online websites. The Soccer websites should be verified under the 토토사이 site.