Top Free Softwares For Anonymous Browsing For Windows Operating System!

Internet serves infinite purposes, and almost everyone is exposed to the internet and uses it regularly for different purposes. There are various operating systems, and all of them support internet access, but along with the facility of surfing the internet, it also exposes your essential data and personal information to get hacked or stolen. Various websites store the information of the users who visits it a can use them for any purpose. To overcome this issue, you can use the best anonymous browser to hide all your information and data and access the internet being invisible; there will be no traits that you visited any website.

Top anonymous browsers software completely free of cost


It is an entirely free browser for anonymous surfing accessible on windows and all other platforms. It allows you to browse the internet safely and protects all your details and information. You easily enjoy a speedy and efficient web surfing using this browser. It stops all the trackers and pop-up that can slow down your device or keep an eye on your online activities. It has a fantastic feature that shows how many pop-ups and trackers the browsers have blocked; it helps you evaluate the performance of the browser. It works by connecting you with the TOR network and hides all your information and makes you visible.

Epic privacy browser

It is also one of the most efficient free anonymous browsers. It is a chromium-based browser, and its design and looks are also identical to it. Whenever you surf the internet using this browser, it completes hide your IP address and makes it almost impossible to trace you. You can personally manage which pop-ups and plug-ins you want to block and can also see the all blocked plug-ins and trackers. To get the latest features in your browser, you can also add extensions and terminate it whenever you want to.