Sous Vide Wizard-A Practical Use Of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking was developed in 1970 by two French chefs, Georges Praulus & Bruno Goussault.

It is a method of cooking in which food sealed in airtight plastic bag & then placed in water bath or in temperature controlled steam environment comparatively longer than normal cooking time. In this, the moisture is retained by ensuring that inside is properly cooked without overcooking from outside.

Sous vide cooking is used by chefs around the world to prepare food & also retaining its nutrients. For home use Anova Precision Cooker can be used for sous vide cooking.


Sous Vide Wizard is an online resource center looking to make Sous Vide cooking mainstream which helps ordinary people to create delicious & tender meals using this method. Its goal is to introduce readers to sous vide cooking including its basics, history & devices used.

Benefits of sous vide cooking

  • With little effort perfectly cooked food can be prepared
  • No overcooking of fish, chicken or chewy steak
  • Valuable nutrients are retained due to gentle & oxygen free cooking environment
  • More shelf stable food
  • At lower temperature proteins like chicken & pork can be served
  • Set it & forget it method of cooking
  • Water bath never gets above desired temperature


French chef Praulus came up with sous vide cooking with Pierre Troisgros to develop new method for cooking foie gras.  Praulus tightly wrapped the liver in plastic to the structure & moisture before cooking it in water bath & the technique became successful. Culinary innovation, a school where he started teaching sous vide cooking.

Also around same time, on an industrial scale Goussalt was working on sous vide cooking. Cooking vacuum sealed beef in low temperature controlled water bath extends its shelf life. He helped cooks in sous vide cooking in early 2000s.

In 2009, a counter top sous vide water bath was released by Sous Vide Supreme for home use.


Food safety is function of time & temperature. Pregnant women expose themselves & unborn child to risk eating food cooked sous vide & thus avoid unpasteurized recipes. Sous vide cooking must be performed under controlled conditions to avoid botulism poisoning as bacteria Clostridium botulinum can grow in food in absence of oxygen & produce botulinum toxin. Pasteurization kills botulism bacteria.


Sous vide cooking devices

  • Immersion circulators (Anova):

It brings the temperature of water to specific temperature by clipping onto side of pot or vessel of water. It circulates water to prevent hot & cool spots from forming in water. Anova is the best for home cooks as they are easy to use, affordable & take little space i the kitchen. Cooking dinner becomes easier as Anova works in conjunction with Anova recipes app. Other immersion circulators are Nomiku, Sansaire & PolyScience.

  • PID controlled water baths:

It includes combined heating element & vessel. Its size is of bread machine or a small microwave. It does not need to circulate water to maintain consistent temperature as it operates through thermal convection.

  • Combi ovens:

It combines convection & steam ovens into one device.

  • Cooler, rice cooker:

These are useful for short cooking times & require careful attention & accurate thermometer.

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