Top 5 baseball teams all time

Team rankings change after every tournament. The same is true for baseball. But there are some teams which are legendary and every baseball player would wish to be part of it. Here are the top 5 baseball teams of all times.

1. 1927 New York Yankees


The 1927 Yankees went 110-44 at the time when baseball season lasted 154 games. Babe Ruth had a record of 60 home runs. Ace Waite Hoyt went 22-7 with a 2.63 ERA. In the World Series, the Babe hit .400 with seven RBI and the Yankees beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in four games. The 1927 Yankees had the best players.

2. 1998 New York Yankees


The 1998 New York Yankees went 125-50. The team had David Wells, David Cone, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera in their highest form. During the 114-48 regular season, the manager of the team had access to the most talented pool of players in the modern age. They won four games in the World Series.

3. 1976 Cincinnati Reds


Johnny Bench hit .533 in the World Series with 6 RBI to take home. In the regular season, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey and Joe Morgan led the team to 102 wins. This team was very fun to watch and was one of the greatest baseball teams ever.

4. 1907 Chicago Cubs


People remember this team for their 1.73 ERA. They outscored the opponents by about 200 runs on their way to a record on 107-45. In the World Series, the team won 116 games. The pitching staff allowed six runs in five games.

5. 1939 York Yankees


They had 411 run differential. Bill Dicky, Red Rolfe and Joe Gordon played outstandingly that year. Joltin’ Joe hit .381 with 30 home coming rounds in a Yankee Stadium. Red Ruffing paced the pitching staff with 21 wins and 22 complete games. The 1939 Yankees went 110-45.

These are the best baseball teams of all times. These teams were unbeatable and they will remain part of history forever.

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