Top 3 Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an unfortunate condition many people siffer from. It causes intense heel pain when walking or running, which hinders people from wanting to exercise or continue the sport. But instead of quitting, there are solutions you will be able to find when suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis

Luckily, there are solutions as to how you can treat plantar fasciitis, most of them being easy and with you being able to do it in the comforts of your own home. Here are some treatments you can do to minimize the symptoms:

  • You can do exercises such as toe stretches. Do these stretches a few times a day to relieve the pain. It’s best to do it in the morning once you wake up, as the common symptom for plantar fasciitis include people unable to walk the moment they wake up.


  • Using ice to relieve the pain also helps, as well as taking pain medication if the pain gets too intense or severe.
  • If you are running or walking, it’s best to limit the exercise and rest your feet, but not to a complete stop and becoming a couch potato! Avoid walking on hard ground, such as concrete.
  • You will be able to find equipment or accessories for your shoes that will help relieve or lessen the heel pain. Heel cups or shoe inserts are available in any athletic store.
  • Buy the best shoes for plantar fasciitis for minimal pain, especially if you love to run or walk around.

What Are the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

The main goal of people with plantar fasciitis is to find a way to retain their lifestyle without the heel pain. This is why you have to own a pair of shoes that caters to people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. With the added heel support and cushion, you will still be able to walk or run around while feeling little pain. Here are the top best shoes for plantar fasciitis for both men and women:

  • Asics Gel Kayano 22 – Made of quality materials that offer the softest cushion and best heel support, this is definitely one of the best shoes. The only downside would be the hefty price tag that comes along with it.

The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Rocker

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 – It’s durable and made with good arch support, although it has less cushining in the heel than expected, it’s still a great pair to consider.
  • Saucony Guide 9 – Lightweight and supportive, you will be able to feel your feet stabilize as you run.


Now you won’t need to walk or run in pain, or have to quit your love for exercise, because with these solutions and a great pair of shoes, you can still achieve that fit and healthy lifestyle you want and need! You will be able to purchase any of these shoes in your local athletic store or in reputable online shops.

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